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  • Easiest Way to Reduce Driving Record Points
  • Approved PIRP Program for Westchester County
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Our Guaranteed Defensive Driving Course & The Perks

Driving to the left of center Defensive Driving

A huge advantage to taking's Guaranteed Defensive Driving Course is that you will never have to worry about taking a final exam. We want you to just focus on improving your Westchester County Department of Motor Vehicles driving record simply by reading over and reviewing some online course material. Sounds easy enough, right? In addition to the 4 point reduction that you will receive, you will also earn a 10% discount that can be used towards your White Plains automobile insurance. It really is that simple!

Guaranteed Defensive Driving Will Impact Your Life

Since driving is one of the most dangerous ways to travel in Westchester County, a Guaranteed Defensive Driving Course educates drivers on the importance of following the rules of the road . By doing this, White Plains drivers can avoid future traffic violations like Driving to the left of center and speeding violations, and even more important, they can avoid deadly or costly car accidents.

With Our Guaranteed Defensive Driving Course, You can Reduce Your Auto Insurance Rates

Cash in on your 10% automobile insurance reduction for 3 years when you successfully complete our Point and Insurance Reduction Program. Licensed drivers all throughout White Plains, Westchester County, and New York are saving big just by completing our Guaranteed course and you can too. Simply register, take the course and start saving your money today!

Driving to the left of center Defensive Driving

White Plains drivers can now get exactly what they need out of a top-notch Guaranteed Defensive Driving School. Fully approved for Westchester County, our Guaranteed course is easily accessible anywhere there is internet access. That means, you can work around your own schedule and time, never compromising your lifestyle. With our program, you are offered a 10% insurance discount towards your automobile premium upon successful completion of the course, in addition to a 4-point reduction from your Westchester County DMV Record.

White Plains Defensive Driving Class

NO FINAL EXAM for Westchester County drivers with our Guaranteed Defensive Driving Course!

White Plains drivers won't ever have to wrestle with the idea of taking a final examination with our Guaranteed Westchester County Defensive Driving class. Simply read over the lesson material and answer some multiple choice quizzes and consider your traffic safety course complete!

Approved by Westchester County, NY has enlisted the aide of The American Safety Council, Sponsoring Agency #029 to bring you the highest quality defensive driving school around. Officially Approved and Acknowledged by the New York Department of Motor Vehicles, Westchester County licensed drivers now have access to our Guaranteed Course.

White Plains Defensive Driving

In need of a Guaranteed defensive driving course and received a ticket outside of your White Plains, New York home? Well you're in luck! offers a variety of programs and traffic court services across the nation. Our Guaranteed program has helped drivers in New Jersey, California, Texas, Florida, Arizona, Tennessee, Idaho, Michigan, and more. Simply locate your state below and see what we have to offer you: is more than just your ordinary informational website. For Westchester County drivers, it is a peace of mind. With accessible information that White Plains drivers like yourself need, you'll be able to skip those long lines and eliminate the wait. We can help with DMV traffic school inquiries, renewal of a license, vehicle registration and so much more. So check us out and see how we can be of great service to you.

Looking for more than just Defensive driving for your White Plains ticket or insurance reduction? has it all: classes for seniors, courses for teenagers, an online automotive store, White Plains car insurance quotes, and much much more. We even offer great money-saving classes for corporate fleet managers and passenger van operators. See all we have to offer:

Driving to the left of center
Defensive Driving

No Final Exam Required. DMV Approved.

10% Insurance Discount Guaranteed!

Yes! $24.95 includes everything needed for Auto Insurance & Point Reduction.
S. A. #029
100% Online,
Any Device
Guaranteed Course

No One Wants to Go to Traffic School, But You'll Love Our Driving to the left of center Defensive Driving.

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