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Metropolitan Superior Court Information for Traffic School Services

Question (submitted on 9/14/2020)
I need to contact the Metropolitan Superior Court. My violation was for speeding in a 55mph zone. I would like to request traffic school instead of fighting the ticket in court. Do you have the contact info for the Metro court?

Hello Jose, Thank you for reaching out. Here is the most up to date information we have ... Read Full Answer

San Francisco Superior Court Hall of Justice Traffic Division Information

Question (submitted on 9/23/2020)
Just chatted with SF Traffic Court with some questions. Sounds like I'm eligible for your traffic school but I want to make sure. I have concerns about eligibility, I cannot find the detailed list on the court website. I also am not sure the best contact info for the actual court for traffic ticke...

Hello Cappy, Thanks for contacting for more information about the San... Read Full Answer

Superior Court of Kern County Bakersfield Metropolitan Traffic Division

Question (submitted on 9/25/2020)
Need an overview of process for traffic school with a Kern County citation. They said I would get a letter of some sort in the mail. Do I go to court? If so, where do I go? When do I go to court? Or can I skip court and just do an online school? Please email the info and email me the court cont...

Hello Karina, For the most up to date traffic citation information for Kern County, w... Read Full Answer

Sacramento Superior Court Carol Miller Justice Center

Question (submitted on 9/24/2020)
Can you please send me all the info I need for the traffic ticket I got from Sacramento Court? Don't want to go to court and contest it. Just want to do traffic school instead.

Hello Rene, Here is all the information specific to the Sacramento Courthouse for reque... Read Full Answer

Dublin East County Hall of Justice Information for Traffic School Services

Question (submitted on 9/17/2020)
I found you on the list of schools in the pdf on the Dublin Court had and I chose you because you were #1 on the list. I am glad I did because it was straight down the middle and no tricks. It was more professional than the others i saw and the price was the same or even cheaper. So thank you: ...

Wow Martin, thank you! We really do appreciate that you chose Here is... Read Full Answer

Fresno Superior Court Traffic School Information

Question (submitted on 9/21/2020)
What do I need to do for a traffic ticket in Fresno if I want the traffic school option? Can you please provide all of the needed information? Also, what is the best way to contact the Fresno Traffic Court?

Here is the most current contact information we have for the County of Fresno Superior Cou... Read Full Answer

Governor George Deukmejian Courthouse Long Beach

Question (submitted on 9/25/2020)
I am registering four your course and am ready to enter my ticket information, but I realized that I misplaced my paperwork. I need to lookup the ticket info somehow, is there a way to do that? I live in long beach and the court I was assigned to was in long beach. Any info you have ab...

Hello Karl, If the traffic court is in Long Beach, then you are referring to the Govern... Read Full Answer

Superior Court Kearny Mesa Courthouse Information for Traffic School Services

Question (submitted on 9/16/2020)
Can you please provide me with the phone number and mailing address to the Kearny Mesa Courthouse in San Diego? I need to figure out my traffic ticket situation before enrolling in your course. Please and thank you.

Hello Giselle, We can definitely help you with that information. Here is the most up to... Read Full Answer

North Justice Center Orange County

Question (submitted on 9/30/2020)
Got me a ticket down in the OC by the way of speeding too fast for anyone's good. Gonna do your school but want to talk to the court first and make sure I can do it. I think so speeding over 15mph is okay (well not ok, but ok for being qualified for traffic school, right?) Shoot me that court info...

Hello Ruth, Yes, you should be able to qualify for traffic school in Orange County if y... Read Full Answer

San Bernardino Court for Traffic Tickets

Question (submitted on 10/5/2020)
Jman here got a little problem. Was speeding on the 10 thru San Bern 20mph over. Speed trap big bet. Want traffic school but cant get the paperwork. I signed up already on your site but dont have a case number or anything. Can you give me the SB court info so me or JJ can call and get my ticket in...

Hello Jonathong, Here's the contact info for the San Bernardino Court. We've also adde... Read Full Answer

Santa Clara Courthouse

Question (submitted on 9/19/2020)
Please provide the contact info needed for traffic tickets from Santa Clara County. I live in San Jose.

Santa Clara Courthouse (Traffic) Street address: 1095 Homestead, Sant... Read Full Answer

County of Stanislaus Court

Question (submitted on 10/8/2020)
Please provide all the relevant info for contacting the court in Modesto. My citation is from Stanislaus County, and the court says both Modesto and Stanislaus. So that info is what I need.

Hello Sandra, Here are the various ways you can contact the County of Stanislaus Court.... Read Full Answer

Superior Court of California Stockton Courthouse

Question (submitted on 10/6/2020)
Hello, Can you please provide the up to date information for the court that's in Stockton, CA for traffic tickets? I would like to get a hold of them about my citation to see what my options are and if I can reopen my speeding ticket case for a chance at traffic school. Didn't realize that the tic...

Hi Jared, Thanks for reaching out, we are happy to help and wish you luck with reopenin... Read Full Answer

Wiley W. Manuel Courthouse Oakland

Question (submitted on 9/25/2020)
Traffic school done 96% WOOT! WOOT. But I need to go to the court here in Oakland on Washington because i didn't pay the fine first. Do I just walk in, or can you tell me how to contact them.

Hello Simba, We are glad to hear you passed our course, nice work! Yes, you should de... Read Full Answer

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