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Need email saying my ticket was removed or my point from my dmv record

Question (submitted on 2/9/2020)
Hello, I still haven't received an email saying my ticket from San Bernardino County was removed from my DMV record. When I registered for your online school I paid extra to get notification that the Barstow courthouse dismissed my case. Will you guys be giving me any updates it's been 2 weeks?

Good Morning Jose- Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety nee... Read Full Answer

When will the completion certificate be delivered to Sacramento court?

Question (submitted on 3/26/2020)
I had to take your online course for a ticket I got in Sacramento County. I found your school online and signed up for it. After completing the course I need for the court and dmv to be notified of my completion. When will the completion certificate be delivered to court and dmv so my insurance does...

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Can you send some proof of Traffic School

Question (submitted on 4/14/2020)
I took your exam of driver improvement school through your site and passed exam on 31st March. I paid they ticket and traffic school fee with Santa Clara. My case is Santa Clara Court (code) 43471 My Docket No. 20TR****** How do I know that the court has received this exam result and g...

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Insurance Increase Because I Did Not Go to Traffic School

Question (submitted on 4/8/2020)
Good Evening, I received a speeding ticket about 6 months ago. It was a ticket I likely could have easily fought but elected not to (didn't have time). My insurance has gone up drastically from this. I paid for the ticket already and it is on my record. Is it too late to take an online cause to e...

Hello William- Unfortunately, you cannot take traffic school to remove points or ticket... Read Full Answer

Issue with My Option to attend traffic school in LA

Question (submitted on 3/16/2020)
I got a traffic ticket in Los Angeles County. The Metropolitan courthouse gave me the option to attend traffic school so I would not get any points on my driving record. I signed up and completed your traffic school course towards the end of January but my certificate was never sent to the courthous...

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Speeding Ticket a Year Ago

Question (submitted on 9/25/2020)
I was pulled over in January of this year for DUI / Speeding and they dropped the DUI but they still charged me with Speeding. If I paid the ticket already will it matter if I still take traffic school still? I don't want my insurance to go up and I was not speeding recklessly but at a safe speed on...

Good Afternoon Richard- Unfortunately, you cannot take traffic school to remove points ... Read Full Answer

Case Closed Notification

Question (submitted on 2/21/2020)
Hello Traffic School, I completed my traffic school course for a speeding in Fresno County a few weeks ago. When I signed up for the online school I also paid extra to be notified once the citation was handled but I have not heard back. Can you please let me know when I will get the notification ...

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My Case Status on Ventura Court Website

Question (submitted on 7/16/2022)
Hello, I was wondering how I could verify that my completion of the California Traffic School course was accepted by the Simi Valley court. On the Ventura courts website, it mentions Dd1 sent to DMV. Return code: 800. What does this mean exactly?

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Traffic Case Closed

Question (submitted on 2/21/2022)
I messed up and didn't select Traffic School when I paid the fine and now I can't get back to request it. I need and want to take your school, how can I make this happen? I'll call the court tomorrow but if you know how to get around this I could use the help/advice. Thank you, Sincerely Michael

Good Afternoon Michael- You will need to contact the court to confirm your options. If... Read Full Answer

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