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Traffic School for Ticket in Ventura County

Question (submitted on 11/1/2020)
I used this traffic school a few years ago for a ticket in Los Angele County. I completed this course well over 18 months ago, so I should be eligible for another traffic school class. However, when I try to log in to my old account, I cannot find an option to start course again for my new ticket...

Hello Michael- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety needs. ... Read Full Answer

I cannot find my citation number to register for traffic school

Question (submitted on 5/4/2020)
Good Afternoon, I've never done traffic school before and my court Fontana Valley gave me your information. I was told to sign up and complete this school on the list so my insurance would not be raised. I cannot find my citation number anywhere, I misplaced it. I need to put my citation numb...

Hello Helen, Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety needs. So... Read Full Answer

Register for California Traffic School with Temporary Drivers License

Question (submitted on 7/30/2020)
Hello on May 3rd I I got a ticket by police biker in Glendale. I currently have a temporary paper license until my actual card comes in the mail. I'm online registering for the course and would like to know if I need to have my actual drivers license?

Hello Tom- If you have a valid driver’s license and have been approved for traffic scho... Read Full Answer

When to Sign Up for Traffic Ticket School in Los Angeles California

Question (submitted on 8/11/2020)
I received a traffic ticket today while driving in Los Angeles California. The officer said it might take 2-3 weeks to pay fine online to court website. Should I wait and pay the fine online first and do traffic safety course or is it ok to go ahead to complete this course first with you. Thank you....

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Second Traffic Ticket in 2 Years

Question (submitted on 8/27/2020)
Good evening dear administrator, I got a ticket on July 12th in Pasadena and I'd like to do the traffic school lesson again. I did traffic school with you before for another ticket I received also in Pasadena. I'm trying to go back into the online school and it says I've complete it on February 2...

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Los Angeles Traffic Ticket Mistake

Question (submitted on 11/26/2020)
When I registered for my ticket in Los Angeles I made a mistake. There is an error in the driver license number on the certificate. The correct driver license number is C******* Please fix it at your earliest convenience. Thanks!

Hello Sunil- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety needs. Yo... Read Full Answer

Correct Citation Number or Case Number

Question (submitted on 4/23/2020)
Good afternoon- After reviewing the court documents it looks like the citation/case number was incorrect. When I signed up for Kern County on your website I put the wrong Info. How can I fix this issue so that the DMV receives the correct Information?

Hello Nadia- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety needs. We... Read Full Answer

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