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- question from 9/25/2020 by Karina, filed under Bakersfield Metropolitan Court and Kern County

Please send the info needed to figure out traffic school for Bakersfield court in Kern County, thanks.

Need an overview of process for traffic school with a Kern County citation. They said I would get a letter of some sort in the mail. Do I go to court? If so, where do I go? When do I go to court? Or can I skip court and just do an online school? Please email the info and email me the court contact #s and mailing address please. Glad I found this school with so many resources thank you. Says

Hello Karina,

For the most up to date traffic citation information for Kern County, we always recommend going to the Court's website:

General Page:
Traffic Court:

Traffic Court Contact Information:
Metropolitan Traffic Division
3131 Arrow St
Bakersfield, CA 93308
(661) 335-7100

Here is the latest info we have from the Kern County Courts:

Overview of Traffic School Process
Within a couple weeks of getting the traffic citation, you should get a Courtesy Notice explaining your fine amount and if a mandatory court appearance is required. You should get the Courtesy Notice in the mail at least 10 days before any appearance date. Remember, if you don't receive a Courtesy Notice for some reason, it is your responsibility to appear on or before the appearance date listed on your traffic ticket.

If your traffic ticket is for a simple moving violation, you will most likely be able to take traffic school online from home and will never have to set foot in the Bakersfield Courthouse.

Traffic School Eligibility
If you meet the following requirements, you will be eligible to take Traffic School:

- You must not have already attended traffic school within last 18 months.
- You have a valid driver's license.
- You weren't speeding 25mph (or more) above the posted speed limit
- You are not mandated to go to a court hearing
- You were not driving a commercial vehicle

If you meet those above requirements, then:
1) Pay bail amount and fee to the courts

2) Sign up at Traffic School Online Registration Form

3)Take and pass our easy traffic school course online

4) Submit proof that you completed traffic school to the Court (we will do this for you for FREE!)

5) Upon the court receiving proof of such completion, your case will be masked and the violation will not appear on your driving record for insurance purposes.

Please let us know if we can be of further assistance in any way. has been working with the courts and DMV for over 25 years and we will always have your back when you need our help!

* This question and answer may have been modified to remove any identifying personal information of the person asking the question.
** The information contained within this FAQ is up to date as of 9/25/2020. We always recommend that you get the latest information available by contacting, the DMV, or Court directly.


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