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Yuma County Defensive Driving School

Defensive Driving Traffic Safety Class

Whether you are a resident of Arizona or not, you may be eligible to attend a defensive driving school and have a single traffic charge dismissed and negate points on your AZMVD driving record. You are eligible to attend defensive driving school if your citation is marked eligible and you have not had a traffic violation dismissed from taking defensive driving school within the last 24 months from your violation date.

If your violation is not listed, contact the court directly to determine if you are eligible.


  • You may attend defensive driving school for only one of the eligible violations if you were cited for multiple violations.
  • If you elect defensive driving school to drop your citation, you must complete the class no later than 7 days before the court appearance date printed on the bottom of your paper citation.
  • CDL License Holders are NOT eligible to go to defensive driving school
  • Tickets earned that involved serious injury or death of any person are not eligible for dismissal via defensive driving school
  • Your violation will be dismissed with no points being added onto you driving record once the Yuma court receives confirmation of successful online defensive driving school completion.

    Yuma County Defensive Driving Schools

    To attend defensive driving school online, enroll for our Arizona Approved course in just minutes:
    AZ Supreme Court Approved Yuma County Defensive Driving Class (Internet Course).

    For more information regarding Yuma County defensive driving, please review:

    Arizona Approved Defensive Driving

    Looking for a traffic school that doesn't require you to sit in a classroom? Simple Traffic School is here to help. Erase your Turning points from your record with our online program. Complete our self-paced program in the comfort of your own home or anywhere you have internet access. Our course is approved by the Arizona Supreme Court and your certificate will be sent directly to the court.

    Drop Your Turning Traffic Ticket Points

    Looking for a flexible schedule traffic school course in Yuma County? Our Online Defensive Driving Course can be taken anytime you have access to the internet. Unlike classroom courses, our online course is made for your convenience. Whether you're on the road or at home, as long as you have internet access, you'll be able to access our course.

    Simple Defensive Driving with

    Our Simple Defensive Driving School was created for people who need flexibility in their lives. Going to a classroom in Yuma can cause a persons daily schedule to change drastically, placing important tasks aside, but with our online course, you can maintain your schedule and work on the course at your leisure.

    How Do I know If I am Eligible for Arizona Defensive Driving?

    Wondering if you are eligible for our Simple Defensive Driving Course? You are eligible if you live in Somerton, Fortuna Foothills, and San Luis and:

  • it has been over 2 years since the last time you've taken a traffic school course in Arizona.
  • your violation for a car accident did not involve serious injury or death.
  • you do not hold a CDL License
  • Keep in mind, your course must be completed at least 7 days prior to your court date.
  • Yuma County Defensive Driving

    Turning and Other Traffic Citations

    Recently got a ticket for Turning in Yuma County and you need to take a defensive driving course? Our Online Defensive Driving Course can help you satisfy those requirements with our Arizona Supreme Court approved course. The majority of civil traffic violations can be dismissed, such as speeding, stopping violations, and lane change citations, and no points will go on your AMVD driving record.

    Quick Defensive Driving in Yuma County

    Received a Turning Ticket in Yuma and want to complete traffic school right away? With our Simple Defensive Driving School and internet access, you can register and complete our online course today. Our course is 4.5 hours and covers defensive driving skills, traffic and safety. At completion, we will send you and the court a copy of your completion certificate.

    Yuma County
    Defensive Driving

    Easy Course. 100% Online. Open Book Tests.

    Arizona Supmere Court Approved.

    Yes! $38.95 is the total cost of our AZ Defensive Driving course. Please note that ALL schools in AZ are required to collect additional court and state fees.
    100% Online,
    Any Device
    Guaranteed Course

    No One Wants to Go to Traffic School, But You'll Love Our Yuma County Defensive Driving.

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