Can I Take Traffic School Twice

Improper Turns

- question from 4/22/2020 by Elvis, filed under Improper Turns and Traffic Ticket

Got 2 Tickets, Failure To Stop and Improper Turns Over Double Lines - can I do traffic school for both?

I'm trying to start a new course but it keeps taking me to my old information from a few months ago. I recently got another moving violation ticket in San Joaquin. Manteca court told me to take traffic school and I need this done by tomorrow can I get some help please ASAP. I payed it 4/21 later in the day pacific time.
Here are my 2 tickets:

04/15 - Failure To Stop At Stop Sign
08/06 - Improper Turns Over Double Lines/Solid Lines To Right Prohibited Says

Good Afternoon Elvis-

Thank you for choosing for your traffic safety needs. The DMV only allows you to take traffic school once every 18 months which is calculated from the violation dates. If you are attempting to register again with the same email address in a short time, then our system is set up to help avoid another registration since you are likely not eligible for traffic school again.

The court system shows your violation dates are only 4 months apart. The courts also have a disclaimer about this advising you to only pay the admin fee if you have not taken traffic school for a prior ticket issued within 18 months. Even if you take traffic school and the court dismisses the case in their system for the second ticket; the DMV will not remove the point since traffic school has already been applied to the first ticket.

NUMBER: L******
CASE NUMBER: STK-TR-IN-****-******
ISSUE DATE: 04/15/2019
STATUTE: VC 22450(A)
DESCRIPTION: Failure To Stop At Stop Sign
FINDING: Traffic Violator School Completion
DISP. DATE: 12/05
DUE: 02/03
NUMBER: H******
CASE NUMBER: STK-TR-IN-****-*******
ISSUE DATE: 08/06/2019
STATUTE: VC 21460(A)
DESCRIPTION: Improper Turns Over Double Lines/Solid Lines To Right Prohibited
FINDING: Traffic Violator School Referral
DISP. DATE: 01/23
BALANCE: 170.00
DUE: 04/22

* This question and answer may have been modified to remove any identifying personal information of the person asking the question.
** The information contained within this FAQ is up to date as of 4/22/2020. We always recommend that you get the latest information available by contacting, the DMV, or Court directly.


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