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  • Insurance Reduction on Your Auto Insurance
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  • Approved Defensive Driving for Peekskill
  • Reduce DMV Record Points

Peekskill Defensive Driving

Peekskill Traffic School

Clean up those pesky traffic violations, such as speeding, Failing to obey a traffic signal and many more when you register and complete our IPIRP driving school. Our online course will help Westchester County residents reduce a total of up to 4 points from your official Peekskill Department of Motor Vehicles driving record. You will also benefit from a 10% auto insurance discount for the next 3 years upon completion. It really is that simple!

How IPIRP Defensive Driving Course Works For You

Peekskill drivers, don't let the pressure of high insurance premiums get the best of you. is here to help you beat those high rates by issuing you a New York state mandated 10% insurance discount for 3 years when you complete our IPIRP course. Not only will you save hundreds of dollars a year, but your Westchester County DMV will also be made aware of your completion and reduce your driving record points by up to 4 points.

Approved by the Department of Motor Vehicles in the State of New York and The American Safety Council, Sponsoring Agency #029 have joined forces so that Westchester County residents can now take advantage of our IPIRP defensive driving school, which is approved for all licensed drivers in Peekskill, including Downtown Peekskill, Waterfront, Oregon, and Benefield.

Reduce Your Insurance with our IPIRP Defensive Driver Course

Cut the cost of your automobile insurance rate with For 3 years, Peekskill drivers, such as yourself will earn a 10% discount towards your automobile premium when you successfully complete our IPIRP Defensive Driving course. Mandated by the state of New York, Westchester County residents will benefit from this great discount, potentially saving hundreds of dollars each year.

IPIRP Defensive Driving School

IPIRP Defensive Driving Will Impact Your Life's IPIRP Defensive Driving Course is a fundamental program, necessary for all licensed drivers in Peekskill, NY. Unfortunately, countless accidents are caused each day. Let our IPIRP course help Westchester County drivers prevent the unnecessary by educating you on the rules of the road and how you can avoid accidents, collisions and even traffic violations, such as Failing to obey a traffic signal and speeding. There really is no price tag on life. You can't buy it back. So Get Educated!

Benefits of enrolling and completing our Peekskill, NY IPIRP Defensive Driving Class

There are many perks when Peekskill licensed drivers enroll in and complete our IPIRP Defensive Driving Program. Acknowledged and Fully Approved by Westchester County, our program is taken 100% online, without any time restraints. This means that you can log on and off, on your own time and at your leisure. Never worry about a final exam. Simply read and review the online course material and you're well on your way to reducing points off of your Westchester County Department of Motor Vehicle Record. Upon successful completion of our Point & Insurance Reduction course, a 10% automobile insurance discount will also be awarded to you. Take this IPIRP course and begin enjoying your benefits!

Peekskill Traffic School

Save time when you go online! Peekskill residents: Don't ever waste your time standing on line again. At, you can access just about every Westchester County DMV form there is. Register your vehicle, Renew your license, even educate yourself on new driving related information that has occurred in Peekskill. Simply click on It really is that easy!

Searching for more than just an ordinary traffic school? Well our IPIRP defensive driving school is anything but. We have programs for just about everyone, whether you're getting your license for the very first time or needing to improve on your driving skills. Extra services like our an online automotive store, and Peekskill car insurance quotes, are just a few of the many resources we provide. See all that we have to offer:

Westchester County Drivers! Received a ticket outside of Peekskill and don't know what to do? Well is here to help! Our IPIRP defensive driving school offers various programs for different types of drivers in several states, including California, Texas, Florida, Arizona, Tennessee, Idaho, Michigan, Missouri, and more. Select your state below and see what can offer you :

Defensive Driving

No Final Exam Required. DMV Approved.

10% Insurance Discount Guaranteed!

Yes! $24.95 includes everything needed for Auto Insurance & Point Reduction.
S. A. #029
100% Online,
Any Device
Guaranteed Course

No One Wants to Go to Traffic School, But You'll Love Our Peekskill Defensive Driving.

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