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Process in California for having ticket dismissed by completing traffic school

Question (submitted on 3/5/2020)
Hello! I received a speeding ticket 2 days ago (have yet to receive the actual notice in the mail) and I'm wondering the process here in California for having it dismissed by completing your traffic school. Do I wait for the ticket to arrive in the mail? Do I have to call the DMV or something to...

Hello Dena- Here are the steps after receiving a ticket. Feel free to contact us if you... Read Full Answer

How much is the traffic school cost for online class

Question (submitted on 4/23/2020)
I received a ticket in Fresno County. I paid the ticket and Fresno County approve me for traffic school class. I found your school online and would like to know how much is the traffic school class?

Hello Debbie- Our California DMV Licensed traffic school course is $19.95 total and inc... Read Full Answer

Traffic School Ilegal Uturn

Question (submitted on 4/7/2020)
In February I received a traffic ticket in Los Angeles County for an illegal U-turn. I'm interested in taking your traffic school course that I saw you offer online. Will this course take care of my traffic ticket?

Good Morning Mykaela- is DMV Licensed #E1393 & Accepted by All Califo... Read Full Answer

I need to take a traffic school

Question (submitted on 3/9/2020)
I have a speeding ticket that I need to take traffic school for. The court said if I go to traffic school then my insurance won't find out about the ticket. Does your school provide everything I need to take care of that ticket?

Hello Dora- Everything you need is provided on our website. The CA online course is bro... Read Full Answer

Madera County Probation Department Traffic School

Question (submitted on 10/8/2020)
I have been assigned a one day traffic school by the Madera California Probation Department. However, at the time of my violation I was unlicensed. The registration to start the class says to put a licensee number even though I don't have one. The letter that I received said to put 000 0000 and I tr...

Hello Apolonio- Our system shows you registered with your license number as Y*******. I... Read Full Answer

I already paid for the school when I first signed up

Question (submitted on 3/30/2020)
Hello, I received a traffic ticket in Sacramento County and needed to complete traffic school. I just completed the 7 chapters but before I can take the final test they want me to pay for the traffic school. I already paid for the school when I first signed up. Why are they asking me for more mon...

Hello Roberta- Our system shows you have paid and successfully completed the course aft... Read Full Answer

5 Hour Nevada Traffic School Course

Question (submitted on 9/1/2020)
I would like to get started on the 5 Hour Nevada traffic school course. I want to keep points off my driving record. I currently live in California. How do I start?

Good Morning Robert- You will need to contact the court listed on your ticket or paperw... Read Full Answer

Traffic School Registration Address

Question (submitted on 8/24/2020)
I'm on your website signing up for a traffic ticket I got in Los Angeles. The ticket has been paid for and I've been approved for traffic school. For the course registration section should I put the address that's on my ticket or my new address? I changed my address with the DMV but wasn't sure whic...

Hello Steven- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety needs. P... Read Full Answer

Nevada Driver with Ticket in Barstow California

Question (submitted on 3/15/2020)
Hello, I got a ticket in Barstow California. I already paid the ticket fine along with the traffic school option at the court. I'm trying to register on your website for traffic school but the registration wants me to select the state the drivers license is issued and it only has California as an...

Hello Arturo- Since the course is for California tickets, our website has the license s... Read Full Answer

How can I change the state to Florida when I was updating my ticket

Question (submitted on 5/6/2020)
Hello, I'm glad I found your online traffic school course, it's better than going and sitting in a boring classroom. I received a traffic ticket in Miami Dade County Florida and was signing up for the online school but I don't see a way to change my course state from California to Florida. Can yo...

Good Day Josue, Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety needs.... Read Full Answer

Fix my traffic school registration name

Question (submitted on 3/23/2020)
Hello, I received a ticket that I must do traffic school for. I'm on your website filling out the registration. When I was filling out the form I used my husband's credit card and filled in his name thinking it was the billing address. How do I fix this to my information?

Hello Stephanie- We have your name on file as Stephanie **** *******, but there is no p... Read Full Answer

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