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Traffic School for Unsafe Speed for Prevailing Conditions Traffic Ticket

Question (submitted on 11/29/2020)
When I signed up with this course I also purchased a dismissal verification. I completed the course already on 10/24. As the due date is approaching I still have not received the verification from Sacramento County that they received my completion. Can you let me know when I might be receiving t...

Good Afternoon Deborah- The dismissal confirmation has been resent to your email addres... Read Full Answer

Sacramento Court Traffic School

Question (submitted on 8/17/2020)
Hello, so I got a speeding ticket from Sac court. I know I have to pay the ticket and also request traffic school so I don't get a point on my driving record. Would your traffic school be approved by them or would I have to do traffic school directly through the Sacramento court? If not, how would t...

Hello Dunya- You will need to pay your traffic fine plus the $52 administrative fee to ... Read Full Answer

Sacramento Superior Court Carol Miller Justice Center

Question (submitted on 9/24/2020)
Can you please send me all the info I need for the traffic ticket I got from Sacramento Court? Don't want to go to court and contest it. Just want to do traffic school instead.

Hello Rene, Here is all the information specific to the Sacramento Courthouse for reque... Read Full Answer

Traffic School Final Exam Delivered to the Sacramento Court

Question (submitted on 4/15/2020)
I passed my traffic school final exam on April 11. The certificate was to be submitted to the Sacramento court. This is my first ticket and I just want to make sure that I have done the right thing and submitted it to the right place to be delivered to Sacramento Superior court. I preferred to conta...

Good Afternoon Noor- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety n... Read Full Answer

Sacramento County told me to Attend Traffic School

Question (submitted on 10/30/2020)
Sacramento County told me to go to traffic school. I finished the course & paid for a certificate to be mail to me as of 10-30. I have not received a certificate can you please get one mailed to me....also did a certificate get mailed to the court? Thank you Gary.

Hello Gary- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety needs. Our... Read Full Answer

When will the completion certificate be delivered to Sacramento court?

Question (submitted on 3/26/2020)
I had to take your online course for a ticket I got in Sacramento County. I found your school online and signed up for it. After completing the course I need for the court and dmv to be notified of my completion. When will the completion certificate be delivered to court and dmv so my insurance does...

Good Morning John- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety nee... Read Full Answer

Letter from Superior Court of California Traffic Division

Question (submitted on 3/17/2020)
I took your traffic violator school for a ticket I unfortunately received. I recently received a letter from Superior Court of California County of Solano Traffic Division that I didn't attend a DMV approved traffic school. My Course was completed on February 16th and the case # ftr******. How d...

Hello Alina- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety needs. It... Read Full Answer

Dublin East County Hall of Justice Information for Traffic School Services

Question (submitted on 9/17/2020)
I found you on the list of schools in the pdf on the Dublin Court had and I chose you because you were #1 on the list. I am glad I did because it was straight down the middle and no tricks. It was more professional than the others i saw and the price was the same or even cheaper. So thank you: ...

Wow Martin, thank you! We really do appreciate that you chose Here is... Read Full Answer

Not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign raised insurance

Question (submitted on 7/30/2020)
Back in 2018 I received a traffic ticket in Shasta for not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign. I paid the ticket with Shasta County court and also elected to take traffic school. I picked your online traffic school and completed the course back then. Allstate is telling me that I still have a ...

Good Morning Daniel- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety n... Read Full Answer

Dismissal confirmation of traffic ticket

Question (submitted on 11/25/2020)
Dear Traffic School Staff, I completed my course on Sunday 11-22 and had signed up for receiving confirmation that the Traffic School Completion Certificate has been delivered to the Court/DMV. As of today I have not received any confirmation yet. If you could please advise me when I should ...

Good Afternoon Rajiv- Your electronic DMV certificate was automatically submitted on Mo... Read Full Answer

San Bernardino Court for Traffic Tickets

Question (submitted on 10/5/2020)
Jman here got a little problem. Was speeding on the 10 thru San Bern 20mph over. Speed trap big bet. Want traffic school but cant get the paperwork. I signed up already on your site but dont have a case number or anything. Can you give me the SB court info so me or JJ can call and get my ticket in...

Hello Jonathong, Here's the contact info for the San Bernardino Court. We've also adde... Read Full Answer

Completing traffic school to avoid points on my driving record

Question (submitted on 4/2/2020)
Hello, I received a traffic ticket in Yuba County California. I paid the ticket and I signed up and completed my traffic school. I thought by completing the traffic school I would not get any points on my driving record. My insurance company is saying that I still have a point and now my rates ar...

Thanks, John. Your electronic DMV certificate was submitted for the Yuba County court t... Read Full Answer

What is the Penny Test for Checking Tire Tread Depth

Question (submitted on 9/9/2020)
Regarding The Penny Test - I don't understand how this works. You place a penny into a tread groove on your tires with Lincoln's head pointed down and if you can see all of Lincoln's head it's time to replace the tire? Shouldn't that say If you CANNOT see all of Lincoln's head...?

Hi Anne, thanks for reaching out. The explanation we have in our course is accurate. T... Read Full Answer

Insurance Increase Because I Did Not Go to Traffic School

Question (submitted on 4/8/2020)
Good Evening, I received a speeding ticket about 6 months ago. It was a ticket I likely could have easily fought but elected not to (didn't have time). My insurance has gone up drastically from this. I paid for the ticket already and it is on my record. Is it too late to take an online cause to e...

Hello William- Unfortunately, you cannot take traffic school to remove points or ticket... Read Full Answer

Easy Traffic School but Point on my DMV Record

Question (submitted on 8/12/2020)
My insurance company has raised my rates and they told me because I have a point on my driving record. I paid my ticket with South Lake Tahoe and also paid the additional fee to go to traffic school. I took your easy traffic school course and completed it and thought that everything would be done. H...

Hello Mark- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety needs. The... Read Full Answer

I Have 2 Speeding Tickets

Question (submitted on 10/9/2020)
I have 2 speeding tickets from Merced County and I was wondering if I'm able to take the class twice for both the tickets? I was also wondering does it matter which ticket case number I put down would affect me because one of my speeding tickets is more expensive than the other. I've already complet...

Hello Mike- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety needs. The... Read Full Answer

Find out the case number for my ticket

Question (submitted on 9/4/2020)
I got my ticket in Kern County. I was approved for traffic school and needed to sign up. I'm registering but I don't have my court papers with me. I need to know my ticket number or case number. Can you help?

Hi Vincent- Our system shows you completed traffic school with us on 09/04 for the case... Read Full Answer

I already paid for the school when I first signed up

Question (submitted on 3/30/2020)
Hello, I received a traffic ticket in Sacramento County and needed to complete traffic school. I just completed the 7 chapters but before I can take the final test they want me to pay for the traffic school. I already paid for the school when I first signed up. Why are they asking me for more mon...

Hello Roberta- Our system shows you have paid and successfully completed the course aft... Read Full Answer

Traffic School Final Exam

Question (submitted on 8/22/2020)
I signed up to take your school for my ticket that I received in Sacramento County. I was referred to your school from a friend who took your course already. While I was taking the final exam something wrong happened and I'm not sure the final exam went through correctly. Can you let me know if ever...

Good Afternoon Kelly- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety... Read Full Answer

Stuck on Traffic School Quiz

Question (submitted on 9/11/2020)
I have a ticket from Sacramento County. I have court approval to take traffic school. I signed up and paid for your school but I'm having trouble completing it. The section Screen shows "Quiz Disabled" even after lesson has been fully reviewed/read. I need to be able to take the quiz so I can move f...

Hello Phyllis- Our system shows you are currently on Section 5 of the course. You will ... Read Full Answer

I need help being able to sign up and pay for my ticket

Question (submitted on 11/19/2020)
I have qualified for traffic school via court approval but when I sign up it does not process. I put my email and DL # and it states that no records are found. I need help being able to sign up and pay for my ticket.

Hello Paul- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety needs. Our... Read Full Answer

Restart Traffic School with No Extra Charges

Question (submitted on 4/25/2020)
I just want to restart the course I already started taking it and I dropped it for the emergency purpose of my family. Now i'm ready to retake and when I try to go to the website it's asking me for another payment $19.95. I've paid my ticket with Sacremento and i've paid my traffic school. So I need...

Hello Masa- Please log in with the information below to access your paid course that yo... Read Full Answer

Out of State Traffic Ticket

Question (submitted on 2/5/2020)
Hello, I received a speeding ticket in the State of Oregon but I have a California drivers license. I am trying to register my ticket information on your website but it is only offering a ticket in California. Since the ticket is from Oregon and not California how do I change it so it's for Orego...

Hi Kristen- You will need to contact the court listed on your ticket or paperwork. The ... Read Full Answer

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