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Our Online Fleet Driver Training course can save commercial fleets both time and money, while increasing driver courtesy and attitude. Call TrafficSchool.com's Fleet Accounts Manager at 800-691-5014 or contact us today.

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We are excited about reducing our vehicle accident rate with the improved awareness of defensive driving this course brings. Keep up the good work TrafficSchool.com, we appreciate it.... (read 1000+ more rave reviews)
- Paul Baker, Iowa Glass Family

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How Commercial Fleet Safety School Online Works

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Online Driver Training for All Types of Fleet Employees

Why My Company Benefits from a Fleet Safety Course?

  • You don't need us to tell you that being successful requires increasing revenues and lowering expenses. What we can tell you is this: a quality fleet safety course will save you money and simply make your bottom-line better. How? Pardon the cliché, but when it comes to Fleet Driver Safety, Knowledge really is Power. Employee drivers that graduate the TrafficSchool.com Online Fleet Safety School will have a better understanding of the latest defensive driving techniques, current traffic laws, and how to represent your company with pride by driving with courtesy. Our proven approach of online training will give your commercial drivers the 'Road Confidence' they need to avoid needless accidents, traffic fines, and lost time do to injury. Congratulations, your cost of driving just went down!

The TrafficSchool.com Online Fleet Course Advantage

  • With our 100% 'mobile classroom', our course goes wherever your employees do. No lost time with employees driving to an office location or hotel conference room. No costly private instructors to hire. No classroom materials, travel expenses, or event coordination needed. Everything is kept simple with our online classroom.
  • Drivers of any type will instantly become empowered with defensive driver training information they have long forgotten or never heard before. Knowing what to do (and what not to do) in everyday and extreme driving situations not only saves your company money, it can save employees' lives.
  • Increase worker morale by teaching driving courtesy. Really? Yes, really. Employees that are confident in what they are doing will experience less stress and less road rage when behind the wheel of your vehicles. Lessons in driver courtesy and etiquette help drivers make the right driving choices and alleviates driver aggression. Not to mention, if your company car or truck is branded, it's nice to know that your four-wheeled billboards are leaving a good impression on the general public.
  • We help managers, well... manage. Our online Fleet Safety School comes with more than just online courses for your employees. Your company will also be set up with a custom admin web portal where you can monitor employee progress, view final exam completion scores, and run custom reports.
  • For local fleet clients in the Greater Los Angeles area, we also offer classroom and behind-the-wheel training... Call us at 800-691-5014 for details.

How Does Online Commercial Driver Training Work?

  1. Work with our dedicated Fleet Safety Accounts Manager to setup a safety program that works for your company. We will always work with you on group pricing discounts.
  2. Our web team will launch your custom admin portal, complete with company logo, remote access, and real-time reporting tools at your disposal.
  3. Each employee driver is given exclusive access to your Fleet Safety School course. They can login on the go, whenever they can, wherever they can. If there's internet, then school is in session. We track each employee individually, allowing them the flexibility to login and logoff, completing the entire course around their unique schedule.
  4. Employees pass the course by reading interactive lessons, taking section quizzes, and passing a comprehensive final exam. Managers can monitor and review employee progress instantly and remotely with the custom admin portal.