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I have taken two other on-line traffic school programs and this was hands down the easiest one I have done. Thanks to this website, I will not only recommend friends, I will preach about it... (read more rave reviews)
- Esteban in Westminster

More Info: Senior Driver Discount for Utah Drivers

Utah Mature Driver Course Details

only $19.95
only for Seniors Age 55 and Older
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Why take a Mature Driver Course in Utah?

If you are age 55 and older, the state of Utah provides you the opportunity to earn an auto insurance discount by simply completing an Online Mature Driver Improvement Course. Your insurance discount can be as much as 15% and will last for 3 whole years.

What are the Benefits of Taking an Online Course?

  • You get the extreme convenience of being able to stay home while taking your course. You can go at your own pace, and start and stop when needed. You set the schedule, take bathroom breaks when you want , and choose the time of day that is best for you.
  • You pay less by taking your course from home because there is less overhead: no teachers to pay, no classrooms to rent, and no costly materials to print out. Everything is online!
  • With everything online, you can take your time to really absorb the material; you can even go back and review previous pages and sections.
  • When you are online, you get to 'sit at the front of the class'. You get the best seat in the whole class, making sure you can easily understand and read the material presented.

4 Simple Steps: How to Earn Your Senior Insurance Discount in Utah

  1. Sign Up for this Mature Driver Course right from your home computer.
  2. Take the entire course from home, reading the simple chapters and passing easy quizzes.
  3. When you complete the course, we will send you a Certificate of Completion.
  4. When you do receive your certificate, simply contact your insurance agent and present them with your completion certificate. They will process your insurance discount and you'll start saving money - up to 15%!

Utah DPS-Approved Program for Drivers 55 and Older

We know taking a Utah State Approved course is your first concern when it comes to earning your Utah Auto Insurance discount. That's why TrafficSchool.com has partnered with a Utah course provider that has helped millions of drivers become safer and more educated while on the roads: I Drive Safely (IDS). IDS has been delivering fully approved, high-quality education throughout their 10+ years in the business.




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