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  • Reduce Traffic Ticket Points
  • Approved by the NY DMV (Sponsoring Agency #029)
  • Three Year Insurance Reduction
  • 100% Online PIRP Course

The benefits of completing our DMV Approved Defensive Driving Class

Texting Defensive Driving Course

Middletown Defensive Driving online is a Point and Insurance Reduction course for Orange County vehicle operators who have received a traffic violation in the state of New York. Besides reducing driving record points and lowering your insurance costs, our DMV Approved Program is completely online, which allows you the convenience to fulfill your defensive driving requirement at your leisure, around your own schedule. Not to mention another great perk of our course: no final exam is required to pass!

Reducing negative points from your Orange County DMV driving record

Don't let negative points tarnish your Orange County DMV Record. We here at are here to help you reduce those negative points earned from moving violations, including Texting, among others and get you started on improving your history with your Middletown, NY Department of Motor Vehicles today. With, you can take our DMV Approved defensive driving course entirely from the comfort of your home or office, at your own speed and on your own time. You can complete this course all at once or over the course of several weeks. Not to mention, there is no final test required. gives you the option to succeed. We want you to Succeed!

Why DMV Approved Defensive Driving is an Essential Part of Life

So just how important is's DMV Approved course? Extremely! Drivers all throughout Orange County, NY will learn valuable defensive driving lessons that could possibly save lives. Gain essential knowledge of the rules of the road, potentially avoiding traffic violations like Texting and speeding. Furthermore, Middletown drivers will also learn how to avert deadly collisions in the future.

New York DMV Approved Course for Orange County

Middletown residents are entitled to many great benefits when they complete's Point & Insurance Reduction course. This program is dedicated to helping licensed drivers all throughout Orange County, New York reduce negative points from their Department of Motor Vehicles record. Our DMV Approved program will also earn you a 10% discount towards your insurance premium for all Orange County drivers, upon successful completion of the program. Let us be your online defensive driving solution, no matter where you reside in Downtown Middletown, Presicential Heights, and Washington Heights.

State Approved Defensive Driving School for Middletown Drivers

Orange County Defensive Driving: How It Works

New York State has one of the steepest average car insurance rates in the nation. Factors like your Orange County accident rate and Middletown location can affect even the best driver's premiums. NYSDMV allows Middletown drivers to take a defensive driving course for a mandatory 10% car insurance discount for three years. All you have to do is take our DMV Approved defensive driving course and present your completion certificate to your local Middletown insurance company.

Approved by the Department of Motor Vehicles in the State of New York has enlisted the aide of The American Safety Council, Sponsoring Agency #029 to bring you the highest quality defensive driving school around. Officially Approved and Acknowledged by the New York Department of Motor Vehicles, Orange County licensed drivers now have access to our DMV Approved Course.

Middletown Defensive Driving Course

As we all know, those DMV lines can get quite long and the wait time becomes never ending. Well with you can avoid the hassle and get all the information you need without leaving the comfort of your home. In addition to renewing your license or registering your vehicle, you can also save time by downloading all the latest Orange County DMV forms, or simply by browsing the newest and most up to date Middletown driving related information.

Ticketed outside of Middletown, NY and don't need a DMV Approved defensive driving class from your home state? Don't let another state's traffic citation ruin your Orange County driving record! Whether you're looking for online traffic school in New Jersey, an insurance reduction class in Delaware, or defensive driving in Virginia, we have an online class for you! We also offer courses for California, Texas, Florida, Arizona, Tennessee, Idaho, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, North Dakota and other states :

The one stop shop covering all of your traffic school needs. In addition to being the Nation's best Defensive Driver provider around, our DMV Approved program also has classes for seniors, courses for teenagers, an online automotive store, Middletown car insurance quotes, and much much more. To find out what services we have to offer, just check us out:

Texting Traffic School

No Final Exam Required. DMV Approved.

10% Insurance Discount Guaranteed!

Yes! $24.95 includes everything needed for Auto Insurance & Point Reduction.
S. A. #029
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