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Defensive Driving Made Simple in Hidalgo County

Online Defensive Driving School offers a simple point removal course for moving violations that occurred in Hidalgo County. By doing the 3 R's; Register, Read and Resolve. Register for the course. Read the chapters, complete the quizzes and final. Turn in your certificate into the McAllen Municipal Court and pay your fines to Resolve the situation.

Online Defensive Driving

Hidalgo County Insurance Discounts

Whether you live in McAllen or McAllen, completing a defensive driving course is beneficial for you. It will educate you on how to handle certain driving situations as well as help you save a few bucks in your wallet. All you need to do is complete the Texas Online Defensive Driving course and submit your certificate of completion to your insurance company.

Driving Safety School To Dismiss Speeding Tickets and Ran Red Light Traffic Tickets

When you receive a ticket in Hidalgo County, the Texas Online Defensive Driving course can help you correct your driving record. Step 1: Allow enough time for you to complete the course. It is 6 hours timed. Step 2: Read each section thoroughly. Step 3: Complete and pass the quiz at the end of each section. Step 4: Complete and pass the final exam. Step 5: You will receive a certificate of completion in the mail. Step 6: Be sure you pay your court fees and send the certificate to the court before your due date.

Hidalgo County Texas Education Agency Approved Defensive Driving

Online Defensive Driving School has the Texas Educational Agency approval. With this approval, you are able to dismiss your Ran Red Light citation received in McAllen. The course material is available online and you can complete it within 1 day. Just enroll, and begin. When you need a break, go ahead and take one. It's not like having to go to a classroom where you have to wait for the instructor to give you permission for a break. Once you complete the course, we'll begin processing your certificate.

TX Defensive Driving

Get Your Completion Certificates When You Need Them

Your Proof of Completion Certificates (for both ticket dismissal and insurance reduction) are sent to your McAllen home after you pass our online course. If you are in a rush to beat a last minute due date, you can take advantage of our optional rush delivery options. Choose from 2-day, next business day, and overnight FedEx delivery options to ensure that you get your certificates when you need them.

Fix Your McAllen Traffic Ticket

Hidalgo County Court accepts the Online Defensive Driving Course to remove points off of their Texas driving record. After the judge approves, a driver can begin working on the internet traffic school course. Once the course is finished, the student will receive a certificate that needs to be taken to the court. The student also needs to make sure all fees are paid to the court in order to regain their clean driving record.

McAllen Parent Taught Drivers Ed

Get the tools McAllen teens need today for the proven parent taught course in drivers education! Our interactive, user-friendly instructional kit provides comprehensive driving lessons in the basics of learning how to operate a motor vehicle. Our DPS Approved courses incorporate videos, text, and quizzes in a package of effective lessons that help teach your beginning driving skills required to obtain a license and become a safe driver. Your Texas DPS completion certificate will be included .

Online Defensive Driving

Ticketed Outside of McAllen?

Do you live outside of McAllen city limits? Or maybe you reside within McAllen, but received your traffic infraction in another county outside of Hidalgo County? Either way, has a TEA approved traffic safety school course that you can take online from the comfort of your McAllen home. If you were ticketed with a Texas Ran Red Light ticket then we have an affordable online class you can complete in the peace and quiet of your own home.

Find Everything Driving in McAllen, TX

McAllen DPS Links

Searching for TX Department of Public Safety applications and paperwork you can print online, letting you beat the tiresome lines at your local Texas DPS in McAllen? Take a virtual trip to Online in Hidalgo County and find what you need painlessly. Download change of address forms, driver's license applications, look up vehicle information, order CARFAX reports, search McAllen driving schools, and even more.

Defensive Driving Course

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