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How to Get Confirmation that my Certificate was Delivered to the San Bernardino County Court

Proof of Completion

- question from 4/16/2020 by Noma, filed under Proof of Completion and Courts

Can you confirm that my traffic school certificate was delivered to the court?

Hi there thanks in advance, I'm hoping to get some kind of confirmation that my completion certificate was delivered to the Barstow Court in San Bernardino? I am out of state but my ticket was for California. Please send me proof if you can thanks so much you guys are great woot woot. Says

Hello Noma-

Your electronic DMV certificate was submitted to the Barstow Court on 3/30. Below you will find your confirmation from the San Bernardino County/Barstow Court that your completion certificate was accepted.

Ticket Dismissal Confirmation:

Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety needs and purchasing our Case Dismissed service.

The ticket for which you recently took TrafficSchool.coms Online Course has been dismissed by the court. This means that your court has processed your course completion certificate with the DMV, so the violation will not count as a point on your DMV record. Included you will find proof of this confirmation obtained directly from your court’s website.

Charge: Infraction
Court: Barstow Court
Name: Nomawethu ****
Events and Hearings:
03/13 Courtesy Notice Printed
03/20 Traffic School Requested (via Counter/Mail)
05/29 Traffic School Completion Date
05/29 Traffic School Completion extension due to Court Closure
05/29 Traffic School Information Mailed to Defendant
06/04 Traffic School Completion Received

* This question and answer may have been modified to remove any identifying personal information of the person asking the question.
** The information contained within this FAQ is up to date as of 4/16/2020. We always recommend that you get the latest information available by contacting, the DMV, or Court directly.


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