About TrafficSchool.com

The Evolution of Traffic School

Since 1994, TrafficSchool.com has been providing a variety of online courses for your traffic school, defensive driving, and drivers education needs. 'Attending' traffic school has never been more convenient and simple than it is today, but that hasn't always been the case. Take a look back at how TrafficSchool.com has grown up, evolving from a classroom traffic school into a cutting edge, industry leader in online traffic safety.


With the World-Wide-Web officially launched in 1993, TrafficSchool.com was born a year later. Back when deep-space backgrounds were the rage, the first version of our site was purely informational and provided instructions for how to register for in-classroom traffic school.


Still in the pre-online-course days, TrafficSchool.com delivered a new, more convenient way for customers to fulfill their traffic safety requirement: in the comfort of home using a workbook.


While everyone else was busy bringing in the new century, TrafficSchool.com was busy bringing traffic school to the Internet. For the first time ever, Californians in over 60 cities fired up their dial-up and completed Traffic School online.


Our 2001 website upgrade came with the catchy slogan that still endures today: "Driving Down Your Cost of Driving." Traffic School Online was becoming more popular and speeders everywhere took to the internet to handle traffic tickets.


2005 was a big year for TrafficSchool.com as our website got a noticeable face-lift. Besides being the user-friendliest version of Traffic School, we also started offering courses to states outside of California, like Florida, Texas, and many more.


As technology continues to evolve, so does TrafficSchool.com. Our latest web site is not only really easy to use, it's easy to use anywhere. Whether you're home relaxing at your 'pad' or on the go with your iPad, our course goes wherever you do.