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Was My Traffic Ticket Dismissed

Question (submitted on 4/28/2020)
Hello, I got a speeding ticked and requested traffic school. I used this website and completed traffic school last month. I paid for dismissal verification but haven't received anything yet. When I check the La court website for my ticket this is the information I see: Case Status: Closed Dispos...

Hello Jano- Good news - your case has been closed and there are no further actions requ... Read Full Answer

Took Traffic School But Have Commercial Drivers License

Question (submitted on 8/21/2020)
I already completed my traffic school course for my ticket in San Joaquin County. I thought everything was ok but my insurance company is saying I still have a point on my record. The certificate was to go to the court when I finished. Did my proof of completion of traffic school get to the San Joaq...

Hello Ruben- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety needs. Th... Read Full Answer

Not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign raised insurance

Question (submitted on 7/30/2020)
Back in 2018 I received a traffic ticket in Shasta for not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign. I paid the ticket with Shasta County court and also elected to take traffic school. I picked your online traffic school and completed the course back then. Allstate is telling me that I still have a ...

Good Morning Daniel- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety n... Read Full Answer

I got a ticket a year ago can I still go to traffic school

Question (submitted on 5/5/2020)
Hi, If I pass this course will my violation be expunged from my driving record and all data bases. My insurance company is aware of the traffic violation. This ticket is from a year ago. I need this ticket dismissed can i get the ticket dismissed still?

Hello Jon, Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety needs. When... Read Full Answer

Insurance Requires Proof of Traffic School Completion

Question (submitted on 5/4/2020)
Good Morning, I receive a ticket in Riverside and State Farm advise me to do traffic school to avoid any increase in my policy. I chose your school from the traffic school list provided by Murrieta Court. My insurance said that your course is the one that will clear a ticket, right? So I di...

Hello Jimee- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety needs. Ke... Read Full Answer

Too Late to Take Traffic School

Question (submitted on 5/1/2020)
My son got a speeding ticket in Alameda County California back in July. Our insurance rates skyrocketed because he has a point on his driving record. Farmers told us to take a traffic school course to reduce the rates. My question is it too late to take traffic school?

Hi Bob- Unfortunately, you cannot take traffic school (driving school for a ticket) to ... Read Full Answer

Check If Court Received Traffic School Certificate

Question (submitted on 4/29/2020)
I completed my traffic school on December 14. It says there that you guys was gonna process and send copy to court. How will I find out if they received it or it was sent? My car insurance just went up. I did everything I needed to do. Pay ticket in full and did traffic school. Here is the more info...

Good Morning Teresa- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety n... Read Full Answer

Ticket Shows On Driving Record Causing Auto Insurance Increase

Question (submitted on 4/21/2020)
Hi - I finished the traffic school course back in July 2019 but the point is on my driving record which is driving up my auto insurance by 70%. I contacted the West Covina courthouse and they claim that they did not receive the completion certificate. Can you please look into this and let me kno...

Hello Tanner- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety needs. ... Read Full Answer

I was told by my insurance company that I have a point on my record

Question (submitted on 4/15/2020)
Hello I have a regular driver's license. I was told by my insurance company that I have a point on my record but I completed traffic school from this company. I don't have a copy of my driving record, but AAA said it was on my record as of 3/20. I'm not sure how to get this resolved. Can you p...

Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety needs. Your electronic D... Read Full Answer

Traffic School for Insurance and to Avoid Suspended License

Question (submitted on 4/14/2020)
I got a moving violation in Los Angeles. I have paid the traffic ticket and the extra traffic school fee. I'm taking your online course and would like to know if I finish will the completion be sent to my insurance co. and the court? Also - how many points on your record is a bad thing?

Hello Michaela- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety needs.... Read Full Answer

Easy Traffic School but Point on my DMV Record

Question (submitted on 8/12/2020)
My insurance company has raised my rates and they told me because I have a point on my driving record. I paid my ticket with South Lake Tahoe and also paid the additional fee to go to traffic school. I took your easy traffic school course and completed it and thought that everything would be done. H...

Hello Mark- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety needs. The... Read Full Answer

Florida 6 Hour Online Accident Prevention Course

Question (submitted on 11/10/2020)
How do I apply for the 30% off insurance for three years if I complete your defense driving course? If I create and account for Florida will it allow me to sign up for the Florida course? How long does it take and is there a way to prove I took it to insurance once I’m done with it? Thank you.

Hello Casey- We work with an affiliate school who offers the FL Florida 6-Hour Online A... Read Full Answer

When is my completion going to be cleared by the court?

Question (submitted on 8/16/2020)
I signed up and completed your traffic school course a couple of days ago for the Santa Monica court. I was on the court website and it shows Traffic School Referral still. AAA insurance said that by taking the school I'm not going to incur any insurance hikes. When is my completion going to be clea...

Hello Vadim- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety needs. Yo... Read Full Answer

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