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Incorrect Traffic School Case Number Alameda County

Question (submitted on 4/12/2020)
Hi, I just completed the traffic school course for a speeding ticket in Alameda County. When I reviewed the information I realized I previously entered the incorrect case number. I would like to know how to make the change before you send out the certificate to DMV. The correct case number is 000...

Good Morning Brian- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety ne... Read Full Answer

Rectify my Traffic School Situation

Question (submitted on 3/24/2020)
Hello, I completed your traffic school course a year ago for my ticket in Los Angeles County. The point is still on my driving record. The Court or the DMV never received the completion certificate. I need you to rectify this situation asap! My citation number is 1*******-7673.

Good Afternoon Jesus- Please find the attached PDF certificate copy for your records. P... Read Full Answer

I recently was in California and got a speeding ticket

Question (submitted on 9/21/2020)
I recently was in California visiting family when I got a speeding ticket in Imperial County. I have recently relocated and my driver license has not been updated to my new state. Can I go to school for my traffic ticket?

Good Afternoon Randee- You can register and take the course online here: Read Full Answer

Wrong Traffic School Case Number

Question (submitted on 4/3/2020)
Hello, I completed the traffic school online and the certificate of completion was confirmed yesterday for Los Angeles County. I am not sure if I entered the correct case number because I was unsure where it was or what it was on my ticket. There is no way of editing personal info on the TS acco...

Good Morning Michael- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety ... Read Full Answer

Please let me know if there will be any additional charges

Question (submitted on 3/31/2020)
Hi, I registered for a ticket in Alameda County. I am afraid I gave you the wrong e-mail address e******* I hope this doesn't screw things up to much! My correct email address is e****** Please let me know if there will be any additional charge for providing the wrong e-...

Good Afternoon Elly! Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety n... Read Full Answer

Need to change court destination of processing

Question (submitted on 3/2/2020)
Hello, I have a moving violation from Orange County California. When I signed up with your online traffic school I selected my court location as Santa Ana. The actual court location should be Westminster in Orange County. Can you please update that for me?

Hello Kyle- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety needs. Per... Read Full Answer

Can you resend the certificate

Question (submitted on 2/16/2020)
Good Morning, I have a traffic ticket from Lee County Florida that I'm taking your traffic school course for. When registering for the FL 4-HR Basic Drive Course I put the wrong ticket number. Instead of putting a 5 I put a 6. Can you resend the certificate showing A****** please?

Hello Lisa- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety needs. You... Read Full Answer

Fix my traffic school registration name

Question (submitted on 3/23/2020)
Hello, I received a ticket that I must do traffic school for. I'm on your website filling out the registration. When I was filling out the form I used my husband's credit card and filled in his name thinking it was the billing address. How do I fix this to my information?

Hello Stephanie- We have your name on file as Stephanie **** *******, but there is no p... Read Full Answer

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