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Three months from your date of payment to complete Traffic School

Question (submitted on 3/29/2020)
Hello, I have registered and currently taking your course for a ticket I have in San Francisco County. I wanted to update my ticket info but I'm having trouble finding the information; specifically, the Traffic School Due Date. I did not receive a courtesy notice from the court, I just have the t...

Hello Daniel- We checked the San Francisco court website and was able to pull up the ci... Read Full Answer

How long does traffic school take and could it be done online

Question (submitted on 11/13/2020)
Court awarded me to take traffic school for a Long Beach ticket. Was in Los Angeles how do I know what class to take. How long does it take and could it be done online?

Hello Carlos- Yes, we definitely have the course you are looking for to fix your long b... Read Full Answer

Online Traffic School Courses for Moving Violation Tickets

Question (submitted on 10/25/2023)
Do you offer online traffic school courses for a moving violation ticket? Where do I find out how to enroll? I received a traffic ticket in California.

Hello Jeanne- Thank you for your inquiry. Yes, we offer courses for moving violations!... Read Full Answer

Online California Traffic School Info

Question (submitted on 11/7/2022)
Hello, I'm researching online California traffic schools. What is the protocol if you fail the test? Also, where can I find the frequently asked questions? Thank you

Hello Wayne- You get unlimited opportunities to pass the quizzes after each section and... Read Full Answer

Enroll in online traffic school to clear a driving ticket

Question (submitted on 3/26/2020)
Hi, I received a traffic ticket in Alameda County CA. I already paid for my ticket and also an addition $57 to attend traffic school. I am looking to enroll in online traffic school to keep my driving record clean. Let me know if your online school will suffice?

Hello Nguyen- Everything you need is provided on our website. The CA online course is b... Read Full Answer

Do I need to pay for traffic school again?

Question (submitted on 9/18/2023)
I received a ticket in Fresno County. I have paid the court fee for the traffic school. Do I need to pay again?

Hello Suzanne- Each court charges an additional fee to permit attendance at a traffic s... Read Full Answer

Traffic School Online vs Traffic School in Long Beach

Question (submitted on 9/23/2020)
I need to take traffic school for a speeding ticket in Orange County. I was referred to you from a friend who just took your school. Is the course all online? FYI I Live in LBC but got the ticket in OC. I don't want to go anywhere just stay at home. Is this the right course for that?

Hello Mark- The CA online course is broken down into seven sections. Simply read throug... Read Full Answer

I got another speeding ticket

Question (submitted on 9/15/2023)
Hi, I got another speeding ticket but have been approved by the court to take traffic school. How can I do that again? I logged in but didn't see an option to retake the courses.

Hello Agnes- Our records indicate that you completed traffic school less than a year ag... Read Full Answer

Arizona Defensive Driving for Traffic Tickets

Question (submitted on 9/7/2020)
I need to keep points off of my driving record. I got my ticket in Arizona that's also where I live. I am trying to find out if I can use your online traffic school course to take care of this ticket? Some Info: Ticket: Speeding Date 9/2 County: Maricopa City: Chandler Car: My own Officer...

Hi John- You will need to contact the court listed on your ticket or paperwork. The Ari... Read Full Answer

I need to take a traffic school

Question (submitted on 3/9/2020)
I have a speeding ticket that I need to take traffic school for. The court said if I go to traffic school then my insurance won't find out about the ticket. Does your school provide everything I need to take care of that ticket?

Hello Dora- Everything you need is provided on our website. The CA online course is bro... Read Full Answer

Apply for traffic school on line

Question (submitted on 10/26/2020)
I'm interested in your online traffic school. I have a speeding ticket that I need to take traffic school for. How can I get started?

Good Morning Tuong- Thank you for your email. You can call us at 800-691-5014 to enroll... Read Full Answer

Need to attend traffic school for this traffic ticket

Question (submitted on 9/16/2020)
I already paid the fee to attend the Traffic School, my ticket number: AC******. My question before to start is if you guys are providing any kind of online course/class for the Traffic School since I live here in Los Angeles County. I haven't been able to find any school providing the online course...

Hello Aaron- Yes, our program is completely online. You can take the course at your own... Read Full Answer

Take Traffic School Quiz

Question (submitted on 9/28/2020)
I'm trying to finish my course for Alachua FL. My section quiz is saying disabled and has been disabled for hours. I need to be able to take my quiz so I can move on and finish the whole course today. Please help?

Hello Barbara- The Florida 4-Hour course is a timed course. You must spend a minimum of... Read Full Answer

My First Traffic Ticket

Question (submitted on 1/27/2022)
Hi, so I completed my traffic school course and I wanted to know how long it would take to get to the DMV and the courts. Also If I would then get something in the mail so I could pay for the ticket that I got. This is my first ticket so I'm a bit unsure how all of this works. **UPDATE** Hi, I...

Good Afternoon Justin- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety... Read Full Answer

I Need to Postpone My Online Lessons

Question (submitted on 1/30/2024)
Hello, I have already paid the cost of all the traffic lessons for my account. I contacted the court, and they informed me that my citation is not yet in the system. So, I would like to postpone my online lessons until the court confirms a date. Thank you

Hello Chase- Thank you for your email. Our course never expires, allowing you to log in... Read Full Answer

Moreno Valley Traffic Ticket

Question (submitted on 3/7/2022)
Hello, I received a traffic ticket in Riverside County. My case was assigned to the Moreno Valley Courthouse. I would like to know if you guys are licensed for court code 33460.

Hello Charles- Yes, is DMV Licensed #E1393 & Accepted by All Californ... Read Full Answer

Text Copy of Course

Question (submitted on 1/6/2023)
I never received the course manual in my email. I requested & paid for the course manual, and it was never emailed. Please reimburse me the total amount. Thank you.

Hello Rosa- Our apologies for the confusion. As explained at the time of purchase, the ... Read Full Answer

CA Traffic School Price

Question (submitted on 2/22/2022)
I have a traffic violation for the state of California. How much is your California traffic school course? And is there an additional fee for the certificate?

Good Afternoon Michael- The California traffic school course is $19.95 total. This cou... Read Full Answer

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