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Merced Traffic School Course

Merced Traffic School

What should I do if I get a traffic ticket in Merced? For the majority of non-criminal traffic tickets, the smart choice for handling your traffic citation is taking our Merced County Court Accepted Traffic School Class Online. There are several reasons why going to traffic school online is the wise choice:

  • Successful completion of an approved traffic school course in Merced will mask points from your driving record and keep your insurance rates low.
  • Taking traffic school allows you to stay home and you never have to go to court or talk to an attorney
  • Doing traffic school online is easy, fast, and reliable when you choose, the nation's leader in online traffic school.

Merced County Defensive Driving for Your Running a Red Light Ticket

One point citations can be excused when Online Traffic School Course is passed. However, you must receive permission from the Merced County Superior Court (to take traffic school) for all traffic citations committed in Merced. In most cases you will pay the ticket, then an administrative fee to the court in order to take traffic school.

Merced Traffic School

Finish Your Traffic School Requirement in a Day

When you receive a traffic citation in Merced, the first thing you should do is read the citation, front and back, very carefully. Also, locate the court due date printed on your ticket. If you elect to go to traffic school to hide your ticket, this is the date you must complete your traffic school course by. If you have waited until the last minute and your court due date is just around the corner, may still be able to help you hide your ticket in a timely manner. Besides our Merced County Court accepted course being online and accessible instantly, we also offer a rush certificate processing option to help you meet your Merced County Court deadline.

Accepted for Merced County Superior Court Traffic Tickets

In Merced County, completing an APPROVED traffic school course will allow you to mask an eligible traffic ticket from your California DMV driving record. is your Merced County Superior Court (Merced County Superior Court) accepted traffic school provider for masking tickets received while driving in Merced. can be found listed as an accepted Internet traffic safety provider on the Merced County Court website. No matter where you received your traffic citation in Atwater, Livingston, Chowchilla, Turlock, Los Banos, Ceres, Madera, Modesto, Patterson, Oakdale, Mendota, Riverbank, Kerman, Ripon, and Manteca, you can rest assured that our course is approved or we'll gladly give you your money back.

Internet Traffic School

Online Traffic School Course in Merced County

Committed a Running a Red Light charge and need to do traffic school? Dreading the time you'll need to spend in a boring classroom to complete your traffic school requirements? Did you procrastinate and your due date is tomorrow? Look no further. is Merced County Court accepted and can meet your needs. You can take the course online, at your own pace, in your own home, and with rush processing we will process your certificate within one business day. It's the perfect solution for anyone who needs fast traffic school and lives in Atwater, Livingston, Chowchilla, Turlock, Los Banos, Ceres, Madera, Modesto, Patterson, Oakdale, Mendota, Riverbank, Kerman, Ripon, and Manteca.

Mask a Ticket Issued in Merced County

Keeping Running a Red Light points hidden from your record is very important to keep your insurance rates down. is accepted by Merced County Superior Court (Merced County Superior Court) and will help keep points confidential on your record if your ticket was received in Merced. Just imagine, you can mask your driving record points, just by taking an online course that you can finish in less time than it takes to attend and complete a classroom course.

Got a Ticket Outside of Merced?

The worldwide leader in traffic school and defensive driving safety courses, offers driving school courses for licensed adult drivers and soon to be teen drivers for a variety of other drivers outside of Atwater, Livingston, Chowchilla, Turlock, Los Banos, Ceres, Madera, Modesto, Patterson, Oakdale, Mendota, Riverbank, Kerman, Ripon, and Manteca. In fact, we not only service Merced County drivers and California motorists, we also have online classes in states like AZ, TX, FL, and NY:

Licensed Online CA Traffic School

Merced County Driving Help

Merced DMV Resources

Need to download CADMV forms, applications, or lookup general DMV information? At in Merced County, drivers in Merced can search all things driving related from DMV traffic school, car registration, Merced, CA drivers education, and much more!

Not from Merced?

With, access traffic safety resources to help you become a safer, better equipped driver. We offer traffic school for licensed drivers needing to mask a traffic ticket in Merced County, defensive driving for motorists who need to learn safe driving techniques in Atwater, Livingston, Chowchilla, Turlock, Los Banos, Ceres, Madera, Modesto, Patterson, Oakdale, Mendota, Riverbank, Kerman, Ripon, and Manteca, and driver training to help teach Merced drivers the rules of the road. For teen drivers, has partnered with Drivers Ed Direct to provide Merced DMV approved drivers ed classes that allow teens to earn a learners permit.

Traffic School Program

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