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Follow these Simple Steps to Earn Your Florida Driving Permit

  • to Earn Your Practice Permit in Florida
  • Enroll in Our Online FL DATA Course
  • Read Chapters, Pass Quizzes & Final Exam
  • Course Completion Will Be Reported to the DMV
  • You're Ready to Take the Permit Exam

TrafficSchool.com Offers the Most Convenient Driver Education Solutions

  • Florida Teens Choose Online with TrafficSchool.com
  • Meet Your FL DHSMV Permit Requirements
  • Up-To-Date Course Material Easy to Follow
  • Study When You Want, On Your Schedule
  • Reasonably Priced & Worth Every Penny

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Florida Drug Alcohol Traffic Awareness (DATA) Course

only $19.00
Online D.A.T.A. Drivers Ed Course
Get First Time Driver Course

Why First Time Drivers in Florida Choose TrafficSchool.com

Florida Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education Course is known by many names: TLSAE, DATA, even The Drug and Alcohol Course. One thing remains the same, FL DHSMV requires new Florida drivers to take a 4-hour course on the dangers of Drugs and Alcohol as well as learning driver responsibilities.

TrafficSchool.com has the Finest 'From-Home' Programs

  • Meet your permit requirements in one place. You can take your DATA course and then take your permit test on the same website. You can even purchase a permit test prep course if that's what you need!
  • Our Florida First Time Driver Course, Permit Prep course, and Learner's Permit exam are all DHSMV authorized.
  • Have questions? No problem. Live customer support is available around the clock.
  • DHSMV is automatically notified when you complete your DATA course, allowing you to continue on to the permit exam!

How to Prepare for Your Florida Learner's Permit

  1. Enroll in our Internet Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education Course.
  2. Start the course immediately or whenever it works for you. We're here holding your spot 24/7.
  3. Take small section quizzes and pass the final exam. With instant grading, you will know right away if you pass.
  4. Read through the course to learn how alcohol and drugs impact your driving ability, as well as laws, driver obligations, and skills for safe driving. You'll also glean how to gain awareness on the road.
  5. After each chapter you'll take a short quiz and then you will take the final exam.
  6. Successful completion of your D.A.T.A. requirement will trigger automatic DHSMV notification of your readiness to move on to taking your permit exam!

Providing DHSMV Approved Drivers Ed to Florida Teens

TrafficSchool.com has teamed up with American Safety Council (ASC) to offer both Floridian teens and parents with a drivers education experience worthy of our stamp of approval. ASC is a proven leader in developing custom web based solutions for business organizations, the government and consumers.

American Safety Council

Florida Online Learner Permit Exam

only $24.95
Take Your Permit Test Online
Online Learner Permit Exam

Why Take a Florida Online Driver License Knowledge Exam?

If you are a first time driver in the State of Florida, you are required by the DHSMV to pass a Driver License Knowledge Exam (Road Rules Exam) before submitting your application for a Florida learner's license.

Advantages of FL Online Driver License Knowledge Exam

  • Our online exam is FL DHSMV authorized to fulfill your state of Florida written license exam requirement.
  • Choosing an online exam means you get to stay home and relax while you are tested.
  • Our Florida Driver License Knowledge Exam is not only convenient, it is very affordable.

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Florida Permit Test Prep

only $14.95
Prepare for the Permit Test
Permit Exam PREP Course

Why Completing a Permit Exam Prep Course is Smart

Practice makes perfect when it comes to passing your Florida permit exam. Get prepared and increase your odds that you will earn your privilege to get a driver's permit from the FL DHSMV.

Advantages of Driver License Prep Course

  • Build your confidence for the actual permit exam
  • Get prepared without ever leaving your home - this course is 100% online
  • Learn answers to permit questions you may have missed

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