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I have taken two other on-line traffic school programs and this was hands down the easiest one I have done. Thanks to this website, I will not only recommend friends, I will preach about it... (read more rave reviews)
- Esteban in Westminster

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Missouri Defensive Driving Class

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MO Driver Improvement Program
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Why Defensive Driving: Keep points off your record & insurance rates low.

Missouri drivers who successfully complete this online Driver Improvement Program (DIP) will receive no traffic ticket points on their MVD driver's license record!

Missouri Defensive Driving Rewards

  • MVD Approved defensive driving courses for the state of Missouri.
  • Keep points off your driving record & your insurance premium down.
  • Learning & refreshing yourself on MO MVD driving laws is one of the biggest benefits of our program.
  • You can take a Driver Improvement Program once every 36 months.

Missouri Defensive Driving Details

  1. Register and you will have 24-hour access, enabling you to complete your course at your convenience.
  2. Log on and off as many times as you need and your progress will be saved along the way.
  3. Complete the course and you'll get the validated completion certificate mailed directly to your home address within 2 business days.
  4. Complete within 60 days of the date of the violation to be eligible for point reduction benefits.

Keep points off your record & your insurance rates low.

TrafficSchool.com has joined with the American Safety Council to "help you make your traffic ticket a thing of the past". The American Safety Council is a top quality online driver improvement provider that provides MVD Approved defensive driving courses for the state of Missouri.

American Safety Council

Missouri Drivers Ed Online: Course Detail

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Learn the Rules of the Road!
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Why Teens in Missouri Should Take Drivers Ed

Learning to drive is no easy task, especially in Missouri. Our online drivers ed course is a great way for Missourian teens to build driving knowledge and confidence behind the wheel, and help pass the Department of Revenue Exam.

The Benefits of Taking an Online Missouri Drivers Education Class

  • Teens will learn important defensive driving skills and rules of the road needed to drive safely in Missouri.
  • Our course is convenient and fun. No lectures from a boring Missouri DOR Driving Instructor, no classrooms, and no textbooks! Instead, you get to watch videos, cool animations, and complete easy to do text lessons.
  • Besides our excellent online course, we will also give you 50 FREE DMV practice tests so you can go to the MO Department of Revenue with confidence!

How Our Online Drivers Ed in Missouri Works:

  1. Sign up for our course online in just minutes, right from your home.
  2. Study the online animations, videos, and simple text lessons.
  3. Pass an online final exam to see if you truly retained the course information.
  4. Take your FREE 50 permit practice tests as further preparation for your licensing exam at the Missouri DOR.

Teaching Missourian Teens to Drive Safely

TrafficSchool.com is committed to providing the tools Missourian teens need to be the best drivers they can be. Teaming with DriversEd.com (a leading education provider in MO) we can offer you an online drivers education program that will make you a safer driver.


Please Note

Online Missouri Teen Driver's Education is recommended as a teaching tool to help teenagers become more confident and aware when driving on the roads in Missouri. This drivers education course is ELECTIVE and not required by any Missourian government agency or the Missouri Department of Revenue.

MO DOR Practice Tests

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Unlimited DOR Practice Tests
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Why Online MO DOR Practice Exams: Help pass your written DOR permit test.

Learning to drive is a big deal in any Missouri teen's life. Before you can earn a license from the MO DOR, new drivers must pass a written traffic law exam administered by the Missouri Department of Revenue.

Taking any test can be nerve-racking, let alone taking a test at the DOR. Taking your MO permit test doesn't have to be a frightful experience as long as you are prepared. Taking an unlimited amount of DOR practice tests is a great way to sharpen your mind and build your confidence before the big test day at the Department of Revenue.

Advantages of Missouri DOR Practice Tests

  • Take an unlimited number of practice tests. Our practice test generator will create a new set of test questions every time.
  • View graded exams to see how you performed and to uncover what Missouri drivers ed topics you still need to study further.
  • Everything is online, so you can take our practice tests from anywhere you can get online.

Getting Started is Super Easy for Missouri Teens!

  1. Register online in just minutes
  2. Gain access to Drivers Ed Direct state-of-the-art Practice Exam Generator
  3. Answer a series of randomized multiple choice exam questions designed to help you pass your state of Missouri license exam.
  4. Grade your exam to see if you passed. Keep taking practice tests until you are confident and ready to become the next licensed driver in Missouri!

Only Quality Drivers Ed for Our Valued Missouri Customers

TrafficSchool.com has teamed up with Drivers Ed Direct to offer both Missourian teens and parents a driver's education experience worthy of our stamp of approval. Drivers Ed Direct, a nationally recognized driving school, has been featured on several national news and TV programs. Missourian teens love Drivers Ed Direct for their educational yet down to earth approach to driver's education. Parents rave about affordable prices and the high quality of education.

Drivers Ed Direct

Please Note

Please Note: Drivers Ed Direct's DOR Practice Tests are intended solely as a supplemental Missouri driver's education tool to be used in conjunction with a quality MO Department of Revenue approved driver education program. Drivers Ed Direct also strongly recommends that every teen in The Show Me State thoroughly read and study the Missouri DOR Driver Handbook.

Missouri Fleet Safety Driver Training

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Free Trial for Missouri Managers

Why Fleet Safety: Reduce Accidents and Improve Driver Courtesy

Empower Your Fleet Employees! As a manager of a large or small fleet of vehicles in Missouri , we know how important your bottom line is. Our online Fleet Safety School has been proven to reduce workplace accidents, improve driver attitude, and help you keep the cost of operating a fleet in The Show Me State under control.

Benefits of Online Fleet Safety Classes for Missouri Drivers

  • Online classes can be accessed from virtually anywhere and anytime, allowing your workforce to stay on the Missouri roads and out of a classroom.
  • Employees are educated with new Missouri traffic laws and refreshed on existing road rules. An emphasis on driver courtesy helps improve driver attitudes, thus improving company image.
  • Proven results: drivers that take our 100% online fleet course are less likely to cost your company money with fines, accidents, and MO state workman's comp. Expenses.
  • Online education means you spend less to educate your fleet than you would in a traditional classroom setting.

How Our Fleet Safety Program Works Perfectly for Missouri Companies with Employee Drivers

  1. Work with our Fleet Safety manager to setup a course that works for you. Yes, we offer discount pricing for bulk orders!
  2. We set up a custom admin portal for your company that you can access remotely. Track the progress of your employees real-time from anywhere.
  3. Your employees are setup with individual user accounts and can take their course at their own pace, around their own unique schedule.
  4. Employees read quality material, partake in interactive flash lessons, and must pass reinforcing quizzes along the way.

Missouri Driver License Renewal Prep Course

Why a Refresher Course: Refresh MO Driving Knowledge & Learn Newly Passed Laws

Driving is a privilege in the state of Missouri. In order to maintain knowledgeable and qualified drivers on our highways, currently licensed drivers must be retested on the rules of the road every few years. Re-examination is one way the MO DOR keeps drivers up-to-date with the current Missouri Vehicle Code and aware of state traffic laws that change yearly.

The Advantages of Taking an Online Refresher Course

  • Our Missouri License Renewal Course is up to date with the latest traffic laws and DOR requirements.
  • This course is offered completely online. Do it from anywhere in Missouri where you can get internet access.
  • Take practice quizzes as you go to help you retain information and prepare you for the actual exam at the MO DOR.
  • Have any questions you have answered by real people. Our customer service staff is second to none.

How our MO License Renewal Course Works

  1. Register quickly and online from virtually anywhere in Missouri; using any computer or mobile device, including tablets and mobile phones!
  2. Read easy to navigate section chapters at your own pace. Login and logout as you please.
  3. Complete section quizzes to help you retain the information you just studied.
  4. Take an open book final exam to help prepare you for the actual test at the DOR. Use the study guide to better learn questions you don't understand.

Please Note

PLEASE NOTE: The Missouri Driver License Renewal course is an ELECTIVE COURSE and is not required by the state of Missouri, nor is this course approved by the Missouri DOR. This course is recommended as an educational tool to help you become a more knowledgeable and defensive driver, and to prepare you to pass your MO DOR written driver license examination.



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