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Traffic School Eligibility in Visalia | Tulare County

Visalia Traffic School

You may elect to attend traffic violator school for certain motor vehicle violations. To qualify for any traffic school program, you must meet the following terms:

  • You had a valid driver license at the time you received your traffic ticket.
  • You are not enrolled in, and have not already taken, a traffic school course for a ticket issued within the last 18 months of the date of the current ticket.
  • Your citation must be for a moving violation without a misdemeanor charge that requisites an appearance in court.
  • Your infraction does not pertain to alcohol or drugs involvement.
  • Your citation is not for violating California Vehicle Code section 22406.5 or section 21655.5.
  • Your ticket does not carry a point count over one point under CA VC section 12810 or over one and a half points under CA VC section 12810 or.5 (b)(2).
  • If your case involves a failure to appear warrant or civil assessment, the failure to appear charge must be adjudicated or paid in full before you can attend traffic school.
  • Your traffic ticket, if for speeding, was not for speeds in excess of 100 mph OR 26 mph over the safe speed limit as described by the Basic Speed Law.

If you meet the aforementioned requirements and want to take traffic school, you will need to pay a fee to the Clerk of the Court in Tulare County, plus the amount of bail indicated on your traffic violation courtesy notice.

To take Traffic Violator School at home without going to court, click here to register for the Visalia Approved Course.

Upon successful completion of traffic school, and upon the Tulare County Traffic Court receiving proof of such completion on time, your case will be masked with the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

Parking Citations

Parking tickets in Tulare County are not handled by the Superior Court. For more information on how to handle a parking ticket, please contact the city or agency that issued the parking citation to you.

How To Fulfill Your Tulare County Traffic School Requirements

When registering on's online course, all you need is your personal information (address, telephone, email, birth date), drivers license number and court document (citation/docket/case number and due date). When you have all of your items ready, just click on START A COURSE. Then using the drop menu, select California, then 'Start Traffic School' button. Next step will be entering your personal information, court document information and drivers license number. Once you completed that portion you can click on PAY NOW or PAY LATER. Keep in mind, with either pay option, you will still be able to begin the course. If you opt for PAY LATER, you will be prompted for payment before you take the final exam. Once you complete the course and pass your final exam, our office will be alerted and we'll begin processing your certificate.

Visalia Traffic School

Simple Visalia Traffic School

Convenient Traffic School is the convenient way to mask the Speeding citation you received from Tulare County Court. Don't worry about rearranging your schedule because you do not have to go to a classroom. Anytime you have internet access and a computer, you can login to the traffic school program. Now you can rest at ease knowing that you don't have to take time off of work, sacrifice time with your family or miss that soccer game your kids are playing in. Traffic school works to make it convenient for you and your lifestyle.

Keeping Speeding Violations Hidden on Your Driver's License

Most one-point traffic violations can be masked from a DMV history when the traffic violator takes traffic school. However, the Tulare County Superior Court needs to give prior authorization to the driver, if the violation was committed in Visalia. It is imperative not to take this situation lightly. Points on a driving record can jeopardize your driving privilege.

Visalia Traffic School Class

The program was designed to hide Speeding traffic tickets received in Visalia. You can conveniently access all study materials, quizzes and the final exam on the website. Adjusting your schedule is not necessary when preparing to work on our course because we are available 24 hours a day on the internet. This way you do not have to sacrifice a weekend to attend a long, boring classroom course.

Speeding Traffic Tickets Traffic School

Need to Finish In a Hurry

You moved and all of your mail is being forwarded to your new address. In your stack of mail, you see a courtesy notice from the Tulare County Court and the due date is coming up. You call different schools to find out when their next "in classroom" course is being held and you can't find one before the deadline. Then you come across Convenient Traffic School from and they offer an online course that can be completed for a Speeding ticket, which is what you received. You complete the course in a matter of hours and feel good knowing that your certificate will be processed within three business days, or sooner with our rush processing option. Mission complete.

Masking Tickets Received in Visalia

You just received a picture in the mail, accompanied with a Speeding ticket. The Tulare County Superior Court that issued you the certificate said that if you take a traffic school course, your case would be masked. helps hide all types of traffic violations throughout Farmersville, Exeter, Tulare, Lindsay, Dinuba, Kingsburg, Hanford, Orange Cove, Reedley, Corcoran, Parlier, Porterville, Selma, Lemoore, and Sanger. You can register on our website or contact one of our representatives to assist you.

For Visalia Drivers Seeking More

With, access traffic safety resources to help you become a safer, better equipped driver. We offer traffic school for licensed drivers needing to mask a traffic ticket in Tulare County, defensive driving for motorists who need to learn safe driving techniques in Farmersville, Exeter, Tulare, Lindsay, Dinuba, Kingsburg, Hanford, Orange Cove, Reedley, Corcoran, Parlier, Porterville, Selma, Lemoore, and Sanger, and driver training to help teach Visalia drivers the rules of the road. For teen drivers, has partnered with Drivers Ed Direct to provide Visalia DMV approved drivers ed classes that allow teens to earn a learners permit.

Visalia Traffic Ticket Class

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