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Continue Florida Traffic School

Question (submitted on 10/15/2020)
I'm signed up with your online traffic school. I'm taking it for my ticket in Duval County Florida. I had just completed listening to my section and need to take the quiz but it stopped working? ** UPDATE ** Wife just told me internet cut out so now I get why i got lost. I'm back on line now an...

Hello Vincent- Our system shows you have completed Sections 1-3. You will need to enter... Read Full Answer

Interactive Traffic School Lessons

Question (submitted on 9/12/2020)
I'm currently taking the online traffic school. I must finish for Alameda and turn in a certificate. Your system stopped taking input on the interactive section (i.e. "Clicking" on an answer returns no action). Is there some sort of timer running and I'm just doing it too fast?

Good Morning Martin- We apologize for the issues you are experiencing with your traffic... Read Full Answer

Lost My Place in the Course

Question (submitted on 3/24/2020)
Hello, I'm taking your online course right now for my traffic ticket I got in Monterey County. I was reading about 10 pages then tried to enlarge it on my screen. I lost it completely and when I tried to start over it said, "my information does not match yours". I did it 4 times with no result. ...

Hello Regina- Sorry to hear you are having issues with logging in. You will need to en... Read Full Answer

Florida traffic school course for a ticket in Palm Beach

Question (submitted on 10/30/2020)
I'm currently taking your Florida traffic school course for a ticket in Palm Beach. I need to know what happened to my test. I finished the first part and then got thrown off. 4 Hour test for Florida.

Hello Regina- You will need to enter your email address and driver’s license number to ... Read Full Answer

Duval County Florida Traffic School

Question (submitted on 11/13/2020)
I'm taking my traffic school with you for a ticket in Duval County Florida. I'm having trouble logging back in to finish my course. My email address is roofing******** and my driver's license is f************. When I enter these it tells me that they are incorrect. Please help? **UPDAT...

Good Afternoon Mason- Sorry to hear you are having issues with logging in. You will nee... Read Full Answer

4 Hour Traffic School Collier County Florida

Question (submitted on 11/3/2020)
Hi, I'm trying to sign back into my account it asks for my drivers license number and it keeps saying its incorrect. I'm signed up with your 4 Hour course. My ticket is in Collier County Florida.

Good Afternoon Angela- Sorry to hear you are having issues with logging in. You will ne... Read Full Answer

Trouble logging back in

Question (submitted on 10/19/2020)
I'm registered with your online school. I stepped away to get some food and now I'm having trouble logging back in. I need to finish this so Kings County can get my completion certificate. Please help? **UPDATE** I see what's wrong. My DL# is incorrect. Please change to B*******. Thank You!

Good Afternoon Bryce- Sorry to hear you are having issues with logging in. You will nee... Read Full Answer

Court Ordered Traffic School Login

Question (submitted on 4/15/2020)
Hello, I signed up for your traffic school after finding you on google. I need to fulfill San Diego County court ordered traffic school request. I began the course on March 15th but now I can't seem to log in to complete it? Please help!

Hello Romel- Sorry to hear you are having issues with logging in. You will need to ente... Read Full Answer

Login to Traffic School for Placer County

Question (submitted on 4/13/2020)
I was able to sign up for your online traffic school for Placer County. I passed the first section without any problems. But now I'm trying to log back in to start Section 2 and its not working. Please help me get back in?

Good Afternoon Antonio- It appears your email address on file is incorrect. Your email ... Read Full Answer

Please advise me on how to access my account

Question (submitted on 4/9/2020)
Hi, I'm signed up with your online traffic school for my ticket in Orange County. However, now I'm trying to get back in to continue where I left off but it's not recognizing me. When I enter my email address and drivers license number it says "it does not match our records". My email address is ...

Hello Hailey- Our system shows you registered with your license number as Y*******. ... Read Full Answer

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