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How To Dismiss My Illegal Backing Ticket

After you get a traffic ticket in Corpus Christi, you need to do the following if you wish to attend defensive driving school:

  1. Request Defensive Driving either in person or in writing (usually doable using the form on the back of your ticket).
  2. After the court approves you for driving school and enters a judgment on your plea of no contest or guilty, you have 90 days to take a TEA approved defensive driving course like's.
  3. After completing our online defensive driving course, you will need to submit your completion certificate to the Nueces County Court
  4. Also, some courts will require you to submit a certified copy of your Texas driving record and completed affidavit form (your court should tell you if you need this).
Nueces County Defensive Driving

TX TEA Approved Defensive Driving in Nueces County

Our Texas Online Defensive Driving Safety school course is TEA approved for all licensed Corpus Christi drivers. It is the simplest and most convenient way to take Nueces County defensive driving in Texas. After enrollment, you can gain immediate access to our Simple defensive driving safety course with a username and password that you choose. Since our defensive driving program is TEA approved, you know that when you finish the course, your traffic citation will be fixed and your insurance discount will be granted.

Nueces County Insurance Discounts

Successful completion of our online defensive driving course will entitle you to a completion certificate that, when presented to your vehicle insurance agent, will grant you a significant discount on the liability portion of your automobile insurance for the next three years. Please check with your local Corpus Christi insurance agency to make sure they honor defensive driving insurance discounts. Most do, but some of the so-called questionable "cheap rate insurance" companies might not give discounts.

Simple Defensive Driving Course at

In addition to having an informational, simple to understand, and speedy online defensive driving program,'s online course is also the most convenient defensive driving course you can go to in Corpus Christi. Everything you need is online and there is no boring, out of the way classroom to drive to somewhere on the other side of Nueces County. As long as you can get internet access, you can take our course online from anywhere in Texas. Another nice perk about our course? You don't have to complete it all at once. You can do it over several days, weeks, or even months. Or do it all at once; it's up to you, because we save your progress as you go. When it comes to Defensive Driving Schools in Corpus Christi, none is more convenient or flexible than's.

Internet Defensive Driving

Texas Approved Defensive Driving in Corpus Christi

Getting your Corpus Christi traffic violation dismissed by the court and keeping your insurance rates low have never been this easy and affordable! Our online, Nueces County Approved Defensive Driving program can be completed completely over the internet in just hours. And at just $25, it's the cheapest price allowed for a Corpus Christi Defensive Driving Program under Texas DPS law.

Easy Defensive Driving in Corpus Christi

Need to take a defensive driver class in Corpus Christi? Looking for an easy course that is easy to understand and simple to complete? provides Nueces County drivers with a Simple defensive driving program that is easy to register for and straightforward to take. There are only 6 chapters to read and each chapter has easy open-book multiple-choice quiz questions. At the end of the course you will take a multiple-choice final exam. Everything is online and can be completed from any computer with internet access.

Cited for a Moving Violation Outside of Nueces County?

Nobody wants to go to defensive driving school for the sheer joy of it, but there are definitely times and circumstances where going to a driving safety school is not only necessary, but is also smart. Corpus Christi drivers can now take defensive driving for only $25. Our $25 course will earn you 2 completion certificates upon completion which can be used for ticket dismissal and an insurance discount (in most cases). You can take our course from any location inside or outside of Nueces County as long as you have internet access. Sign up today and you can be done with your defensive driving requirement in no time!

Approved Online Nueces County Defensive Driving

Texas Driver Ed in a Box and Virtual Drive | Corpus Christi Parent Taught Drivers Ed

Attention Corpus Christi teens who want to learn how to drive! Our Corpus Christi DPS approved drivers ed programs can be completed around your busy schedule and save your parents both time and money. Furthermore, your parents will love the easy to use instructional guide and having a hands-on opportunity to teach you how to be as a safe driver. You can choose from two highly affordable Parent Taught programs: Drivers Ed In a Box or Virtual Drive of Nueces County, TX.

Find Everything Driving in Corpus Christi, TX

Corpus Christi TX DPS Resources

Looking for Corpus Christi Department of Public Safety information or want to locate DPS forms and applications without having to drive to the nearest DPS Office? At Driving Links Online in Nueces County, motorists in Portland, Ingleside, Robstown, Aransas Pass, Rockport, Kingsville, Alice, Beeville, Port Lavaca, Victoria, Raymondville, Pleasanton, Harlingen, Edinburg, and San Benito can find all things automotive-related and driving-related such as Corpus Christi parent taught driving programs, local Corpus Christi defensive driving schools, driving records, and driving games for free!

Nueces County Driving Safety Course

Lowest Price Allowed by Texas State Law

Get Your Ticket Dismissed & 10% Insurance Discount!

Yes! $25.00 includes everything needed for Ticket Dismissal or Insurance Reduction.
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No One Wants to Go to Traffic School, But You'll Love Our Nueces County Driving Safety Course.

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