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How To Fulfill Your Lake County Traffic School Requirements

When registering on's online course, all you need is your personal information (address, telephone, email, birth date), drivers license number and court document (citation/docket/case number and due date). When you have all of your items ready, just click on START A COURSE.Then using the drop menu, select California, then 'Start Traffic School' button. Next step will be entering your personal information, court document information and drivers license number. Once you completed that portion you can click on PAY NOW or PAY LATER. Keep in mind, with either pay option, you will still be able to begin the course. If you opt for PAY LATER, you will be prompted for payment before you take the final exam. Once you complete the course and pass your final exam, our office will be alerted and we'll begin processing your certificate.

Lakeport Traffic School

California Traffic School Course in Lake County

Pajamas, slippers and a cup of coffee are the supplies you'll need to take the California Online Traffic School Course. There's no reason for you to change out of your comfortable clothes or rush through your first cup of coffee to hide a Right Turn on Red charge, when you can take traffic school online. Just sit in your favorite recliner with your laptop and you're ready to go.

Erasing a Right Turn on Red Citation with Online Traffic School

California Traffic School is Lake County approved for most 1 point violations. A Right Turn on Red committed in Lakeport is one of the moving citations that can be masked from your DMV record. Once the online course is complete, your certificate is processed and sent out within 3 business days. No reason to see points on your record when you can conceal them in an easy and quick way.

Accepted By the Lakeport Division

Receiving a Right Turn on Red ticket can be very stressful. Having to pay fines and complete traffic school can disrupt your schedule. However at we aim to have a pleasant online traffic school experience for our customers. Our online traffic school is accepted by the Lake County Superior Court (Lakeport Division) and helps drivers hide points from their DMV record caused by a Right Turn on Red citation. So get online today from anywhere in Lake County, including Clearlake, Ukiah, Healdsburg, Windsor, Santa Rosa, Roseland, Rohnert Park, Sonoma, Petaluma, Napa, Woodland, Novato, South Yuba City, Vacaville, and American Canyon.

Right Turn on Red Traffic Tickets Traffic School

Lakeport Traffic School Program

What should I do if I get a traffic ticket in Lakeport? For the majority of non-criminal traffic tickets, the smart choice for handling your traffic citation is taking our Lake County Court Accepted Traffic School Class Online. There are several reasons why going to traffic school online is the wise choice:

  • Successful completion of an approved traffic school course in Lakeport will mask points from your driving record and keep your insurance rates low.
  • Taking traffic school allows you to stay home and you never have to go to court or talk to an attorney
  • Doing traffic school online is easy, fast, and reliable when you choose, the nation's leader in online traffic school.

Can Lakeport Drivers Go To Traffic School?

When you received your Right Turn on Red ticket, were you in Lakeport at the time? Has it been 18 months or more since the last time you took traffic school to hide points on your driving record? You may be eligible to take the California Traffic School Course. With pre-approval from the Lake County Superior Court (Lakeport Division), you can take our course, have your points masked and have your certificate processed in a timely manner. Remember to work in time for the course and the time that it takes to have it sent to the proper court. If you're pressed for time, be sure you ask for an extension to give you more time to complete the process.

Traffic School for More States

Lake County Defensive Driving not what you are looking for? Not to worry, besides offering traffic school classes for drivers in Clearlake, Ukiah, Healdsburg, Windsor, Santa Rosa, Roseland, Rohnert Park, Sonoma, Petaluma, Napa, Woodland, Novato, South Yuba City, Vacaville, and American Canyon, we also have plenty of traffic school courses for tickets earned in other states. Did you get a Florida Right Turn on Red ticket? Or maybe you were cited for speeding in Texas? In fact, if you live in New York, Arizona, or many other states, chance are we have an online traffic school or defensive driving course that you can do online from your home in Lakeport!

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    For Lake County Drivers Looking For More

    With's online courses for Lakeport residents, get access to driving safety resources to help you be the safest, most educated driver you can be. We provide traffic safety school for licensed motorists needing to drop a citation from their DMV record, defensive driving for those who need to refresh their driving knowledge and learn new driving saving techniques, and driver's education products to help teach young drivers traffic regulations and road rules. For drivers about to earn their driving privilege for the first time, has teamed with to provide CA DMV approved online courses and driving games.

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    Looking for Lakeport DMV help or need to download and print DMV forms from home? At Lake County Driving Links, drivers in Clearlake, Ukiah, Healdsburg, Windsor, Santa Rosa, Roseland, Rohnert Park, Sonoma, Petaluma, Napa, Woodland, Novato, South Yuba City, Vacaville, and American Canyon can get all things automotive related like auto insurance, driving records, Lakeport drivers education, and more!

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