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Fast Traffic School Completion for Santa Monica Courthouse

Question (submitted on 3/25/2020)
Hi, My court date is March 30th at the Santa Monica courthouse. If I finish my course work today how fast can the certificate delivery be made? Also, how do I verify that the courthouse received it and they have updated my records? Please let me know. Thanks, Tela

Hello Tela- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety needs. The... Read Full Answer

Easy to Pass Traffic School

Question (submitted on 4/25/2020)
Hello-I live in Las Vegas Nevada but have a California drivers license number and received a traffic violation while in Santa Monica. I paid the ticket with the Santa Monica court and was approved for traffic school. I'm about to sign up but would like to know how many times I can take the test if ...

Hello Amir- You can retake our course as many times as you need to, until you pass. Th... Read Full Answer

Can you mail my certificate to the Los Angeles DMV

Question (submitted on 11/20/2020)
I finished my traffic school course for my ticket I received in Los Angeles. I need to make sure the DMV receives my certificate. Can you mail my certificate to the DMV and take care of all the paperwork?

Good Morning Joseph- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety n... Read Full Answer

Will you now notify the court that I completed traffic school

Question (submitted on 10/5/2020)
I signed up with your class after seeing your ad on google. I have completed my course for a ticket I got for driving 15 miles over the speed limit in Santa Monica. Will you now notify the court that I completed traffic school, order# C********-***********?

Good Afternoon Daren- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety ... Read Full Answer

Adjust my monthly insurance premium

Question (submitted on 10/19/2020)
I took your online school for a speeding ticket in Los Angeles. Is it possible to get a copy of my completion certificate emailed to me? I need to email it to my insurance carrier to adjust my monthly insurance premium payments. Thank you.

Good Afternoon Cynthia- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safet... Read Full Answer

I Did Not Pay Administrative Fees to Court

Question (submitted on 3/26/2020)
I need my completion certificate for finishing your online school. The DMV is showing that I still have a point on my driving record. I completed my course for Los Angeles County/Santa Monica Courthouse and my DL # is N******* and my name is Sue*******. I paid the online class on July 16th and I pai...

Hello Sue- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety needs. Your... Read Full Answer

I Have a Groupon for Traffic School

Question (submitted on 4/21/2020)
Hello, I purchased a traffic school course on GROUPON for I need to register and don't now how do I redeem the Groupon?

Hi Charles, Thank you for purchasing our traffic school course on GROUPON. With your pu... Read Full Answer

Can you explain how traffic school works?

Question (submitted on 11/20/2020)
Hello, Should I take this course after going to court or is it ok to do it before. I got a speeding ticket and have never taken a ticket course before. I’m in a deep doubt about how the whole procedure works. Can you explain traffic school procedure to me and what order I do things in...

Hello Nicholas- You should have received a courtesy letter in the mail from the court e... Read Full Answer

First time with a speeding ticket after police stopped me

Question (submitted on 2/3/2020)
Good Day, This is my first time getting a speeding ticket this morning as the policeman stopped me. How soon should I take the traffic school course? I haven't got the real ticket information yet on what my next step is. Can I take the course online? Look forward to hearing from you. Thank yo...

Hello Kajun- You will need to wait for the court to file your ticket in their system wh... Read Full Answer

Does Traffic School Work with All Tickets

Question (submitted on 10/11/2020)
I have a speeding ticket that I got in Santa Monica. I paid the fines and received court approval for traffic school. I found your school on google. Do all tickets work with

Hello Andrew- Yes, if you received approval for your ticket for Traffic School from the... Read Full Answer

My certificate has not been delivered to court

Question (submitted on 3/6/2020)
To whom it concern, I was approved for traffic school with the Santa Monica court. I signed up and completed your online traffic school. It looks like my certificate has not been delivered to the Santa Monica court. Please let me know when my certificate will be sent. Next steps please, and than...

Good Afternoon Francisca- Thank you for choosing for your traffic saf... Read Full Answer

Is traffic citation received in Culver City considered as West LA ticket?

Question (submitted on 3/6/2020)
Hello, I have a traffic ticket that I need to take traffic school for. I'm registering and not sure what to put down for the court name. I received my ticket in Culver City. Is that considered as West LA?

Hello Rena- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety needs. Acc... Read Full Answer

Citation Number or Case Number or Docket Number

Question (submitted on 10/3/2020)
Hi, My ticket is from Los Angeles County. I'm trying to sign up with your online school but I have a "citation #" only and there is no "case #" in my papers. May I put the "citation #" into the "case #" filed in my personal info section? Will it be processed with no issues?

Good Morning Roman- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety ne... Read Full Answer

When is my completion going to be cleared by the court?

Question (submitted on 8/16/2020)
I signed up and completed your traffic school course a couple of days ago for the Santa Monica court. I was on the court website and it shows Traffic School Referral still. AAA insurance said that by taking the school I'm not going to incur any insurance hikes. When is my completion going to be clea...

Hello Vadim- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety needs. Yo... Read Full Answer

Login to My Traffic Ticket Course

Question (submitted on 10/5/2020)
I'm signed up with your class for my traffic ticket I received in Santa Monica CA. I cannot log back in to continue my course. I have the correct info and it keeps telling me it is incorrect.

Good Afternoon Peter- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety ... Read Full Answer

LA County Court List

Question (submitted on 1/16/2022)
Hello, I received my traffic ticket in Culver City. I didn't see Culver City Courthouse on your LA County court list. I would like to double-check I have the right courthouse before I continue with the course. Thank you.

Hello Christopher- Los Angeles County does not have a Culver City court location. Your... Read Full Answer

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