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Arizona Defensive Driving School

Arizona Defensive Driving School's defensive driving school classes make it painless for Arizona drivers to dismiss their traffic ticket without any hassles. To remove your Arizona traffic ticket points with a defensive driving class in Arizona, simply follow these convenient steps:

  1. Enroll online in our Arizona Defensive Driving School with your AZ driver license and traffic ticket information.
  2. Complete each section by reading easily laid out text and viewing interactive flash animations. Pass open book tests along the way and at the very end, take an online final exam.
  3. Once you've passed and paid for the course, your official completion certificate will be sent directly to the State of Arizona and the proper county court on your behalf.

It really is that easy. Once the state receives notice that you have passed our online defensive driving school class, the points from the applicable moving violation will be erased from your MVD driver's record.

Points Reduced with Arizona Defensive Driving

Arizona defensive driving school will undoubtedly make you a better, more defensive driver by refreshing your knowledge of traffic laws and teaching you new and innovative driving techniques. The money saving benefit of taking AZ defensive driving school, however, is the points that will be removed permanently from your Arizona Motor Vehicles Division driving record. If the points never show up on your record, your insurance agent will never see that you were ticketed. If your insurance agent doesn't see that you were ticketed, then they won't raise your insurance rates. It's no surprise thousands of Arizona drivers take defensive driving courses in Arizona each day.

Approved Online Arizona Traffic School

Arizona Traffic Ticket Defensive Driving Online

Did you receive a non-criminal traffic citation while operating a non-commercial motor vehicle in Arizona? Our internet defensive driving school program provides an easy way for Arizona drivers to fix a traffic ticket from their MVD driving record without leaving home. By fixing your Arizona traffic ticket, you keep any points earned from going on your official MVD driving record and you keep your automobile insurance company from rising in price.

Arizona Traffic Citation Point System

Most civil Arizona traffic tickets are 2,3,4 or 6 point infractions like excessive speeding, illegal turning, and disobeying traffic signs or traffic controls. In Arizona, drivers who gather too many points on their driving record in too short a time are at risk of having their driving privilege cancelled or suspended. In the state of AZ, most licensed drivers complete a defensive driving traffic ticket class to reduce points from their Arizona MVD driving record. Points get on your driving record from committing moving violations, some violations result in a criminal traffic ticket being issued, some in a civil traffic ticket.

Examples of common moving violations that are eligible for defensive driving school in Arizona:

The Complete Online Arizona Traffic Ticket School

  • Traffic Sign Violation
  • Red Light Violation
  • Failure to Control Speed
  • Speeding 1-10, 11-15, 16-20, 21-25, 26-30, 31-35 mph over
  • School Zone Violation
  • Railroad Crossing Violation
  • Stop Sign Violation
  • Max. Speed on Hwy (65 MPH)
  • Max. Speed on Hwy (75 MPH)

Knowing and obeying the most current traffic regulations in AZ is the best way to avoid having to enroll in a defensive driving ticket course to begin with. However, sometimes even the most careful AZ driver makes a mistake and will need to have points removed from their record, making our online AZ defensive driving school course an ideal, legal way to fulfill their certified Arizona defensive driving school course requirement and avoiding any unwanted auto insurance rate increases or driving privilege suspension.

Who can Enroll in Arizona Defensive Driving School?

If you got a traffic ticket in Arizona, chances are you are eligible to dismiss it online with our defensive driving school course. You are eligible to sign up for our online traffic ticket course if the following situations do not apply to you:

  1. Did you hold a commercial driving license when you got your traffic ticket in Arizona? CDL drivers, such as commercial truck drivers and heavy equipment operators, are not allowed to take defensive driving to fix a traffic ticket.
  2. Did you commit a criminal act during your traffic incident? You can't take our online defensive driving course if your Arizona traffic ticket stemmed from an auto collision that killed or seriously injured another person.
  3. Less than a week until your court due date? For AZ tickets, drivers are required to complete a defensive driving course 7 days prior to their court due date.
  4. Have you already attended an Arizona defensive driving class in the past 24 months? If you've already taken a defensive driving course in the past 2 years to dismiss a moving violation, you can't take another defensive driving class, unless allowed by an Arizona court or by the Arizona Motor Vehicles Division.

You are eligible to enroll in our online Arizona defensive driving school class to remove your Arizona traffic citation from your driving record if none of the prior listed circumstances apply to you.

Meeting Your Traffic Ticket Court Due Date with Ease

Quick Arizona Defensive Driving School

Is the court due date for your Arizona traffic ticket quickly approaching? Do not wait until it is too late; if you don't take Arizona defensive driving at least 7 days prior to your court due date, the violation points will be added to your Arizona MVD vehicle record and your automobile insurance premiums will most likely jump higher. Even if your court due date is fast approaching, you can go on-line today and take your defensive driving school course right away. With our Same-Day-Email-Service for your completion certificate, you can receive your Online Arizona Defensive Driving School completion certificate the very same day that you pass and pay for our online course. In addition, we also offer other fast processing options: FedEx Next Day Air Delivery Service allows you to get a paper copy of your completion certificate within 24 hours and our Same Day Fax Service allows you to get a faxed copy of your Arizona certificate quickly as well.

If you are not sure which certificate delivery method is best for your Arizona traffic ticket, give us a toll-free call and let our friendly and helpful customer support staff help you with any questions or concerns you have. Start Defensive Driving School in Arizona

Arizona Defensive Driving Schools Listed By County

Looking for county court locations? Or maybe you want specific information on defensive driving rules for your county of residence. Find your AZ county listed below and see what traffic school rules and regulations apply to drivers in your area:

Defensive Driving

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