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How Long is Traffic School Course and Processing

Question (submitted on 5/1/2020)
I'm going to sign up for traffic school for a ticket I received in San Bernardino County about three weeks ago. I got a courtesy letter in the mail from the court informing me about the cost of the ticket and if I wanted to do traffic school. I paid the ticket and the additional fee to attend traffi...

Good Morning David- Thanks for your interest in our traffic school course. We are happy t... Read Full Answer

How Long is the Traffic School Course and Test

Question (submitted on 11/13/2020)
I have some questions about this online school for San Bernardino. Once I sign up how long does it take for the online class from start to finish? That is how much time do I have to stay connected on the internet? Also, how long is the actual test itself and when will the court know the results? ...

Hello Ray- You can take the CA online course which is broken down into seven sections. ... Read Full Answer

Thanks for a Fast Easy and Cheap Traffic School

Question (submitted on 4/22/2020)
RE Traffic School Case Number DL***** Hello I completed the traffic school program on your website on 3/28. I also opted in for the dismissal verification notification upgrade so I know when San Bernardino gets my traffic school certificate. I just wanted to make sure that Joshua Tree courthouse pr...

Good Afternoon Claire- Provided below is the timestamp of your electronic DMV certifica... Read Full Answer

I cannot find my citation number to register for traffic school

Question (submitted on 5/4/2020)
Good Afternoon, I've never done traffic school before and my court Fontana Valley gave me your information. I was told to sign up and complete this school on the list so my insurance would not be raised. I cannot find my citation number anywhere, I misplaced it. I need to put my citation numb...

Hello Helen, Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety needs. So... Read Full Answer

Traffic School on Ipad

Question (submitted on 9/22/2020)
I’m having problems with doing section 7 for the traffic school course, every time I attempt to get on it says that a error has occurred. It won’t let me get into that section to be able to complete it. I'm using my iPad, can you help please? **UPDATE** I restarted my iPad and that worked. I w...

Hello Roy- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety needs. We l... Read Full Answer

Are you DMV Court Approved for San Bernardino county

Question (submitted on 11/18/2020)
I have a ticket from San Bernardino county. I have approval from the court to take traffic school. The court told me to make sure the school is approved my the DMV. Are you approved for court and DMV?

Good Afternoon Mike- Yes, is DMV Licensed #E1393 & Accepted by All Ca... Read Full Answer

Go To Traffic School

Question (submitted on 9/5/2020)
I got a speeding ticket in San Bernardino County. I need to take traffic school so I don't get points on my driving record. While searching online I found your website. I want to know how can I sign up for your school?

Good Afternoon Juan- You can register and take the traffic school course online here: ... Read Full Answer

Update Traffic School Case Number for San Bernardino Ticket

Question (submitted on 10/29/2020)
I need help updating my course info. I signed up with your traffic school to satisfy my ticket with San Bernardino. But is there any way I can change the case number I believe I put it in wrong? Here is the info I should have put: Charges: Case Number: 20IN-****** VC22349(A)-I: Exceeding ...

Good Morning Ethan- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety ne... Read Full Answer

Warning Letter from the DMV Point Charged Against my Driving Record

Question (submitted on 11/8/2020)
I got a ticket driving in San Bernardino a while back. I recently received a warning letter from the DMV stating that a point had been charged against my driving record. I completed your traffic school so that points won't go on my record. How can we rectify this problem?

Good Afternoon Kirk- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety n... Read Full Answer

How to Get Confirmation that my Certificate was Delivered to the San Bernardino County Court

Question (submitted on 4/16/2020)
Hi there thanks in advance, I'm hoping to get some kind of confirmation that my completion certificate was delivered to the Barstow Court in San Bernardino? I am out of state but my ticket was for California. Please send me proof if you can thanks so much you guys are great woot woot.

Hello Noma- Your electronic DMV certificate was submitted to the Barstow Court on 3/30.... Read Full Answer

Resubmit Certificate and Get Point Removed from DMV Record

Question (submitted on 9/15/2020)
My insurance company is telling me that I still have a point on my driving record. I completed your traffic school and paid my ticket with San Bernardino. I need to know if you can resubmit my certificate so I can get that point removed from my record.

Good Afternoon Darren- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety... Read Full Answer

San Bernardino Court for Traffic Tickets

Question (submitted on 10/5/2020)
Jman here got a little problem. Was speeding on the 10 thru San Bern 20mph over. Speed trap big bet. Want traffic school but cant get the paperwork. I signed up already on your site but dont have a case number or anything. Can you give me the SB court info so me or JJ can call and get my ticket in...

Hello Jonathong, Here's the contact info for the San Bernardino Court. We've also adde... Read Full Answer

Live in Utah with California License and Got Ticket in California

Question (submitted on 7/29/2020)
Hello, I have a CA license and I'm currently out of state in Utah but received a traffic ticket in San Bernardino County. I have paid for the ticket, also the traffic school fee with the Barstow court and they gave me a due date of 9/9. They also said look at traffic schools list but dont knwo wh...

Hi Shariq- Sorry to hear about receiving a ticket while visiting California. You can en... Read Full Answer

I got two speeding tickets

Question (submitted on 10/23/2020)
My Progressive insurance is super high at the moment because of points on my driving record. I got two speeding tickets one in 2018 and one in 2019. Will doing traffic school at this point in time remove any of those or help me in anyway? Thank you!

Hello Randolph- Unfortunately, you cannot take traffic school to remove points or ticke... Read Full Answer

San Bernardino Traffic School Due Date

Question (submitted on 11/26/2020)
Hi, my court San Bernardino said to make sure the traffic school sends my certificate to the court once I complete. I had a question about the certificate delivery because my due date is 12/29. I just finished so will my certificate be sent to them before that date? I'm sure it will, but I am ...

Hello Jorden- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety needs. S... Read Full Answer

How to Register for Best Traffic School Groupon Online

Question (submitted on 4/10/2020)
I purchased your online traffic school course through Groupon. I have to take this course since I got a ticket in San Bernardino County. I'm trying to figure out how I redeem it on the payment section. Can you help please?

Good Morning Felisha- To redeem a traffic school Groupon, you would normally register f... Read Full Answer

How to Do Traffic School Online

Question (submitted on 10/28/2020)
I need help with my online traffic school. I have tried to start my course except I don't understand how I can read along with no material to read. I'm on Section 1 question 1 and don't know what to do from here. realtor************

Hello Leslie- You will need to log in at the following link: Read Full Answer

Proof of Traffic School I Did Online

Question (submitted on 10/16/2020)
Can you please help me with my traffic school I did online? Did this way back in May last year. I think the court never received proof I completed traffic school? Thanks - Deborah

Hi Deborah, Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety needs. Our... Read Full Answer

Finding Your Traffic School Case Number

Question (submitted on 4/13/2020)
I signed up with your online school but it's asking for a case number. Where can I find my case number? I have to do traffic school for my ticket I received in San Bernardino. Need this done ASAP - Thanks, A.F.

Good Afternoon Alessandro- Thank you for choosing for your traffic sa... Read Full Answer

Live in California But Ticket from Utah

Question (submitted on 10/5/2020)
I got my traffic citation in Utah. The court there said it didn't matter what Traffic School I used and that they would take California since that's where I live. The course asks for county and county court where citation is issued. My ticket says I-70 outside city limits. Therefore I am not able to...

Hello Steve- You will need to contact the court listed on your ticket or paperwork. The... Read Full Answer

I Wish to Use Your Traffic School Again

Question (submitted on 10/11/2020)
I've used your school in the past and wish to use it again for another ticket. I tried signed up and paid on 10/11 9:30ish am but it just keeps going back to the last time I took your course. I'm not seeing a way to take traffic school for my current traffic ticket without accessing my old course?

Hello Paul- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety needs. Our... Read Full Answer

Get confirmation of my traffic school certificate to court

Question (submitted on 8/10/2020)
I went into the San Bernardino court to pay my speeding ticket and they also gave me traffic school. They gave me a list of schools hat I can pick from and that I need the school to turn in a certificate. I paid and completed your school already. So, How do I get confirmation of my certificate that ...

Hi Barbara- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety needs. Pro... Read Full Answer

Drivers Ed Course for Traffic Ticket

Question (submitted on 11/10/2020)
I have taken a driver's ed course for traffic school through your site in the past and need to take another course now. I keep looking on your site and can't seem to find were I can start a new course for my ticket. Does it have to be reset? What do I do in this situation?

Hi Joanna- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety needs. Our... Read Full Answer

Audible Traffic School Course

Question (submitted on 11/2/2020)
Audio traffic school is stuck. Can you help? I've paid for my ticket and have traffic school approval from San Bernardino County. I found your school online and signed up. I paid for the extra option to have the course read to me but it's not working when I'm doing it online?

Good Afternoon Elizabeth- Thank you for choosing for your traffic saf... Read Full Answer

Finish my Traffic School ASAP

Question (submitted on 8/10/2020)
I was finished with section 5 and needed to take the quiz for that section when the security question came up. I answered my date of birth but then got an error saying "Sorry, something went wrong". I've already paid my ticket with San Bernardino and paid for your course. I need to finish, what is w...

Hello David- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety needs. Ou... Read Full Answer

Tried to login but your site does not recognize my email

Question (submitted on 4/17/2020)
Hello, I registered and paid for my traffic school course but when I try to log back into my course it doesn't recognize my email address and/or driver's license number. I may have entered my driver license wrong when i signed up. Can you tell me what you have on the file?

Hi David, Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety needs. We fo... Read Full Answer

Copy of My Certificate

Question (submitted on 11/2/2020)
I chose the course option to be able to get a copy of my certificate email to me upon completion. However, I was not aware that I would not be able to give the court that certificate and that I had to wait for an official one in the mail. I don't think I need both as long as I get the proper 1 in th...

Hello Michael- The course fee includes the traffic school program and electronic report... Read Full Answer

Continue Traffic School Test

Question (submitted on 8/10/2020)
I was finished with section 5 and needed to take the quiz but I got an error saying, "Sorry there something wrong" after I answered the security question. The course has been easy and the quizzes have not been problem to take so far. Not sure what went wrong but I have to do this course for Barstow ...

Hello David- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety needs. Ou... Read Full Answer

Correct Name on Traffic School Certificate

Question (submitted on 7/28/2020)
Dear sir or madam, I was really pleased with how easy and informational your course was. I was a little nervous to do traffic school online since I've never done anything like this before. It took be a couple of hours to finish but I really enjoyed it. The only thing is that I noticed my name is ...

Good Afternoon Abraham- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safet... Read Full Answer

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