“I learned useful, valuable info from the course. The analytical presentation appealed to me; the rationale for various requirements (e.g., use of seat belts) makes more sense. Most valuable was info on timing such as how much time it takes to stop and most important how to calculate taking - the 3-second rule. I have absolutely no sense of distance, so the technique of counting is enormously helpful. The diagrams with the number of feet, on the other hand, may be valuable to other people. All of this may even have impacted my driving J... actually, when I got tickets in January, I reprogrammed myself to drive more slowly. Now I know specific techniques that will help. ”
- Manager, Independence Compliance Group, PricewaterhouseCoopers

“The Iowa Glass people who have taken your course found the experience enjoyable and informative. We are excited about reducing our vehicle accident rate with the improved awareness of defensive driving this course brings. Keep up the good work TrafficSchool.com, we appreciate it.”
- Paul Baker, Iowa Glass Family of Companies

“I’ve taught and authored various California State Defensive Driving Courses for almost five years, and this is the number one online fleet training program available.”
- Russ Shuster, Defensive Driving Instructor for the State of California

“I work in the offshore oil industry; my company takes defensive driving and driver education very seriously. I have to do a tremendous amount of training for professional licenses on an annual basis so my free time is valuable to me. TrafficSchool.com and their online course provided me with the time to do the course at my own leisure, plus provided an accredited course with a tremendous amount of useful information in it. Not only did it satisfy my company requirement but my insurance company accepted it as well for a discount on my auto insurance. Great group of folks and a fine course.”
- Capt. G W Reidenbach, BP DWP Offshore HSSE Advisor, USCG OIM/Barge Supervisor/Master

“We are pleased with the defensive driving curriculum at TrafficSchool.com.  We require all employees to take defensive driving.  It is so convenient to have them take your course on-line versus being off-site for five hours to participate in a live-presentation.  And having the opportunity to break up the sessions is well received.  Our employees come away from the course with a new appreciation of their surroundings, what to expect, and how to avoid having to react – especially here in South Florida.”
 - Barbara Ferguson, PACE Center for Girls, Inc.

“I appreciate how Trafficschool.com was able to allow me to finish my safety course requirement quickly, efficiently, and with no hassles. I had to do it as a requirement for my job and I was able to finish the course at my own pace. I liked TrafficSchool.com's format and how they can make otherwise dull information interesting to read. Not only did it fulfill my requirement for my job but it will save me on my car insurance too! Thank you!”
- Omar Hassan, NJ

TrafficSchool.com's Online Fleet Safety Course can save you time and money. Single usage of the course is $34.95. For discounted volume pricing and more information please fill out our contact form or contact Fleet Accounts at (800) 691-5014, or info@trafficschool.com.




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