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80 in a 55mph zone Speeding ticket in San Luis Obispo

Question (submitted on 4/5/2020)
I got a speeding ticket in San Luis Obispo about a month ago for going 80 in a 55mph zone. I received the notice in the mail to pay the ticket and request traffic school. Does my ticket from San Luis Obispo PD qualify to take traffic school?

Good Morning Shawn- You would just meet the requirements as California states you would... Read Full Answer

Paid my ticket and I did not go to court to fight it

Question (submitted on 9/23/2020)
I received a speeding ticket in San Luis Obispo. I paid my ticket already 6 months ago and did not go to court and fight it. Can I still take the traffic school so it won’t show on my DMV record? Thank you Quintin

Hello Quintin- Unfortunately, you cannot take traffic school to remove points or ticket... Read Full Answer

Traffic School for SLO County Correctable Violation

Question (submitted on 4/10/2020)
Good Morning, I have a correctable violation (VC40610) CODE CVC 22450A that I received in San Luis Obispo County. The court of violation is Paso Robles and my ticket number is R******. The traffic box on the ticket is marked "X" which I think means this is correctable. I would like to take traffi...

Hello Brad- You will need to provide the proof of correction and pay the required ticke... Read Full Answer

Traffic Ticket from San Luis Obispo and SLO Courthouse

Question (submitted on 11/4/2020)
I had a traffic ticket from San Luis Obispo and I paid my ticket to SLO courthouse. I also paid for traffic school approval. Now is your online school and your certificate accepted by SLO County and is it acredited one through all the courthouses in California or do I have to select the traffic scho...

Good Afternoon Saifi- Yes, is DMV Licensed #E1393 & Accepted by ALL C... Read Full Answer

Is your traffic school is accepted by San Luis Obispo county?

Question (submitted on 2/23/2020)
Hello, I need to know if your traffic school course is accepted by San Luis Obispo County. I received a speeding ticket and would like to take your course to keep the ticket off my driving record. I've already paid for the ticket and the extra administrative fee to be able to go to traffic school...

Good Morning Bryce- Yes, is DMV Licensed #E1393 & Accepted by All Cal... Read Full Answer

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