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Let Your Old Driving Record Be a Thing of the Past!

Bradenton Always Open Driver Improvement Course

Erase those unwanted Changing Lanes Unsafely points off your Manatee County DHSMV driving record simply by completing our Florida state approved course. Don't let tickets affect your driving history. Take control today!

The Best Always Open Traffic School Course in Manatee County

This Always Open BDI course is a convenient and safe way to fulfill your court-ordered Changing Lanes Unsafely ticket dismissals. Bradenton drivers who are mandated by the Manatee County Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles can also enroll in's TCAC, or traffic collision course, which can be taken once a year, and a maximum of five times.

Always Open Course Description Florida's Premiere Traffic School. Manatee County residents have the opportunity to complete this Always Open 4 hour program to satisfy basic driver improvement needs (BDI), as well as traffic ticket dismissal requirements ordered by the court or Florida DHSMV. All course material is read and completed online, giving you complete freedom and flexibility to begin and end when you please. Convenient and Hassle-Free!

Go to Traffic School from Anywhere

No, you're eyes aren't playing tricks on you! With's Always Open course, Bradenton drivers won't ever have to leave the comfort of their homes just to sit up in a classroom all day. Instead, register with and enjoy all the benefits of a web-based class. In addition to taking your course from virtually anywhere, Manatee County residents from Palmetto, Bayshore Gardens, Sarasota, Gulf Gate Estates, Gulfport, Saint Petersburg, Largo, Venice, and Seminole also have the ability to control the completion of the course, logging in and out as you very well please.

Traffic School for Bradenton Drivers

We Send Conformation to You!

The proof is in your completion certificate that will be delivered to you via mail once your course has come to an end. If you've waited to the last minute, don't fret! We have several delivery options to help you get your Manatee County DHSMV approved certificate as quickly as possible.

In today's economy, who wouldn't want a chance at lowering their car insurance rates? Well with's Always Open program, this is one of the many benefits of completing this point reduction course, which will also improve your Manatee County DHSMV driving history.

Traffic School Class

DHSMV Approved Online 4 Hour Course

Easy to Take. Easy to Pass. Money Back Guarantee.

Yes! $19.00 fulfills your Florida ticket dismissal and driver improvement needs.
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No One Wants to Go to Traffic School, But You'll Love Our Manatee Traffic School Class.

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