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The Perfect Traffic School for You

Miami Approved Traffic School Course

You'll never have to inconvenience yourself with Florida's Quick and Easy traffic school. All course material is accessible with just a few clicks of your mouse. As long as there is internet capability, Miami-Dade County drivers will be able to complete traffic school wherever they please. It's the ideal, easy, and money saving solution for residents throughout Gladeview, Key Biscayne, Coral Gables, Miami Shores, Pinewood, and Westview.

Keep The Cost of Your Insurance Down!

In today's economy, who wouldn't want a chance at lowering their car insurance rates? Well with's Quick and Easy program, this is one of the many benefits of completing this point reduction course, which will also improve your Miami-Dade County DHSMV driving history.

Miami Traffic School Courses

You won't find a better traffic school in all of Miami-Dade County! In search of a 4-Hour Course? No problem. Or how about an 8-Hour Intermediary or 12-Hour ADI Program? No worries, we have just the course for you! Our Quick and Easy school is now accessible to all Miami drivers looking to improve their Miami-Dade County DHSMV driving record. With our Quick and Easy classes, you're given the option of completing it all in one day or over a course of time with our 'go at your own pace' system. You can login as many times as you want giving you complete flexibility and control. Not only are we here to help clean up your record, but we have a variety of classes for the young and mature as well with our Teen & Mature Driver's Ed courses.

Satisfy Your Court & DHSMV Requirements!

Convenient, safe and secure, but more importantly, our BDI and TCAC course fulfills all requirements from the court and Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. What more can Miami drivers ask for from a Quick and Easy traffic school? With the ability to take this class once a year, up to five times, it provides simplicity to Miami-Dade County motorists who will be well on their way to a cleaner driving record.

State Approved Traffic School for Miami-Dade County Drivers

Driving Better With a Cleaner Record

End your search with us! You'll never find a better traffic school program in all of Florida. Our Quick and Easy course will help you lessen negative points accumulated due to Leaving The Scene Of An Accident citation. All you have to do is register with our Miami-Dade County approved class and be well on your way to a much cleaner DHSMV record.

So Much More With

Attend the traffic school that's got every Miami driver raving about! You will learn the importance of the Miami-Dade County Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles laws and regulations, while perfecting your defensive driving skills in the process. In addition to the many benefits of completing this Quick and Easy course, such as point reduction which can lead to low car insurance rates, you will also have a much more improved driving record heading into the future.

Traffic School Courses

DHSMV Approved Online 4 Hour Course

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Yes! $19.00 fulfills your Florida ticket dismissal and driver improvement needs.
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No One Wants to Go to Traffic School, But You'll Love Our Miami Traffic School Courses.

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