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- question from 10/30/2020 by Robert, filed under Burbank Police Department and Points on Record

I was hoping that I can get a copy of the certificate and the violation # that I listed?

Good Evening,

I am hoping that you can help me out I took your course online approximately a year and a half ago for a ticket in Los Angeles. I was hoping that I can get a copy of the certificate and the violation # that I listed. I am dealing with the DMV and they are telling me that I have two violations on my driving record and I am trying to trace all my resources down to dispute. Thank you.


TrafficSchool.com Says

Hello Robert-

Thank you for choosing TrafficSchool.com for your traffic safety needs. Although you received 2 tickets, you were approved for traffic school on this case you did with us and it doesn’t look like your completion got processed by the court and DMV. Please rest assured that we fulfilled all of our initial obligations with your traffic school completion when you completed our course and we are providing proof below that your certificate was successfully transmitted to the court in the DMV system on 1/25. If the completion did not get processed, then there was an issue on the court’s end once they downloaded your certificate from the DMV system.

TVCC Transmission Status: Successfully Transmitted
TVCC Response: SUCCESS, 5******, ACTIVE, 20**-01-25T16:01:32.654-08:00

We have sent an email to the court with your certificate and asked them to clear this with the DMV for you ASAP. We will send you a follow up email once we get confirmation.

Good Afternoon Robert-

We received confirmation this ticket is all cleared with the court and DMV. We would advise to wait 24 hours to give the DMV system time to update your driving record.

Ticket Number: E******
Law Enforcement Agency: Burbank Police Department
Name: ROBERT ******* ******
Filing Court: Glendale Courthouse
600 East Broadway, Glendale, CA 91206
(213) 742-1928
Violation Date: 6/22/2018
Initial Due Date: 11/26
Case Status: Closed
Disposition: Traffic School Completed - Before Hearing - Conviction on 1/24
Last Action: Traffic School Completion Received (1/28)
Last Action Date: 1/24

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

TrafficSchool.com-TVS #E1393 appreciates your business!

* This question and answer may have been modified to remove any identifying personal information of the person asking the question.
** The information contained within this FAQ is up to date as of 10/30/2020. We always recommend that you get the latest information available by contacting TrafficSchool.com, the DMV, or Court directly.


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