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You can count on us! We have been California DMV Licensed since 1994 and are accepted by all CA Courts. We have thousands of 5-Star ratings and millions of ticket-free graduates.
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We are located right here in California and provide helpful and friendly live phone support (for free). We take pride in easing your stress and personally work with the courts on your behalf.
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Our 100% online course was designed with you, the customer in mind. There are NO TIMERS and you can finish in minutes or hours, it's up to you! Use any device, anywhere - all you need is internet!
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We listen to our students and know exactly what they want. That's why our course is easy to pass, simple to navigate, fast to take, and low cost. Plus, our content is always up-to-date and educational.

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super easy

"Super easy to use website, very affordable and quick! I hope to never use a traffic school again in the future but if i do, i know i will be back to use this one."

~ Lina S. in California ~


"What a great find! Easy & Inexpensive. I like the options they offer for payment, very user friendly. Traffic School is a pain and this site made it really easy. Highly recommend this website."

~ Jane G. in Los Angeles ~

fast & easy

"Fast and easy. First time doing traffic school. This made everything so much easier. Thanks trafficschool.com."

~ Mark B. in Downey, CA ~

TrafficSchool.com Makes Online Traffic School in California Stress Free

We take pride in making your traffic school experience as simple and user-friendly as possible.

Step 1 – Easy to Start with No Obligation

Sign-up in seconds with our quick, no-obligation registration. See for yourself how easy and user-friendly our traffic school course is: You can choose to skip payment and try the course immediately!

Getting started is so easy and only requires minimal info to get going. We don't make you enter your full personal info and court info until you are ready to!

Step 2 – Take the Course at Your Pace

Completing our traffic school course could not be easier. Everything can be completed online from any computer or device. Finish the course all at once or spread it out over multiple days. We don't have course timers, so go as fast as you want - it's up to you!

Everything is designed to help you pass. The course is broken up into short sections with easy-to-pass quizzes. Pass your final exam with ease using our open-book study guide. 99% of our students pass on the first try, but if you don't, we let you take the course as many times as needed, for free!

Yes! Everything is backed up by our 5-Star, Money Back Guarantee.

Step 3 – We’ll Submit Your Completion

Once you have completed our traffic school course, your job is done! Sit back, relax, and let us put our 20+ years of dealing with the DMV and Courts to work. Free of charge, we will electronically submit your completion to your court for processing with the DMV.

Handling your completion is an important part of the traffic school process, and there is no better expert than TrafficSchool.com when it comes to making sure your completion certificate is delivered accurately and on-time to the Court and DMV.

Step 4 – Point Hidden on Your Driving Record

Once your traffic school completion has been processed by your Court and confirmed by the DMV, your traffic ticket violation will be masked or hidden from your official DMV driving record. That means your insurance company will not see the negative point and your auto insurance rates won't increase!

From start to finish, TrafficSchool.com will help guide you and make sure that you have a stress-free, 5-star traffic school experience. We are located locally in California and have helpful & knowledgeable customer service reps ready to help you along the way.


Driving Down Your Cost of Driving Since 1994

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$24.95 $1995
Includes All You Need, Guaranteed!

Your course tuition of $19.95 (regularly $24.95) includes absolutely everything you need to hide a traffic ticket and fully satisfies all California court and DMV traffic school requirements, guaranteed.

  • DMV Licensed & Court Accepted Online Course
  • Electronic Completion Processing to the Court and DMV
  • Automatic Completion Confirmation Email
  • Free Quiz & Exam Study Guides
  • Complementary Due Date Reminders

Yes! Everything is backed up by our 5-Star, Money Back Guarantee.


Answers to Your California Traffic School Questions

Common questions with expert answers to help you better understand California Traffic School

How do I know that my county or court will accept the TrafficSchool.com program?

TrafficSchool.com is a DMV licensed traffic violator school (TVS# E1393) and TrafficSchool.com's course in California is DMV approved and accepted by ALL counties and courts. You may contact our office at 1-800-691-5014 to verify or simply click on the following link to view our official DMV license: VIEW DMV LICENSE

Why does everybody take traffic school when they get a ticket?

In California, taking traffic school has several benefits for licensed drivers. Most notably, if a driver has received an eligible traffic violation, then completing traffic school will mask or hide the conviction from their driving record and their insurance company will not be able to increase insurance rates. Also, completing traffic school can qualify drivers for an insurance discount. Finally, taking traffic school will teach recently passed laws, and will remind students how to be safer defensive drivers that hopefully avoid getting more tickets in the future.

How long does Online Traffic School take to complete?

Because the California DMV does not require any online traffic school to be timed, our online traffic school course is the fastest course allowed by state law. The entire course is self-paced and there are no timers, so you can go as fast or as slow as you want. While our course is designed to meet the California DMV requirements for an 8-hour traffic school course, you may actually finish the course much quicker, depending on your learning style. Some students finish in less than an hour, some students prefer to take their time and complete the course over several days. It's entirely up to you.

I have a commercial driver license and got a ticket. Can I take traffic school to hide the point from my driving record?

If you hold a commercial driver license and the traffic violation occurred in a non-commercial vehicle, then you may be eligible to take traffic school. The conviction may still appear on your driving record and count as a point for the violation. However, once you have completed the traffic school course and your certificate of completion has been processed by the court with the DMV, you will need to contact the DMV Driver Safety Unit at (916) 657-6452 in order to have the point masked from your driving record. Also, the driver/student must call the DSU for clearance. Someone else cannot call on your behalf.

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