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Arizona DOT (AZ Department of Transportation)

The Arizona Department of Transportation (AZ DOT) supports all forms of transportation. The AZDOT is responsible for planning, building and maintaining Arizona's many state highways and any Interstate highway system running through Arizona state lines. In addition, the Arizona DOT builds and maintains bridges and services the Grand Canyon Airport. The Arizona Motor Vehicle Division also comprises a large part of the DOT. The ADOT is financed by those who buy fuel, operate private and commercial vehicles, and/or use public transportation services.

When you visit the Arizona Department of Transportation website you can access a plethora of information online. Topics addressed on their website include Arizona aviation, highway information, AZMVD links, state maps, Arizona DOT employment opportunities, and many other online services.

Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (AZ MVD)

The Arizona MVD, part of the ADOT, provides numerous services to both Arizona drivers, as well as non-driving residents. MVD offers services for vehicle registration and title, commercial vehicle services, and Arizona driver license services. There are many services that can be done online at the MVD website, a number of MVD forms that can be downloaded, and hundreds of frequently asked MVD questions and answers.

The AZMVD is also where teen drivers can go to information about meeting new driver licensing requirements. Also, drivers with traffic tickets can visit the AMVD website to learn more about how to pay tickets or dismiss tickets by taking online defensive driving. Other services available at the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division include aircraft registrations, MVD office location listings, AZ ID card requirements, license plate help, and much, much more.

Arizona MVD Office Locations

Looking for your local AZ MVD office so you can renew your driver license, register your vehicle, fill out an AMVD application, or apply for an Arizona identification card? You can always visit the official MVD website to search MVD offices around Arizona. Here's a list of most AZ MVD offices:

There are over 20 MVD services available online to you without any additional charge for completing your service online. Before driving to the nearest AMVD, consider saving time and gas by looking for an online solution.

Arizona Driver License Questions

If you want to drive in Arizona, you will need an Arizona drivers license (unless you are simply passing through or visiting). If you need information about how to apply for your instructional permit or drivers license in Arizona, or you have questions about renewing your current AZ drivers license, click here.

If you want to learn all of the driving rules and regulations in Arizona, it is highly recommended that you obtain copy of the official Driver License Manual. The AZ Driver License handbook is available both online and as a paperback book. In addition, it is published in both English and Spanish languages. To obtain your copy of the Arizona Driving Guide Handbook, click here.

Arizona Certified Defensive Driving Courses

In the state of Arizona, drivers who receive a traffic ticket can attend a driving school, either in-person or online, to have their traffic ticket dismissed. By dismissing their traffic ticket, drivers are able to keep the points associated with their moving violation off of their motor vehicle record. Keeping points off of your driving record is an attractive option because most insurance companies will raise your insurance rates when new points appear on your driving record. Also, in Arizona, if your driving record gains too many points over a short period, your driving privilege can be suspended or cancelled.

Internet Defensive Driving

Here at, we offer an Arizona Supreme Court Approved Online Defensive Driving School course you can take to dismiss almost all moving violations from your driving record. As long as you have not taken defensive driving in the past 2 years, you do not hold a CDL driving license, your traffic ticket did not involve serious injury or death, and your court due date is over one week away, you can most likely take our course. Because our course is online, you have the convenience of taking your classes from home, around your own schedule. The chapters are easy to read, the quizzes are open book, and the price is nice and affordable. To Sign up for our AZ Court Approved course, click here.

Arizona Defensive Driving By County

From county to county within Arizona, Defensive Driving School enrollment requisites vary slightly. To ensure that you meet your county's defensive driving requirements according to the letter of Arizona law, we always recommend carefully reading your traffic citation (both front and back). Also, visiting the official traffic court website for your county is highly recommended. To see information specific to your county court and county defensive driving rules, please click on the appropriate link below:

  • Apache County Defensive Driving
  • Greenlee Defensive Driving
  • Pima County Defensive Driving
  • Cochise County Defensive Driving
  • La Paz County Defensive Driving
  • Pinal County Defensive Driving
  • Coconino Defensive Driving
  • Maricopa County Defensive Driving
  • Santa Cruz Defensive Driving
  • Gila County Defensive Driving
  • Mohave County Defensive Driving
  • Yavapai County Defensive Driving
  • Graham County Defensive Driving
  • Navajo County Defensive Driving
  • Yuma County Defensive Driving
  • Arizona Driving Safety Tips

    Arizona is a beautiful state with much to explore and experience, but that experience can be ruined if drivers can't get from point A to point B safely. Exercising some common sense defensive driving techniques while navigating Arizona's highways and freeways can help keep everyone on the road without incident.

    • Keep Safe Space Cushions - Always keep a safe distance between yourself and other drivers. Don't tailgate other drivers and don't ride alongside other drivers for long distances. Be especially careful not do drive in other vehicles' blind spots.
    • Observe the Speed Limit - The speed limits are posted for your safety. Always pay attention to changes in the posted speed limit and be cautious when entering winding roads or sharp turns. Failing to adjust your speed properly can lead to disastrous consequences.
    • Stay Alert and Avoid Distractions - Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel. Sounds simple, but there are many distractions that often cause people to forget this safety mantra. Put down your phone, food, and leave the mp3 player alone while you're behind the wheel.
    • Be Prepared - Even though most driving expeditions don't result in catastrophe, you never know what might happen on any given outing. Take care of your vehicle to help prevent breakdowns and always have an emergency kit ready in case the unforeseen happens. Being prepared can seem trivial, but when the time comes, it will pay off immensely.

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