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Traffic School Positively Impacts Your Driving Record

Question (submitted on 11/8/2021)
Why do you use the word "hiding" a traffic ticket? I would expect that passing your course would be shared with the Superior Court of California - County of Ventura where the violation occurred. And I would expect your fee to include forwarding of such information to the Superior Court of Ventura Co...

Hello Dave, Please rest assured, that once you complete the traffic school course, we w... Read Full Answer

Verification of my DMV driving record

Question (submitted on 4/4/2020)
Hi, My traffic ticket is from Ventura California for not yielding. Ventura approved me for traffic school after paying the ticket. When I signed up for your site I purchased a few of the extra options to make sure the court carries through and that the DMV is notified. I'm following up to see whe...

Good Morning Matthew- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety ... Read Full Answer

Is this Traffic School valid for speeding ticket

Question (submitted on 10/7/2020)
I received my first ever ticket recently. I don't want my insurance to find out about the ticket. I'm instructed to take an approved traffic school. I need to know if this school is valid for speeding ticket?

Hello Izabella- Yes, is DMV Licensed #E1393 & Accepted by All Califor... Read Full Answer

Traffic School Proof Because Car Insurance Increase

Question (submitted on 4/6/2020)
Hello, I received a ticket in Ventura County. I took traffic school and completed it on 7/9. I thought that I wouldn't get any points on my driving record but my insurance company increased my rates. They need some proof that I completed traffic school. Please help? Thanks.

Good Morning Angel- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety ne... Read Full Answer

How long does it take for the courts and DMV to received the certificate

Question (submitted on 4/20/2020)
Good afternoon, I have a traffic ticket question. I finished the exam and passed with 100%. Once the traffic violator course is completed how long does it take for the courts and DMV to received the completion certificate?

Hi Justin- Please see our California Completion Certificate Policy below. Upon completi... Read Full Answer

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Traffic School Completion Certificate Confirmation

Question (submitted on 4/18/2020)
How do I know that the court has received my course completion certificate? Thanks Rosemary.

Hello Rosemary- Your electronic DMV completion certificate was submitted to the Ventura... Read Full Answer

Speeding ticket and pleaded not guilty with the court

Question (submitted on 3/18/2020)
I got a speeding ticket and pleaded not guilty with the court. The court told me how much to pay and that I have until March to pay the ticket. I wasn't given any information about any traffic school to go to in order to dismiss this ticket off my DMV record. Can I still do that?

Hello Alyssa- You will need to contact the court where your ticket is filed. The court ... Read Full Answer

Was TrafficSchool submitted to DMV and Ventura County Traffic Court Yet

Question (submitted on 5/6/2020)
Hello, I received my first ever traffic ticket for a red light violation. Whoops! Not bad tho becasue I'm about to be 34 and my first slip up ever. I was worried that the ticket would make my insurance higher but I was told by my insurance company (Progressive) that can go to traffic school to ...

Hi Sherri, Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety needs. We d... Read Full Answer

Will Traffic School Remove a Point from my DMV Record

Question (submitted on 9/15/2020)
I got a speeding ticket in Ventura County and I paid the fine to the court already. I want to take traffic school because I was told that if I don't do traffic school I will get a point on my license. By signing up for traffic school will that help me. I think I messed up though because I needed app...

Hello Esther- Court records indicate your case was closed with bail forfeiture and you ... Read Full Answer

Traffic School to Remove Speeding Ticket

Question (submitted on 7/28/2020)
Hola, I received a traffic ticket for speeding. The officer told me to take traffic school becasue the ticket is able to be removed form my record. I was only 6 miles over the limit. He says 10 but the ticket is for 5. Fight it in court seems like to much a chance that i lose the case anyways. Yo...

Hola Javier- You are correct! Taking traffic school will prevent from points being plac... Read Full Answer

Do I have to complete my traffic school in one session?

Question (submitted on 3/13/2020)
I have a traffic ticket that I need to take traffic school for. I've never done this before and I don't want my insurance to find out about the ticket. Can you tell me about your online traffic school course. Do we have to complete the course in one session, how long does it take?

Hello Neki- The CA online course is broken down into seven sections. Simply read throug... Read Full Answer

Where do I go to get back into my course

Question (submitted on 4/16/2020)
Hi- I'm unable to get into my traffic school account. I registered and was charged but I'm having trouble logging back in. Where do I go?

Hello Noa- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety needs. Plea... Read Full Answer

Traffic school certificate processed through DMV Traffic Violation Course

Question (submitted on 2/13/2020)
To Whom It May Concern, I completed the traffic school program two days ago for my ticket in Ventura County. I wasn't aware that I needed to pay the fine first before doing the traffic school course, so the court didn't accept my completion certificate. Today I paid the fine and the court told ...

Good Afternoon Jennifer- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safe... Read Full Answer

Forgot to Request Traffic School from Court First

Question (submitted on 7/29/2020)
Hello, I completed traffic school but my court said that I never requested traffic school with them when I paid the ticket online. I went into the Ventura court to pay an additional traffic school administrative fee. Now the court needs another certificate. Can you please resend to the Ventura...

Good Morning Karina- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety n... Read Full Answer

Mature Driver Course in California

Question (submitted on 9/14/2020)
I found your Mature driver course online. I'm interested in taking this since I'm a senior. Will this lower my insurance?

Hello Jeff- The Mature Driver course is for seniors 55 years and older seeking a discou... Read Full Answer

Has the certificate been delivered to the court

Question (submitted on 10/25/2020)
I paid my ticket with the Ventura County Court. My Traffic School Certificate Due Date is 12.07 and my Appearance Due Date 12.15. I finished my traffic school course already. So can you tell me has the certificate been delivered to the court or not? Thanks!

Hello Remon- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety needs. Yo... Read Full Answer

Shall I contact the court to request to reopen my case?

Question (submitted on 3/14/2020)
Hi, Not sure why but I noticed that my traffic ticket isn't eligible for online course. I paid the ticket in installments instead of in full by accident. So, will I still be able to remove a point off my driving record because of this? - Tininem

Hello Tininem- Yes, you will need to contact the court to request to reopen your case b... Read Full Answer

My Traffic School Due Date is Coming Up Real Quick

Question (submitted on 9/24/2020)
Hi, so I was wondering if you guys could resend the certificate to the Ventura court. I completed traffic school but it looks like the court still has not received it. My due date is coming up real quick and I don't want any issues with my completion certificate. Thanks - Alexandra. Also s...

Hello Alexandra- Your electronic DMV certificate for case number 2********* was submitt... Read Full Answer

Verify I am eligible for traffic school

Question (submitted on 4/9/2020)
Hi, My insurance company told me that I need to take traffic school if I don't want any points on my driving record. They said that my insurance rate will go up if I don't take traffic school but I must make sure that I'm eligible. Can you check and see if I'm eligible with the Ventura Court for ...

Hello Gregory- The Ventura County court website does not show an option to request traf... Read Full Answer


Question (submitted on 3/10/2020)

Good Afternoon Huber- The course fee includes the California DMV-licensed traffic schoo... Read Full Answer

Apply for traffic school on line

Question (submitted on 10/26/2020)
I'm interested in your online traffic school. I have a speeding ticket that I need to take traffic school for. How can I get started?

Good Morning Tuong- Thank you for your email. You can call us at 800-691-5014 to enroll... Read Full Answer

Did the Court Receive my Traffic School Certificate

Question (submitted on 4/3/2020)
Hello, After getting a traffic ticket in Ventura County I went ahead and paid the ticket. I signed up and completed your internet school. I did not receive a PDF copy of my certificate for my records after I finished. I'm also unsure of how to check the Ventura court has received my completion ce...

Good Morning Giovanni- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety... Read Full Answer

Download Traffic School Course

Question (submitted on 8/3/2020)
Hello- Thank you for offering a convenient online traffic school course for Ventura County. The Ventura court gave me a list of school's that I can go to and I found your name on that list. I signed up and paid for the online course and also paid for a copy of the course manual. Is there a way I can...

Good Afternoon David- Our apologies for the confusion, our manual copy is a hard copy v... Read Full Answer

Right Turn Red Light Ticket

Question (submitted on 4/15/2020)
Hi, I got a ticket because of turning right on a red-light about one year ago. I didn't know that I can take the traffic school when I paid the ticket. Because I was a new resident from Iran to US last year at that time. I didn't know the traffic school rules. Please help me and lead me if I can ...

Hello Konrad- Unfortunately, you cannot take traffic school to remove points or tickets... Read Full Answer

How To Restart Traffic School Course Online

Question (submitted on 8/6/2020)
I'm new to all of this traffic school stuff but the Ventura Court approved me for traffic school. I've already paid the ticket and signed up with your online course. I need to send the Ventura Court a certificate once I finish but I'm having trouble restarting the school.

Hello Marley- Sorry to hear you are having issues with logging in. To continue your cou... Read Full Answer

Traffic School for another ticket with a different case number?

Question (submitted on 2/26/2020)
Hello, My husband completed traffic school for a ticket in Ventura County but he has another traffic ticket that we need to do traffic school for. He has a different case number for this new ticket. How can we take the traffic school course again?

Good Afternoon Billansay- The DMV only allows you to take traffic school once every 18 ... Read Full Answer

Looking for a California DMV Licensed Traffic School

Question (submitted on 10/30/2021)
I have received a ticket for speeding and paid it off with the additional fee to request traffic school. I wanted to double check that this school would be enough to have it hidden on my record for my insurance and DMV. When I paid the ticket it gave me traffic school code 56100 and I'm not complete...

Hello Brandon- The court requires you to complete a DMV licensed traffic school course.... Read Full Answer

I Finished Traffic School Before I Paid My Court Fees

Question (submitted on 9/26/2022)
Hi, I'm hoping you'll be able to help! I misunderstood the direction and therefore completed my traffic school last week, before I paid Ventura County the full sum of my ticket with the election of going to traffic school. I just spoke with Co. of Ventura and she said that I was supposed to p...

Hello Brandon- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety needs. ... Read Full Answer

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