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Verify if traffic school is good for Ventura County in California?

Question (submitted on 4/6/2020)
Hello, I received a traffic ticket in Ventura County. I paid the ticket and also an administrative fee for permission to go to traffic school. The court said to make sure the traffic school is court/dmv approved. Please verify if your traffic school certificate of completion is good for Ventura c...

Good Morning Marlo- Yes, is DMV Licensed #E1393 & Accepted by All Ca... Read Full Answer

Missed my deadline for Traffic School

Question (submitted on 3/26/2020)
Los Angeles County gave me a due date of 3/23/2020 for my traffic school. I paid and completed my course but it's now passed the deadline for Traffic School. Is there any other way I can get an extension on my traffic school course or for the court to accept my completion certificate? Thanks.

Hello Rubio- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety needs. Ou... Read Full Answer

Traffic Cop Wrote Ticket Info Wrong

Question (submitted on 4/11/2020)
Hello, I'm required to take traffic school for a ticket in Orange County. On my traffic school account you have me as my citation paper as Toya R******** but my driver license is Toya R******** A****. It is failure of the traffic cop you wrote down my info. What can I do to have this corrected. T...

Good Morning Toya- Your name has been updated to Toya R******** A**** to match your lic... Read Full Answer

First Time Online Traffic School Issues

Question (submitted on 4/30/2020)
Help needed please - The court in Alameda County approved me for an online traffic school course to keep points off my drivers license. This is my first time doing an online school, the last time I went to traffic school was in a classroom. I found your school on the Alameda court list and I'm on yo...

Hello April- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety needs. Ou... Read Full Answer

Shall I contact the court to request to reopen my case?

Question (submitted on 3/14/2020)
Hi, Not sure why but I noticed that my traffic ticket isn't eligible for online course. I paid the ticket in installments instead of in full by accident. So, will I still be able to remove a point off my driving record because of this? - Tininem

Hello Tininem- Yes, you will need to contact the court to request to reopen your case b... Read Full Answer

My Groupon code is not working

Question (submitted on 4/7/2020)
Hi, I paid my ticket on the Los Angeles County court website along with the option to go to traffic school. I found your traffic school course on Groupon. I went ahead and purchased it since you're one of the approved schools for Los Angeles County. I'm trying to redeem the Groupon voucher but it's ...

Good Morning Steven- We were able to locate your voucher with Groupon. We just enrolled... Read Full Answer

Entered Wrong Court for Traffic Citation

Question (submitted on 4/24/2020)
I was driving up north when I received a ticket in Fremont. When I was on your course registering it asked for a court name and I chose Oakland. I found out when I paid the ticket that the County is Alameda and the court is Fremont. I need you to change the court from Oakland to Fremont please?

Hello Nicole- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety needs. Y... Read Full Answer

When to Sign Up for Traffic Ticket School for Traffic Ticket

Question (submitted on 4/13/2020)
I have a traffic citation that I need to take care of. I'm a little confused on how the whole process works. Do I need to pay my ticket first and then take traffic school or do I take traffic school and then pay my ticket?

Hello Amanda- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety needs. Y... Read Full Answer

Finding Your Traffic School Case Number

Question (submitted on 4/13/2020)
I signed up with your online school but it's asking for a case number. Where can I find my case number? I have to do traffic school for my ticket I received in San Bernardino. Need this done ASAP - Thanks, A.F.

Good Afternoon Alessandro- Thank you for choosing for your traffic sa... Read Full Answer

Wrong Traffic Citation Case Number

Question (submitted on 8/8/2020)
When I went into the Tulare County to pay my ticket I also asked for traffic school. I picked your school online and registered. However, when registering I accidentally got the traffic citation case number wrong. How can I change it? **UPDATE** Thank you. I was able to change it when I logged b...

Hello Jacqueline- You can either reply with the correct case number or call us at 800-6... Read Full Answer

Late Night Traffic School

Question (submitted on 4/21/2020)
I was signing up late last night for your online traffic school course for my court Long Beach. I just realized that the case number was incorrect. I want the Long Beach Court to get the right ticket information. Please correct my case number from C****** to C******.

Good Morning Jesus- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety ne... Read Full Answer

Change Traffic School Due Date

Question (submitted on 8/7/2020)
When I registered for your traffic school it asked me for a due date. The Los Angeles court told me I had till August to finish. I need to take take of this so my auto insurance cant go up. I believe I put the wrong due date and I need to changed it.

Hello Mohamed- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety needs. ... Read Full Answer

I Entered the wrong Drivers License Number

Question (submitted on 9/15/2020)
I completed my traffic school course for Orange County. I believe I entered the wrong Driver's License Number when I registered. Will this affect delivery of my certification of completion of traffic school?

Hi Andrew- Your electronic DMV certificate was successfully submitted on 9/13. The Oran... Read Full Answer


Question (submitted on 10/3/2020)

Good Morning Jacory- Our apologies, but it appears we had an incorrect driver's license... Read Full Answer

Update Traffic School Information

Question (submitted on 8/8/2020)
I registered for your course but realized that I put the wrong email address. It's for the speeding ticket on the 405 fwy in Torrance CA California i got last week. I went ahead and paid the ticket with Los Angeles County, but can you change the email I put or is it too late? Need r****

Hello Ryan- No worries, we are happy to fix this for you and you'll be able to continue... Read Full Answer

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