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Do I first pay the ticket and then take traffic school

Question (submitted on 10/8/2020)
I have a traffic violation from Los Angeles and I would want to pay the violation online and get traffic schooling to not neutralize (remove) points on my insurance record? Do I first pay the ticket and then take the traffic schooling? Can both of this be done online or does if have to be in person?

Good Afternoon Bernardo- You will need to pay your required ticket fees (fine plus an a... Read Full Answer

Superior Court of California County of Orange Central Justice Center Traffic Ticket

Question (submitted on 11/15/2020)
I need some help with my recent traffic ticket. I got the ticket in Superior Court of California County of Orange, Central Justice Center. I got the traffic ticket, what the heck do I do now? I want to take school online but not sure how to get started first. This was the info on my notice: ...

Hello Timothy- We recommend you pay your citation and the $54 admin fee to Orange Count... Read Full Answer

Can I take the Traffic School before I go to Court

Question (submitted on 10/16/2020)
Hello, I've got a speeding ticket on Oct 4th in Eldorado County. I was told to call the court in two weeks to follow up on my ticket. Can I take the Traffic School before I go to court? Does the court have to approve or appoint me to Traffic School?

Hello Sharon- You will need to wait for your ticket to get filed in the court system. O... Read Full Answer

Which Florida Traffic School Course do I Take

Question (submitted on 9/8/2020)
I got a speeding ticket in Lee County Florida. I was told my the court to take a Driver Improvement course so I don't get points on my drivers license. I found your website online and would like to sign up but need to know which of the Florida courses do I have to do? Ticket number: A****** **UPD...

Hello Marianne- The court system indicates you were ordered to take the 4-hour class wh... Read Full Answer

Court and Ticket Info for Traffic School

Question (submitted on 3/27/2020)
Hi! I was approved for traffic school by my court and I found your school through google. I was about to sign up but then I got to the paying process I realized that no questions were asked regarding which court I wanted my completion sent to or my case number. I was wondering how you guys find t...

Hello Monica- Thanks for your email. Yes, you will have an opportunity to enter your ci... Read Full Answer

Accident Prevention Course Florida

Question (submitted on 11/24/2020)
I'm looking for an accident prevention course for Florida. My insurance said that I could received a discount if I take this. Do you offer this type of course for Florida residents?

Hello Alejandro- We work with an affiliate school who offers the FL Florida 6-Hour Onli... Read Full Answer

Juvenile Probation Department Traffic School

Question (submitted on 9/28/2020)
My daughter needs to complete an online traffic school for Madera but she does not have a license number. It will not let her move forward without inputting a DL#. Is there a way to work around this? Please assist? **UPDATE** Yes it is. She completed the course so we will turn in the certific...

Good Morning- Our system shows Joline registered with a generic license number as A1234... Read Full Answer

Speeding in School Zone

Question (submitted on 8/11/2020)
I hope you can help me with the process of how traffic school works. I am new to this and a bit confused about how to proceed. I was speeding by accident in a school zone, and yes I admit it was my fault. I’ve paid the ticket online with Los Angeles, using the traffic school option. Is there some ...

Good Morning Edison- If you paid for the traffic school option, then the court should h... Read Full Answer

Redeeming Traffic School Voucher

Question (submitted on 11/9/2020)
I saw that you had a Groupon offer. I went ahead and purchased it because I need traffic school for a ticket I received in Fresno. I'm having trouble redeeming my Groupon voucher code?

Good Afternoon Danell- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety... Read Full Answer

Register for Groupon Traffic School

Question (submitted on 8/30/2020)
Hi, I bought a Groupon certificate for my husband but I don't know if I'm filling the form out correctly. I know he got his ticket in Imperial County and that's also where we paid the ticket. I don't know where to put all the ticket info on the site. Can someone call me at (714) ***-**** and just...

Good Afternoon Maria- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety ... Read Full Answer

Trouble logging in to my new account for traffic school

Question (submitted on 11/7/2020)
Hi- this is Lilia and I'm having trouble logging back into my new Account for traffic school. I just signed up for it but right now it's bringing me back to my old account from 2019. I just made a new one and I would like to complete and start my course, I already paid it?

Good Morning Lilia- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety ne... Read Full Answer

Traffic School for a New Ticket

Question (submitted on 11/6/2020)
I was wondering if you may give me an email back to help me fill out my registration and making payments? I was wondering if you may help me out I don't know if its me or if the system is mixing up my old course registration. I have a new ticket in Riverside County. Do I need to do a whole new traff...

Good Morning Regina- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety n... Read Full Answer

Oregon Driver License Register for California Course

Question (submitted on 11/30/2020)
I’m trying to get on to the traffic school course with my I.D. Number which is A****** but it says I need 7 numbers, but I don’t have that. My Oregon drivers license has only 6 numbers. I'm trying to sign up with your course for a ticket I received in Tehama County California. How do I proceed if my...

Hello Brandon- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety needs. ... Read Full Answer

Help with Groupon Voucher

Question (submitted on 2/27/2020)
Hi, I purchased your online traffic school course on Groupon. I have a ticket in Kern County that approved me for traffic school. I'm trying to register but I don't see where I enter my Groupon voucher. Can you please let me know?

Good Morning Philip- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety ... Read Full Answer

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