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Question (submitted on 11/8/2021)
Why do you use the word "hiding" a traffic ticket? I would expect that passing your course would be shared with the Superior Court of California - County of Ventura where the violation occurred. And I would expect your fee to include forwarding of such information to the Superior Court of Ventura Co...

Hello Dave, Please rest assured, that once you complete the traffic school course, we w... Read Full Answer

My Traffic School Certificate Was Suspended

Question (submitted on 10/30/2021)
Hi, I passed the traffic school exam on 10/26/20** for a carpool lane ticket I received in Orange County. I checked my case status on the CTSI online system, but it is showing my certificate was suspended. Can you tell me why it was suspended and what I need to do?

Hello Harry- The court system shows your case was closed after you pled guilty and you ... Read Full Answer

My ticket is not cleared with DMV

Question (submitted on 1/28/2020)
Hi Everyone! I had completed my traffic school test with a passing grade to satisfy my requirements with the Santa Clara County court. However, the ticket is still showing up on my DMV record and my insurance has increased. Can you tell me how can I get my ticket cleared so I can lower my incre...

Hello Lily- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety needs. You... Read Full Answer

Additional Court Fees

Question (submitted on 2/20/2020)
Hello, I received a traffic ticket in San Joaquin County. I thought that when you complete the traffic school test that it would be sent to the court. In the mail from the court I received a bill for $52.00 so that a point will be hidden on my record. I thought that your traffic school took care ...

Hello Ramon- Each court charges an additional fee to allow you to attend a traffic scho... Read Full Answer

LA County Court List

Question (submitted on 1/16/2022)
Hello, I received my traffic ticket in Culver City. I didn't see Culver City Courthouse on your LA County court list. I would like to double-check I have the right courthouse before I continue with the course. Thank you.

Hello Christopher- Los Angeles County does not have a Culver City court location. Your... Read Full Answer

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