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If you received a traffic ticket in Lee County, there are 3 options you may pursue to deal with your traffic ticket. Essentially you can either elect to go to traffic school online and have your traffic ticket waived, you can pay the civil penalty and have the points go on your driving record, or you can plead not guilty and try to beat your ticket in court.

Lee County Traffic Ticket Options

Lee County Traffic Tickets

Alternative 1: Electing to Take Traffic School Online

If you qualify for online traffic school (most tickets do) then you can:

  • Keep points from appearing on your official DMVHS driving record
  • Keep your insurance rates from increasing AND prevent having your insurance policy cancelled (unless you were in an at-fault accident)
  • Attend traffic school online without having to drive to a classroom
  • If you enjoy "Safe Driver" status, this will be kept intact

Alternative 2: Pay the Civil Penalty Fine Listed on Your Ticket

If you choose to pay the full civil penalty given on your written citation then you:

  • Will NOT be allowed to elect traffic school online later
  • Agree to have the charge entered as a conviction on your official FL DHSMV driving record
  • All applicable points will be added to your driving record (potential insurance rate increase may follow)
  • Satisfy your traffic ticket case upon payment completed

Alternative 3: Contest Your Ticket (Plead Not Guilty)

If you choose to go to court and try to defeat your traffic ticket, then you:

  • May win your case and have your citation dropped
  • May be found guilty, have points added to your record, fined up to a thousand dollars, assigned to traffic school, or some combination of all of these.
  • Have to drive to court and spend up to several hours pleading your case
  • May have to hire a defense lawyer to plead your case for you

* If you choose to fight your traffic ticket, please visit the Lee County Clerk of Court website ( to find the complete detailed instructions you must follow when deciding to plead "not guilty".

The Convenient Traffic School Course

Why frustrate yourself with rearranging your schedule and being bored in an office classroom for hours when you can fulfill your Lee County traffic school requirement from home?

  • Complete the online class when and where it's convenient for you
  • Login and logout as much as needed
  • Study lessons at your own desired pace
  • Use any PC or MAC with internet access

Lee County Traffic School

Traffic School for all Lee County Cities

No matter where you received a traffic violation in Lee County, we have you covered! We proudly service all of Lee County, including the great cites of: Cape Coral, Bonita Springs, Fort Myers, Fort Myers Beach, and Sanibel.

Why Elect as Your Traffic School Provider?'s Lee County Online Traffic School Course Is:

  • Easily affordable
  • Ready to help with a live customer service team
  • So convenient and totally self-paced
  • Jam-packed with cool graphics, fun animations, and much more
  • Last, but not least - it's FUN!

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Skip the Traditional Traffic School Classroom

What should you do if you got a speeding ticket or moving violation in Lee County? The easiest solution to your traffic ticket blues is to take a traffic school online class known throughout Florida as the Basic Driver Improvement class. We've got it online so you don't have to drive to and from a crowded classroom!

How often can I Attend Lee County Online Traffic School?

If you received two tickets in Lee County at the same time you can only take a traffic school course for one of the Florida tickets (for example, if you got caught speeding and not wearing a seat belt simultaneously). In the case you received two tickets, be sure to take the class for the ticket that puts points on your record. For example, a seat belt violation does not put points on your DHSMV record. Sign Up Today

Internet Lee County Traffic School

Fulfill your Lee County Traffic School requirements simply and online with our Florida approved courses. has been serving traffic school for over a decade and has helped thousands of Lee County residents keep their cost of driving down.

It's Online - Save Time AND Paper

Study and review all material completely online. There are no traffic school books to read and no written tests to print out and complete. Everything is available at your fingertips online and ready to go where you go!

Four Hour Traffic Courses

A Basic Driver Improvement class is perfect for you if you want to avoid points, insurance increases, or possible driver license suspension. In Lee County, traffic ticket fines are reducible by 18 percent when you elect to take online traffic school.

Points Reduced From Your DHSMV Record

Did you know that getting a single traffic violation could cost you hundreds, even thousands of dollars in higher insurance rates? Keeping the points off your Lee County driving record is the smart, easy way to make sure you don't experience an insurance premium increase in Lee County that will stay with you for three years.

Common Lee County Moving Violations

Lee County issues thousands of traffic tickets every single year. The largest offense committed by ticket drivers is speeding, which account for about half of the traffic tickets given out. Another common Lee County traffic infraction that FL drivers are cited for is running a red light. Other moving violations that occur included, but are not limited to, seat belt violation, careless driving, and driving with a suspended license. Sign Up Today

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