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Help to Pass the DMV Permit Test

Question (submitted on 1/3/2024)
Hello! My son is preparing for his second attempt at his permit test and is really nervous about not passing again. He's read the DMV Handbook twice now, but he's more of a visual learner and doesn't do well with retaining info from reading. Do you have any suggestions or do you provide any h...

Hello Benny, Thanks for sharing your story and please rest assured, your son is not alo... Read Full Answer

How long does traffic school take and could it be done online

Question (submitted on 11/13/2020)
Court awarded me to take traffic school for a Long Beach ticket. Was in Los Angeles how do I know what class to take. How long does it take and could it be done online?

Hello Carlos- Yes, we definitely have the course you are looking for to fix your long b... Read Full Answer

Change Ticket Number for LA County Traffic School

Question (submitted on 4/4/2020)
Hello, I completed my online traffic school for Los Angeles County. When I was signing up with you guys I put the wrong ticket number 7*****. I was wondering if there is any chance that I can switch the ticket number to the correct number instead of taking the whole course again. Thank you for yo...

Good Morning Aaron- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety ne... Read Full Answer

Certificate of Completion Never Got Sent to the DMV

Question (submitted on 4/15/2020)
I called my insurance and they said that I never completed the traffic school for my ticket in Los Angeles. I received a copy of my completion certificate which proves I completed my traffic school. My question is Did the court and DMV receive their proof as well? Student Name: Antonio *****...

Good Afternoon Antonio- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safe... Read Full Answer

Home Study Traffic School List

Question (submitted on 11/23/2020)
I was granted approval from my court to do traffic school. I need an approved traffic school. Can you tell me where your traffic school is listed on the DMV Licensed Online/Home Study List which page are you on?

Good Afternoon Martha- is definitely on the DMV Traffic School List, in... Read Full Answer

Traffic School Criminal Case

Question (submitted on 10/13/2020)
When I registered for your online course I put my drivers license number incorrect. So, now the completion certificate has the wrong number. Can you please update the drivers license number to B*******? **UPDATE** Yes, I was advised by the court that I need to turn in the certificate myself. ...

Hello Serafin- Your driver’s license number has been corrected, per your request. Also,... Read Full Answer

Governor George Deukmejian Courthouse Long Beach

Question (submitted on 9/25/2020)
I am registering four your course and am ready to enter my ticket information, but I realized that I misplaced my paperwork. I need to lookup the ticket info somehow, is there a way to do that? I live in long beach and the court I was assigned to was in long beach. Any info you have ab...

Hello Karl, If the traffic court is in Long Beach, then you are referring to the Govern... Read Full Answer

How it works the traffic school?

Question (submitted on 11/24/2020)
I have a traffic ticket that I need to take care of. I've already paid the ticket and the court gave me the option to do traffic school. I see that you have an online school approved for long beach tickets. How does it work the traffic school?

Good Afternoon Edgardo- The CA online course is broken down into seven sections. Simply... Read Full Answer

Traffic School Online vs Traffic School in Long Beach

Question (submitted on 9/23/2020)
I need to take traffic school for a speeding ticket in Orange County. I was referred to you from a friend who just took your school. Is the course all online? FYI I Live in LBC but got the ticket in OC. I don't want to go anywhere just stay at home. Is this the right course for that?

Hello Mark- The CA online course is broken down into seven sections. Simply read throug... Read Full Answer

Do you know if the court seen my certificate?

Question (submitted on 2/10/2020)
Hello, I'm following up on my traffic school course that I completed for a speeding ticket in Los Angeles County. Do you know if the Downey courthouse has received my completion certificate? Or if the DMV has my information of completing traffic school? Thanks.

Good Afternoon Yadi- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety n... Read Full Answer

CVC 22349A Driving Over 65mph Ticket

Question (submitted on 11/8/2020)
Hello, I have a ticket that I received in California. Below is the info that I have on the ticket. Can I clear this by taking a class here? VIOL/DT: 03-02-19 CONV/DT: 04-15-19 SEC/VIOL: 22349A

Hello Eliza- From the info you provided it appears that your violation was for exceedin... Read Full Answer

Drivers License Requirements Moving from California to Florida

Question (submitted on 9/18/2020)
I am moving from California to Florida. I have a current valid driving license in CA for automobiles and motorcycles. I will have to get a FL driving license for both an automobile and a motorcycle when I arrive there. I am sure that I will have to take a written test. Will I also have to take a dri...

Good Afternoon Roy- You can find more information regarding a Florida motorcycle licens... Read Full Answer

Fleet Safety Solution for Company Trucks

Question (submitted on 11/6/2020)
The internet shows you have an Online Fleet Safety Course. We have a fleet of 7 trucks and there are two on our logistics staff. We're looking for a good safety solution?

Good Afternoon Jim- Thank you for your interest in our Fleet Safety Course. TrafficScho... Read Full Answer

Traffic school online for California or Nevada?

Question (submitted on 1/27/2020)
Hello, I'm a California drivers license holder and resident who was cited for going 10mph over the speed limit in Nevada state. How do I take care of this ticket so I don't get any points on my driving record. Do I need to complete the traffic school online for California or Nevada?

Hello Koon- You will need to contact the court listed on your ticket or paperwork. The ... Read Full Answer

Verification of Dismissal

Question (submitted on 2/2/2020)
Hi- I took your online traffic school course and found it interesting and beneficial since I haven't received a ticket in many years. I gave you the highest recommendation but I do have one question. I paid for the verification of dismissal and just wondered when I would receive that. I complete...

Hello Beth- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety needs. The... Read Full Answer

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