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New California Law for Cell Phone Ticket Points on DMV Record

Question (submitted on 7/5/2021)
I heard on the news that beginning July that you can take a traffic school class for cell phone tickets? I know in the past that talking on a cell phone when driving got you a ticket, but not the kind that goes against the DMV record. But now, as I understand it, you will get a point on your DMV re...

Good afternoon Patrick, Thanks for reaching out! You are correct that a new California... Read Full Answer

Is this Traffic School valid for speeding ticket

Question (submitted on 10/7/2020)
I received my first ever ticket recently. I don't want my insurance to find out about the ticket. I'm instructed to take an approved traffic school. I need to know if this school is valid for speeding ticket?

Hello Izabella- Yes, is DMV Licensed #E1393 & Accepted by All Califor... Read Full Answer

Do I first pay the ticket and then take traffic school

Question (submitted on 10/8/2020)
I have a traffic violation from Los Angeles and I would want to pay the violation online and get traffic schooling to not neutralize (remove) points on my insurance record? Do I first pay the ticket and then take the traffic schooling? Can both of this be done online or does if have to be in person?

Good Afternoon Bernardo- You will need to pay your required ticket fees (fine plus an a... Read Full Answer

Adjust my monthly insurance premium

Question (submitted on 10/19/2020)
I took your online school for a speeding ticket in Los Angeles. Is it possible to get a copy of my completion certificate emailed to me? I need to email it to my insurance carrier to adjust my monthly insurance premium payments. Thank you.

Good Afternoon Cynthia- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safet... Read Full Answer

Warning Letter from the DMV Point Charged Against my Driving Record

Question (submitted on 11/8/2020)
I got a ticket driving in San Bernardino a while back. I recently received a warning letter from the DMV stating that a point had been charged against my driving record. I completed your traffic school so that points won't go on my record. How can we rectify this problem?

Good Afternoon Kirk- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety n... Read Full Answer

Proof that my traffic school completion was sent to the court

Question (submitted on 10/6/2020)
I have a ticket from Los Angeles County. I completed your online school on 9/28. I need to know how can I get proof that my traffic school completion was sent to the court?

Good Afternoon Mark- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety n... Read Full Answer

Confirm Traffic School Successfully Summited to the Court

Question (submitted on 4/14/2020)
Hello Sir or Madam, Your online course was easy and great. I completed it for a speeding ticket in San Diego County. Is there a way I can confirm that the courts received my traffic school certificate? Thank you Jose L. You can email or call the number on record.

Hello Jose- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety needs. You... Read Full Answer

California Traffic School for Ticket in California

Question (submitted on 10/5/2020)
I got a speeding ticket last month in the state of California but I live and my driver license is from Arizona. When I entered my Arizona personal info the website warned me about this. My question is very simple should I take an AZ course or California course? Thanks!

Hello Amed- You need to take the traffic school program based on where your ticket was ... Read Full Answer

Speeding Ticket in California with my Nevada Drivers License

Question (submitted on 10/19/2020)
I got a speeding ticket in California with my Nevada drivers license. I have just replaced my Nevada drivers license with a California license. How do I update the license number on my account so it will match my court records? The new drivers license number is A*******.

Hello Kimbria- Thank you for the heads up. Your license number has been updated to A***... Read Full Answer

Sutter County Traffic School

Question (submitted on 2/4/2020)
Good afternoon, A couple of weeks ago I received a ticket in Sutter County for an Unsafe Start. Am I eligible for traffic school so I don't get any points on my DMV driving record? Also, do I still have to pay the ticket if I decide to do traffic school? Thanks!

Hello Jacob- If you have not previously taken traffic school for another ticket within ... Read Full Answer

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