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Rush Certificate Delivery Is Available

Online Traffic School is available for traffic violations that occurred in Texas. Although Turning Right on Red citation may have happened in the state of Texas, you may live outside of the area. It takes time to complete the course, process the certificate, send it to the student and send it back to Webb County Court if you live in another state. Our company provides a rush processing service that will get your certificate to where you need it to be. Although we do not send certificates directly to the court, we can arrange for it to be delivered overnight to your address. Simply ask a representative for details.

Webb County Defensive Driving

Defensive Driving Made Easy in Laredo

If you committed a Turning Right on Red infraction, speeding infraction, or other moving violation in Laredo, you may be eligible to dismiss the points off of your record quickly and easily. By completing an online course with Texas Online Defensive Driving. Block out 6 hours in your schedule to work on the course. This can be done in 1 day or over a period of a few days. We also take care of drivers who live in Rio Grande City and Kingsville, so feel free to refer your friends and family to us and we'll give them the same excellent service we gave to you.

Texas Approved Defensive Driving in Webb County

Completing an online defensive driving course can help you eliminate points from your driving record, qualify you for lower insurance rates and/or meet your ticket completion date quicker than you think. The Webb County Defensive Driving course is available whenever you need it to be. Whether you received a Turning Right on Red ticket or just want to pay less for car insurance, the course is the most convenient way to clear driving records or receive reduced insurance rates in Rio Grande City and Kingsville.

Clear a Traffic Ticket in Webb County

It's important to have your Turning Right on Red ticket dismissed to avoid having points on your record. If you don't have them removed, the points can increase your insurance rates. By completing the Online Defensive Driving Course, you can eliminate the points before it becomes a problem on your driving record. It's the convenient way to take care of your driving privilege.

Turning Right on Red Traffic Tickets Defensive Driving

Laredo Insurance Discounts

Texas Online Defensive Driving course qualifies drivers, who live in Rio Grande City and Kingsville a chance for a 10% discount on their automobile rates for 3 years. By completing the 6 section course, you will receive a certificate of completion that you can give to your insurance company. The certificate is accepted by most insurance companies in Texas. Webb County Defensive Driving Course is available 24/7 and when you have a question, we have customer service representatives available for you all of the time.

Online Defensive Driving: How It Works

To dismiss the Turning Right on Red ticket you received in Laredo, is a very simple process. A. Enroll with the Texas Online Defensive Driving School (personal information, court documents and credit card are needed). B. Begin the course (be sure to keep your username and password in a easily accessible spot). C. Once the course is complete, we mail the certificate to you (be sure to complete the course leaving enough time to receive the certificate in the mail and to send it to the court so it arrives by the completion date). Has Laredo Driving Tips and Resources

Is there anything less fun than having to drive to the Laredo DPS Office and waiting in line for hours to accomplish something that should take 10 minutes? Especially if you don't live in Laredo and have to travel from somewhere like Rio Grande City and Kingsville. Why not download DPS drivers license applications, vehicle registration forms, and change of address forms right from your home computer? That's right, at the Laredo Driving Links Official Site, drivers near and far can lookup and download DPS paperwork and get their questions answered without having to make an office appointment.

Online Defensive Driving

Texas Virtual Drive and Texas Driver Ed in a Box | Laredo Home Study Drivers Education

Laredo teens can completely fulfill their drivers education requirements with two great parent-taught instructional programs: with Virtual Drive of Texas (State Approved by the TX Department of Public Safety as Parent Taught Driver Ed Course #107) or Driver Ed in a Box (State Approved by the TX Department of Public Safety as Parent Taught Driver Ed Course #103). Both programs are affordable, approved, included completion certificates, and are highly interactive. You won't find a better drivers education option anywhere in Webb County!

The Best Defensive Driving in Laredo and More

Nobody wants to go to defensive driving school for the sheer joy of it, but there are definitely times and circumstances where going to a driving safety school is not only necessary, but is also smart. Laredo drivers can now take defensive driving for only $25. Our $25 course will earn you 2 completion certificates upon completion which can be used for ticket dismissal and an insurance discount (in most cases). You can take our course from any location inside or outside of Webb County as long as you have internet access. Sign up today and you can be done with your defensive driving requirement in no time!

Webb County Driver Safety Class

Lowest Price Allowed by Texas State Law

Get Your Ticket Dismissed & 10% Insurance Discount!

Yes! $25.00 includes everything needed for Ticket Dismissal or Insurance Reduction.
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No One Wants to Go to Traffic School, But You'll Love Our Webb County Driver Safety Class.

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