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Finding help with our Utah FAQs is easy. Simply locate the Utah course you have a question about and click to view a list of well-organized Q and A's. If you can't find an answer to your Utah question below, you can always contact us or call us toll free at 800-691-5014. A visit to the Utah Department of Public Safety website (http://utah.gov/index.html) can also be very helpful.

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      Utah Elective Traffic Safety for Accident Prevention
        Before You Register
          Is this course approved?

          The Utah Defensive Driving course is not officially approved in your state. Nonetheless, individual courts or auto insurance companies may allow you to complete this course to meet a court requirement or earn an insurance discount in Utah. Ask your court or insurance provider to find out.

          Why should I take this course?

          The intended use of the Utah Defensive Driving Course is for educational purposes only. However, your court or insurance provider may allow you to take this course for ticket dismissal, point reduction or insurance reduction purposes. Please seek prior approval from your local insurance company, UT traffic court or the Department of Public Safety (DPS).

          How much is the course?

          The price of the UT Defensive Driving Program is $30.00. Your completion certificate processing is included in the course price.

          How long is this program?

          The Utah Defensive Driving Program is self-paced. You can read as much or as little in one sitting. How long it takes is up to you!

        Taking the Course
          How does the course work?

          The UT Driver Improvement Program is broken into single-subject, easy to read chapters. At the end of each chapter there will be a short review quiz. And then at the end of the course you will take a quick final exam re-capping all that you've learned. It's that simple!

          How do I log in?

          To log into your UT Driver Safety Program, click here.

    Search General Course and Tech Support FAQs
      General Questions
        Course Specifics
          What is the course like?

          Our online classes adhere to the basic outline of reading, interactive lessons and section quizzes, followed by a final exam. Each course can differ in regards to length, number of chapters, time prerequisite and final exam requirements set forth by each state.

          Information or FAQs regarding a partner Website.

          The FAQs on this page relate primarily to the TrafficSchool.com Website and courses. Please note that some or all of TrafficSchool.com's pricing, procedures, or other information may be different from that of our partner companies and their Websites and courses. For information or FAQs regarding a partner Website, please consult that Website directly.

          How do I pay for the course?

          Unless otherwise specified, students have three payment options; with a credit card on our secure website, with a credit card over the phone with a customer service representative, or you can send a check or money order in the mail.

        Time Required
          Do I have to complete the entire course all at one time?

          Not unless you want to. Our courses are completely self-paced, which means that you can finish them during one sitting or you can stop and start back up when you please. It's entirely up to you. If you need to get it done in one day, you can. If you have several months left before you need to finish, then you can complete a section a week. Our program will always keep track of the time spent on each section when you save & log off. When re-entering your course, you will always start where you left off (rounded to the nearest minute) where you last logged off the course. We have built this flexibility into our course so that you can choose exactly how you want to complete the course.

      Technical Support
        Course Status
          Problem - I completed a section, but the 'Course Status' page is not reflecting my progress.

          Solution - If the 'Course Status' page doesn't reflect your progress throughout the course, first try clicking the Refresh or Reload button on your browser. If this doesn't work, please log off and end your connection to the Internet. Connect back on to the Internet and log back into www.trafficschool.com and click on Student Login from the navigation bar. This should refresh your online traffic school session and reflect your progress.

        Payment Issue
          Problem - I have paid for the course, but the site is not reflecting my payment and giving me access to the final exam.

          Solution -

          • If you have paid for the traffic school or drivers education course online with a credit card and your payment was accepted successfully, you will be sent a payment confirmation by email with an Order ID#. You will also be taken to a screen that will show the Order ID# on screen when payment has been accepted. If the 'Course Status' page does not reflect your payment, please log off and end your connection to the Internet. Connect back on to the Internet and log back into www.trafficschool.com and click on re-enter course from the navigation bar. This should refresh your session and reflect your payment.

          • If you have paid for your online course by telephone with a credit card, please note that final exam access is given during normal business hours and may take some time pending credit card authorization. You will receive a payment confirmation email when your credit card has been processed and you have been granted access to the final exam.

          • If you paid by check or money order through the mail, we have not received your payment yet. All mailed payments are processed on the same day received. We do not wait for checks to clear before granting access to the final exam.

          Problem - I have entered my credit card information into the payment page and clicked the submit button, but nothing is happening.

          Solution - Be Patient! Due to Internet traffic, it sometimes may take 1-2 minutes for credit card authorizations to be completed and processed. This is not unusual. Please wait until your browser screen prompts you to continue. Do not click on the payment button more than one time because your credit card may be charged for each click. TrafficSchool.com has taken the necessary steps to curb this problem from occurring, but clicking the payment button multiple times can trigger this. If the page seems to be stuck and not responding, please log off and end your connection to the Internet. Connect back on to the Internet and log back into www.trafficschool.com and click on Student Login from the navigation bar. This should refresh your session and reflect your payment. If you have paid, but not received the payment confirmation email nor your Order ID# then the payment was not accepted and you must try again.

        Re-Enter Course
          How do I continue an online course already in progress?

          When you want to re-enter a course in progress, simply go to our homepage at www.trafficschool.com and click on the Student Login button on the navigation bar. For access to the online traffic school course, you will be prompted to enter your driver's license number and email address used during registration.

          Problem - I am entering my email address into the registration page and it is telling me that my email address is invalid.

          Solution- Please make sure that you are entering a valid email address. When entering your email address be sure that you are not entering any spaces between letters. Also, do not put the letters 'www.' before your email address. You must also enter the '@' (at) symbol after your username followed by .com, .net, or .org. Lastly, some email addresses have an '_' (underscore) symbol, this is located on your keyboard to the right of the '0' (zero) key by pressing the shift key and '-' (minus) key at the same time.

          Problem - I am trying to re-enter the course, but when I enter my login information, the site says that I am not registered.

          Solution - Make sure that the URL at the top of the screen reads exactly as follows: www.trafficschool.com.

          Make sure that you originally registered with TrafficSchool.com. It is our policy to send confirmation emails to you when you register/enroll for the online course, make a payment, and complete the program. Check your email box for these confirmation emails to ensure that you have contacted the correct company. If you do not have a confirmation email from TrafficSchool.com, you have registered with another company.

          If you are positive that you have registered with TrafficSchool.com, but the login/re-enter procedure is not working, it is because you are entering either your driver's license number and/or email address different from what you originally registered with. You will need to re-enter your information exactly as you registered including all letters, numbers, expiration dates, spaces in driver's license, etc. so long as you entered it during registration. The confirmation email that is sent when you enroll will have your information listed for re-entry purposes. Please refer to this email for assistance.

          A common error when trying to re-enter your course is typing the letter 'O or o' instead of the number '0' (zero) or vice-versa for the driver's license # or e-mail address. When typing in your driver's license # or e-mail address, this re-entering function is not case sensitive (you may replace a lower case 'o' with a capitol 'O'), but it will not let you substitute a letter 'O or o' for the number zero '0'.

          I'm using an iPad/iPhone and I am having trouble logging into my course.

          Go to the Settings option on your devise. Under Settings select "Safari" and then turn OFF private browsing. After you do this return to TrafficSchool.com's Course Login. You may need to refresh the page. You should now be able to login to your course.

          iPhones and iPads with iOS7: To get to the Private browsing On/Off option, tap the new tab button (looks like a plus (+) sign), and then tap the "Private" button located in the bottom left corner of the screen. You may need to re-enter our web address (www.trafficschool.com) into this new tab with the Private browsing turned off. You should now be able to login to your course.

          To read more about how to turn off your Private Browsing, click here to visit the Apple Support page about Private Browsing.

        Web Site Security
          How secure is my information when I do transactions on TrafficSchool.com?

          We assure you that any information you send to TrafficSchool.com while you are logged into your account area of TrafficSchool.com is completely secure and private. This includes your personal information such as your email address, driver's license number and any other account information as well as any financial information, such as your credit card number or related information that you transmit to TrafficSchool.com via our web site. You can tell that you are in a secure environment when the beginning of the Internet address near the top of your browser bar changes from http:// to https:// . The 's' means that you are in a secure area of the website. Most browsers show a locked padlock graphic in the lower right corner when you are in a secure environment. However, if the padlock graphic is not present for some reason and the address begins with https, you are still in a secure area of the website.

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