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What is a Driver's Safety Course?

A driver's safety course is a six hour course for El Paso residents that teaches and promotes safe driving practices. A large benefit for many El Paso drivers is the ability of such a course to dismiss traffic violations (if statutory requirements are met). Many residents of El Paso County elect to take a driver's safety course for the dismissal of a citation each year. By law, if the course is completed and accepted by the El Paso Traffic Court and the case is dismissed, insurance companies cannot count the traffic citation against you and increase your auto insurance rates.

Also beneficial, many parents of young drivers use such a defensive driving safety course to help better educate and promote safe driving practices to teenaged drivers.

Am I Eligible to Take a Driver's Safety Course?

Under Texas law, you are eligible to take a defensive driver's course for the dismissal of a traffic citation violation if:

  1. It has been at least (12) twelve months since you have last taken defensive driving to dismiss a ticket
  2. You have a Texas driver's license, and that license is in good standing (not expired, suspended, etc.)
  3. You have proof of auto insurance liability (or another acceptable means to prove financial responsibility)

**CDL licenses are excluded (i.e. those driving commercial vehicles may not take a ticket dismissal traffic school class).

Defensive Driving Eligibility Exceptions

You CANNOT take a defensive driver's safety course for the erasure of the following traffic offenses:

  1. Failure to Render Aid at the Scene of an Accident and Failure to Exchange Information
  2. Violations in Work Zones or Construction Zones When Workers are Present
  3. Reckless Driving
  4. Passing a School Bus Loading or Unloading
  5. Speeding 25 miles per hour (or more) over the speed limit.
  6. Failure to Maintain Insurance or Financial Responsibility

What procedure must I follow to sign up for a driver's safety course?

Follow these four steps in order to take a driver safety course for violation dismissal in El Paso:

  1. Get Court approval, sign your plea declaration, and pay any court fees/costs
  2. Sign up for and complete our Texas Education Agency Approved Driver Safety Course. You must submit your completion certificate for the course within 90 days of the court order date.
  3. In addition to providing your course certificate of completion, also submit proof of financial responsibility (auto insurance) within 90 days of the court order.
  4. Obtain and submit a driving history record from the Department of Public Safety.

Getting Court Approval for Defensive Driving in Texas

Before you take a driver safety course (online or otherwise), it is necessary that you obtain approval for the driver's safety course from the El Paso Traffic Court. You have up until the arraignment date shown on your traffic citation to obtain the approval.

Note: Juveniles must appear at the arraignment before the judge and cannot request traffic school.

Adult drivers may secure approval by the following means: in person, by mail, or by fax. The most up-to-date mailing addresses, phone numbers, and fax numbers can be found by visiting the Official El Paso County Municipal Court Web Page.

El Paso Municipal Court Location

El Paso Municipal Court
810 E. Overland
El Paso, TX 79901

Simple Defensive Driving in El Paso

Improper Left Turn - Approach citations in El Paso can be taken off your record by completing an online defensive driving course with Internet Defensive Driving. The approved El Paso County course can be taken anywhere you have computer and internet access. Once you complete the course, a graduation certificate is mailed to you.

El Paso Defensive Driving

TX Approved Defensive Driving Course in El Paso

Stop right here. You do not need to continue your search for El Paso County approved defensive driving program. Internet Defensive Driving Course is a Texas program that will help you lower your automobile insurance rates. You can also use the program to remove points from your record caused by Improper Left Turn - Approach in El Paso.

Internet Defensive Driving in El Paso County

If you're worried about not understanding an online course or feel you need a teacher to get you through the process, then you need to try the Internet Online Defensive Driving Course. With short-open book multiple-choice quizzes, interactive videos, flash lessons and a final exam, you will be able to complete the course. If you're still hesitant, we also have customer support service 24/7. So even though you may feel that you can't earn that well-deserved 10% off of your insurance rates, think again. We're here to help you reach that goal.

Get Your Completion Certificates When You Need Them

El Paso Online Defensive Driving can help you meet your last minute deadlines. If you live in El Paso County or received a VIOLATION ticket from El Paso, you are eligible for the rush processing service. You want to make sure your graduation certificate arrives to the court on or before the due date so your Texas driving record does not have marks that will influence a price hike in your insurance rates.

Improper Left Turn - Approach Traffic Tickets Defensive Driving

Do I Qualify For Defensive Driving in El Paso?

When you are a licensed driver in Texas and your license is still valid, you may be eligible to take the El Paso Online Defensive Driving Course. If it's been at least 1 year since your last traffic violation, all you need to do is contact El Paso County court for your eligibility status. If granted permission for a defensive driving course, it will be your responsibility to complete the course in a timely manner, giving enough time to receive the certificate of completion and send it to the proper court. It is also your responsibility to make sure your court fees are paid on time. Once this is complete, your driving record will be restored and you won't have to fear for an increase in cost of your car insurance.

How To Erase My Improper Left Turn - Approach Traffic Citation

When you receive a ticket in El Paso County, the Texas Online Defensive Driving course can help you correct your driving record. Step 1: Allow enough time for you to complete the course. It is 6 hours timed. Step 2: Read each section thoroughly. Step 3: Complete and pass the quiz at the end of each section. Step 4: Complete and pass the final exam. Step 5: You will receive a certificate of completion in the mail. Step 6: Be sure you pay your court fees and send the certificate to the court before your due date.

Texas DPS Forms, Applications, and Links for El Paso County Drivers

El Paso DPS Links

When it comes to easy access to defensive driving schools in El Paso and TX DPS resources online, there's one web site on the Internet with all the driving resources you will ever need: It's every drivers one stop shop for teen drivers education in El Paso County, defensive driving school and traffic school online, auto insurance quotes, El Paso DPS documents, applications, and driver handbooks, and much more.

Approved Online Texas Defensive Driving

Parent Taught Drivers Education in El Paso presents Home Study Parent Taught driver training programs that cost half the price of commercial driving schools, yet offer double the education! Instead of paying $300-$500 to a commercial driving school in El Paso County save money and your time by teaching our DPS curriculum from the comfort of your own home in El Paso. We offer multiple Parent Taught programs available on CD that come with additional supplemental training material like drivers ed stickers, passenger-side rearview mirrors, and more!

Defensive Driving for other Texas Cities

Our Defensive Driving Programs are approved state-wide. Whether you are from El Paso or live in nearby Van Horn, Socorro, and Pecos, you can take our courses online if you meet defensive driving eligibility requirements. Not from El Paso County, not a problem, we have classes for drivers across Texas:

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