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I have taken two other on-line traffic school programs and this was hands down the easiest one I have done. Thanks to this website, I will not only recommend friends, I will preach about it... (read more rave reviews)
- Esteban in Westminster

Follow these Easy Steps to Earn Your Insurance Discount

  • to Earn Your Texas Insurance Reduction
  • Sign Up Completely Online for the Course
  • Read Our Material & Pass the Final Exam
  • Receive an Official Course Completion Certificate
  • Give Certificate to Your Insurer For Your Discount

TrafficSchool.com Offers Defensive Driving at Home!

  • Texas Chooses TrafficSchool.com Defensive Driving Class
  • TDLR Approved Course! License # CP529
  • Very User Friendly, Easy to Use Course
  • Self-paced: Log-in & Out on Your Schedule
  • Lowest Price Possible!

More Info: Texas Traffic Safety Programs

Online Traffic Ticket & Insurance Reduction Course

only $25.00
The Lowest Price Allowed in TX
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Why Texas Chooses TrafficSchool.com for TDLR Approved Defensive Driving

Our Texas Traffic School course is also called Defensive Driving Course, 6-Hour Ticket Dismissal Course, or 6-Hour Insurance Reduction Course. This course will keep points off your driving record and earn you up to a 10% discount on your auto insurance. *Please note: The amount of your insurance discount is up to your individual insurance provider, please check with them to see what your discount will be.

A Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations Approved Course You Can Take From Home

  • Dismiss your Texas traffic ticket when you complete our TDLR Licensed Defensive Driving course.
  • You may also be eligible for an auto insurance discount by completing this course. Check with your provider to see what your discount can be.
  • There's no more convenient way in which to learn safe driving techniques.
  • We are here when you need us to be. Log in and out when your schedule permits. Whether you're a night owl or an early bird, you'll have 24/7 access to your course.

How to Complete Traffic School in Texas

  1. Wait 10 days after your citation is issued. If you are eligible to take a defensive driving course, you need to make a request to the court on or before your scheduled court date. This request can be made in person, by mail or by phone.
  2. You will receive notification from the court outlining your requirements and deadlines in regards to your traffic school request.
  3. With the court approval, you're ready to sign up online for our TDLR approved Texas Defensive Driving Course. After you register, you'll have immediate access to your course.
  4. Read through the material online and take small chapter quizzes. You will know at once if you have passed our online course.
  5. Receive your completion certificate and submit it along with any other court required documents before your completion due date.

Going Above and Beyond Your Defensive Driving Needs

TrafficSchool.com has partnered with OnlineDefensiveDriving.com to bring you Texas Online Defensive Driving. OnlineDefensiveDriving.com has been helping prevent auto accidents since 1996 and is pleased to provide drivers with superior defensive driving education.


Streaming Traffic Ticket & Insurance Reduction Course

only $34.95
TX Streaming Defensive Driving Course
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Why Take Defensive Driving in Texas

  • Defensive Driving from Home: Complete your DDC (Defensive Driving Course) entirely from home without having to take a final exam!
  • Keep Your Driving Record Clean: Got a ticket in Texas? Then our Texas Defensive Driving class is perfect for you. Dismiss a traffic ticket by completing our course!
  • Take the Course and SAVE: Many insurance companies will give you an insurance reduction of up to 10% in the base rate of liability premiums for up to three years. Ask your insurance provider today!

How Does Steaming Defensive Driving in Texas Work?

  1. Register completely online for TDLR-Approved streaming defensive driving course.
  2. Watch the streaming defensive driving video. The total course time required is 6 hours. Save your progress and take a break at any time.
  3. There is no final exam to take. Your original certificate will be processed and mailed to you after you have completed the course.

Our Premier Courses Will Meet Your Defensive Driving Needs

TrafficSchool.com has partnered with American Safety Council to bring you Texas Streaming Defensive Driving. American Safety Council is a TDLR (Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation) Approved Course Provider: CP-520; School #C2386.

American Safety Council

Texas Type 3A Driving Record

only $25.00
Certified TX Driving Record
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Why a TX Driving Record?

For the State of Texas, individuals who take a defensive driving course in order to dismiss a traffic ticket are required to turn in to the court a type 3A certified driving record in addition to the defensive driving course completion certificate.

What Does the Type 3A Driving Records Provide?

Your Type 3A Driving Record is a certified version of a DPS Type 3 Driving Record. The Type 3 record is the most detailed record provided by the DPS and the certified type 3A will be accepted for your ticket dismissal. Your record will contain:

  • Your Driving History for the Past 3-Years
  • All Moving and Nonmoving Violations
  • List of All Accidents
  • Any Points on Your License
  • Your Current License Status

Certified & Official Driving Record through American Safety Council

Trafficschool.com has teamed up with American Safety Council to meet your TX defensive driving needs. American Safety Council is approved by the TX DPS to provide you with your official driving record.

American Safety Council

Texas TDLR Approved Seat Belt Safety Course

only $43.95
Online Seat Belt Safety
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Why Seat Belt Safety: Meet Your Judge Ordered Requirement Online

If you received a seat belt citation, and were ordered by a judge to complete a Seat Belt Course, you can meet that requirement from your home, around your schedule with our program.

The Right Choice: Taking Your TDLR Seatbelt Course Online

  • Complete the course 100% online. You can log in and out as you need to, so you can take the course when you have time.
  • Our sections are broken down into single subject chapters with 3D animations, making it easy to remember what you've read.
  • Simple multiple choice quizzes and final exam mean you are sure to pass.

How Do I Meet My Court Ordered Seat Belt Requirement?

  1. Register online for our TDLR approved Seat Belt Safety Course.
  2. Read our single-subjected, easy to remember chapters.
  3. Pass the section quizzes and final exam.
  4. Receive your completion certificate and submit it to your court.

Traffic Safety Courses You Can Count On

When it comes to quality defensive driving courses you can trust to deliver, TrafficSchool.com will never let you down. We have hand selected I Drive Safely (IDS) as our exclusive provider for the Texas Court Ordered Seat Belt Course. We stand behind IDS with our 5-start guarantee and we are confident that their TDLR Approved Online course will satisfy your traffic safety needs.




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