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I recently was in California and got a speeding ticket

Question (submitted on 9/21/2020)
I recently was in California visiting family when I got a speeding ticket in Imperial County. I have recently relocated and my driver license has not been updated to my new state. Can I go to school for my traffic ticket?

Good Afternoon Randee- You can register and take the course online here: Read Full Answer

Traffic school so the ticket does not hit my License or insurance

Question (submitted on 2/7/2020)
Hello, I recently paid my traffic ticket and I'm eligible to take traffic school so the ticket does not hit my drivers license or insurance. The speeding ticket was issued in Orange County California. The North Justice Center courthouse is where the ticket fine was paid. Does your company give th...

Good Afternoon John- Yes, is DMV Licensed #E1393 & Accepted by All Ca... Read Full Answer

Ticket While Driving Without A License

Question (submitted on 9/15/2020)
I recently gotten pulled over and received a traffic violation. I gotten a violation because I don’t have a driver license nor a permit. If I take this course will it help me get a permit and clear out my violation?

Hello Vicente- Unfortunately, your violation would not be eligible for traffic school. ... Read Full Answer

Need my Suspended License Back

Question (submitted on 3/22/2020)
Hello, I was currently going to traffic school class here in Redlands CA. It became overwhelming so I didn't return there. Now it's been a couple years since and I'm in the process of owning a new car. So, I need my driver's license back since it was suspended. What are the procedures necessary t...

Hello Marcos- A California driver’s license suspension is a temporary revocation of the... Read Full Answer

Drivers License Not Accepted

Question (submitted on 9/7/2020)
Hello, I am trying to sign up for a program resolving a traffic violation in Santa Maria CA. The registration says that my drivers license number is incorrect. That is the only field that is hi-lighted in red. Is there another way I can sign up because my drivers license number is correct. Licen...

Good Afternoon April- Our system shows the license number you provided in your email ap... Read Full Answer

I want to learn about California traffic road rules for the first test for license

Question (submitted on 2/8/2020)
Hello, I'm new to the state of California. I want to learn about California traffic rule for the first test. Do you have any course that can help learn the rules of the road here?

Hello Hien- We offer an online refresher course for California state. You can click on ... Read Full Answer

Want to sign up on website for first time driver in FL

Question (submitted on 3/16/2020)
Hello, I'am a new resident to the state of Florida. I found your trafficschool website and would like to sign up. I'am a new student looking to drive and have a B2 tourist visa. What should my first step be I don't have a case number or social number? Thank you.

Hi Senouci- Traffic School is for students who already have a drivers license and recei... Read Full Answer

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