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Glendale College Violation and Beverly Hills Red Light Violation

Question (submitted on 3/4/2020)
I took a traffic school for a citation which was due on 1/22/20** and called your company to make sure the courthouse will get it by the due date which you said they would. I didn't follow up with the courthouse whether they received it or not and I just found out that there is no record about my tr...

Good Afternoon Markus- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety... Read Full Answer

I have two speeding citations I wish to have removed from my record

Question (submitted on 10/16/2020)
I have two speeding citations I wish to have removed from my record, December 2018 and February 2020. I need to get the docket numbers and find out if going to Traffic School will in fact clear my record. I paid for the course already with my VISA 4671. Do I need to attend school once for each citat...

Hello Kenneth- Unfortunately, you cannot take traffic school to remove points or ticket... Read Full Answer

Need to take traffic school for another ticket

Question (submitted on 3/2/2020)
Hello, I took your online traffic school course about 2 years ago and I need to take it again for another ticket I just received. However, when I login I see my previous traffic school info from 2 years ago and I don't see a way to start a whole new course for the new ticket. Is there a way to ta...

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Insurance notified me that ticket is still showing on my record

Question (submitted on 10/19/2020)
I did complete this traffic school assignment more than once on this site and for the ticket I received in December 2019 case# D****** it was not cleared it was still showing. My insurance did notify me that the ticket is still showing on my record even though I completed the assignment on time. Can...

Good Afternoon Alexis- Sorry to hear your completion did not got processed by the court... Read Full Answer

I would like to use this service again as it was easy to navigate and fast at sending the results to the court

Question (submitted on 2/9/2020)
Hello, I completed the course in November of 20** for a ticket I got in August in Solano County. I got another ticket in September of the same year and the court is allowing me to attend traffic school again. However, your course is still showing my old course from November. Is there anyway it ca...

Hello Kayla- If you are attempting to register again with the same email address in a s... Read Full Answer

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What are common reasons you CANNOT go to traffic school for a ticket?

Question (submitted on 2/25/2020)
Hello Traffic School, I had taken traffic school before about 2 months ago for a speeding ticket in San Diego County CA. I just received another speeding ticket in Vista CA. After paying the ticket the court approved me for traffic school. I don't know how to sign up again for another course?

Good Afternoon Gil- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety ne... Read Full Answer

Traffic School for another ticket with a different case number?

Question (submitted on 2/26/2020)
Hello, My husband completed traffic school for a ticket in Ventura County but he has another traffic ticket that we need to do traffic school for. He has a different case number for this new ticket. How can we take the traffic school course again?

Good Afternoon Billansay- The DMV only allows you to take traffic school once every 18 ... Read Full Answer

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