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Why Choose is an affordable way for residents throughout Alameda County to fulfill their DMV Traffic School requirement quickly, easily, and safely.

Very Quick and Simple

You can finish your traffic school course in a few hours. The entire course is 100% online, self-paced, and there are absolutely no timers.


The course can be completed from anywhere an internet connection is available. Complete your course from home, school, work, or a coffee shop. Our course works well on desktop PCs, Macs, tablets and mobile phones.

DMV Licensed for all of Alameda County

Up-Front Course Pricing for Everything You Need

Our course tuition fee gets you everything you need to fulfill your traffic school requirement in Alameda County and includes:

  • Online traffic school course
  • Free completion certificate processing
  • Free completion certificate delivery
  • Live customer support

We do offer additional services like Rush Certificate Processing, Audio Read Along, DMV Record Copies, and more. These additional services are completely optional and can be purchased depending on your own specific needs.

County of Alameda - Common Traffic School Questions

Question: Why should I take a Traffic School course?

Answer: In general, California drivers elect to take Traffic School to prevent their auto insurance from increasing after receiving a traffic ticket.

In Alameda County, completing an approved traffic school course will mask the violation from your public driving record and insurance companies will not be able to see the confidential conviction.

Question: I already paid the Alameda County Traffic Court for traffic school, why am I being asked to pay an additional charge to take online traffic school with

Answer: The fee you already paid to the County of Alameda Superior Court is a 'State Mandated Traffic School administrative fee'. This is the fee you pay to Alameda County to gain permission to take traffic school. The fee you pay to any commercial Traffic School, such as, is in addition to the Superior Court's administrative fee.

In short, you pay the court for permission to take traffic school, and you pay for the actual traffic school course.

Question: What is my 'Traffic School Due Date'?

Answer: You get your Traffic School Due Date from the Alameda County Traffic Court. Before you sign up for's online course, you need to request traffic school from the Alameda County Traffic Court. The Alameda County Traffic Court will assign you a Traffic School Due Date after they grant you permission to take traffic school to conceal your traffic ticket from your driving record.

You can visit the County of Alameda Traffic Court website for more information

Question: How can I verify that is a DMV licensed school?

Answer: Great question! You can verify's DMV license status using the CA DMV Occupational License Status Information System. Once on the DMV website, simply click on "Find a traffic school." Then, when prompted, choose "Internet" as the Type of Instruction, enter E1393 in the License Number field, and click the Search button.

As you can see, we are a California DMV Licensed Traffic Violator School and our license number is #E1393.

Keeping Traffic Violations Hidden on Your Driver's License

Alameda County Traffic School

Most one-point traffic violations can be masked from a DMV history when the traffic violator takes traffic school. However, the Alameda County Superior Court needs to give prior authorization to the driver, if the violation was committed in Alameda. It is imperative not to take this situation lightly. Points on a driving record can jeopardize your driving privilege. Common one-point violations that can be concealed on your driving record are: Speeding, Red Light Violation, Blocking an Intersection, Improper Lane Change, and Failure to Yield infractions.

How To Go To Quick and Easy Traffic School in Alameda County

Taking an online course with is easier than you think. If your Blocking an Intersection violation was committed in Alameda, then you could be eligible to take our Alameda County Superior Court accepted course. Once you complete the registration process, you will see our course is divided up into 7 chapters with a quiz at the end of each chapter and a final exam. After the final exam is complete, you can rest assured that your certificate has been processed within three business days.

Alameda County Quick and Easy Traffic School

Drop A Citation Issued in Alameda County

You just received a picture in the mail, accompanied with a Blocking an Intersection ticket. The Alameda County Superior Court (George E. MacDonald Hall of Justice) that issued you the certificate said that if you take a Quick and Easy Traffic School course, your case would be masked. helps hide all types of traffic violations throughout Oakland, Piedmont, San Leandro, Berkeley, Moraga, Orinda, Ashland, San Lorenzo, Albany, Cherryland, San Francisco, Castro Valley, Lafayette, Hayward, and El Cerrito. You can register on our website or contact one of our representatives to assist you.

Alameda County Traffic School Program is the answer to removing points from your DMV record. After completing our online course, our office is notified immediately. Your completion certificate will be processed within 3 business days and electronically submitted to your Alameda County Court. We offer Rush Processing (additional rates apply) and we can even obtain your DMV records for a small charge.

The CA Traffic Ticket School

Simple Alameda Traffic School

CA Traffic School: has it and now it is easier than ever. Our course is written in an easy to understand way, organized into simple chapters, and loaded with interactive lessons to keep you from getting bored. All of the chapter quizzes are open book with multiple choice questions. Furthermore, the final exam is also open book and can be retaken multiple times for free. So if you don't pass the first time, don't stress! You have unlimited chances to take the final without paying a penny more. It's no wonder why is the #1 choice when it comes to traffic schools in Alameda.

The Fast Alameda Defensive Driving Solution

You're on vacation and realize you forgot to complete traffic school for the Blocking an Intersection ticket that you received in Alameda and your due date is tomorrow. No problem. Since you have your laptop and a broadband card, you can complete the course just in time to meet your deadline. CA Traffic School is available everyday, all day and all night. We are Alameda County Court accepted and with rush processing, once you complete the course, we will be alerted and will process your certificate in one business day.

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  • Alameda County
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